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  1. Gameplay wise it looks like we are ready to go, the major systems are in place. I will agree that at this point effort needs to be put into polish. However, some of this polish might require that these features be tweaked heavily, or new systems might need to get added. I don't agree that there should be a point in time where you essentially initiate a change freeze, if there are critical things missing they have to be implemented. My biggest fear (and probably yours too) is that the game gets released too early with key quality of life features missing and the big population wave that co
  2. I would say that the majority of people who rolled NA Chaos since day 1 of 5.8 were new players. For the most part they did not organize, they did not join guilds, they just did their own thing and mostly got farmed by vets and guild groups then slowly stopped playing. It wasn't a lack of players, or a lack of skilled players. If they would have organized better a lot of the problems that your friend would have experienced (no access to forts for crafting and a perception of nothing productive to do) could have been resolved. That being said, this game is not ready for a marketing push fo
  3. What do you feel that the testing of this patch has accomplished thus far, aside from minor bug fixes? What are your general feelings on how the game is being played out on the current live servers? Is there anything you think you have done extremely well, or anything you feel could be done better? Has there been an experience in this patch where a player has done something unexpected and what was your reaction to it?
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by chaining CCs as a Ranger, to my knowledge and as a Ranger main you can't permaCC chaining your abilities together as one even if you execute perfectly. Otherwise I think we would see more forum posts about it. Utility CCs does not make a CC class, and having a couple of classes that have utility CC is not enough for a large group to faceroll everything, as you have experienced. To me this is not a game where you should be able to faceroll someone down if you have enough numbers no matter what. It's just too easy to roll alts and change your characters around.
  5. What the video comes down to is: Poor group composition Bad group coordination Clever use of terrain Some of which might be expected if you have three+ groups of players coming together. Should players who have specced into survivability have the tools to be focused by a group? The answer to me is, yes, absolutely. You need to have shot callers, cc machines, and other force multipliers in groups who will be focused and giving up some potential dps/utility for the ability to be targeted many times over the course of a fight and survive comes with the territory. This is h
  6. The seasonal changes to point accumulation make total sense. I like this change. I'm not sure what to think about the capture bonus system though. To some extent it does provide specific targets to fight for however it promotes backcapping to get the points multiplier rather than fighting. The points system has to be built so that it generates fights for it to effectively moderate the PvP aspect of the game. I'd like to see these changes in action! I could be wrong! I have talked about the points system being more reflective of current player activity in previous posts, you migh
  7. To me, what matters from this event is getting test results and getting people excited about the game. If you expect player numbers to be about the same I don't see why not to just continue as is, it would more accurately show the results of a "mid game" campaign and players would appreciate not having to grind up again. The only concern I have would be the unrealistic stockpiling of items which could be remedied by having a low import limit of around 20-30. IMO the current level of 150 imports would damage the ingame server economy, promote farming on the "opposite" campaign server, resu
  8. I would be careful using EVE as an analogy because end game players in nullsec are effectively so rich that subcap ship loss does not matter, and for the most part logistics is a gigantic pain in the ass and done optimally results in barely any risk. Wars are won and lost on player morale, people showing up (or not showing up) to fleets, and drama, the actual state of the battlefield is pretty much meaningless because you can gum up the works by changing timers to when you're asleep (don't we all love alarmclock ops?), make fights take 6+ hours, and alliances typically hold enough territory th
  9. The bitter Shadowbane vets in this thread need to realize one thing: Shadowbane is a dead game. Sure it was entertaining at the time. Yes it made some memorable moments. Is it still a commercial success? No. The game is dead. It's not even on life support like Eve or Albion Online. It's done. If you've come here looking for an exact replica of Shadowbane with better graphics and some minor QoL changes you are simply dreaming. The developers are here to make money. Shadowbane has been proven to not be successful 10 years ago, and without learning the lessons from all of the f
  10. I agree with most of what the OP is saying but the one thing I have a disagreement on is that there should never be any sort of hard cap on population. You might run into a scenario where you can only play with some of your friends or some of your guild which is a deal breaker. The way to balance population and eliminate bandwagoning IMO is that campaign win rewards should scale based on the level of imbalance. If your faction dominates the server population wise, you should get a smaller reward (or maybe none at all). Likewise, if you are able to win while outnumbered you should receive
  11. I'm going to agree with srathor here. Player activity is key. The capture/points mechanics should be fight generators. The current system is an exercise in backcapping, nightcapping, and hiding behind guards. There should be points reward for ongoing player activity and some map indication of it as well so people can find fights. I'm thinking something along the lines of creating sectors on the map, getting enough NPC kills/farmed resources/captured outposts will result in your faction getting some points for owning the sector for that tick. A "points earned within the last 15 minute
  12. I don't think we've ended up in a scenario in the test environment where players are running around with blues and purples, massively skilled accounts, and huge vessels destroying other players with white advanced gear. Solo players more familiar with game mechanics are using low-damage, tanky classes with massive self heals or classes designed for hit and runs to full effect. If anything is wrong it's the fact that there is little faction unity, and aside from a handful of very helpful people in general chat, not much in-game knowledge exchange going on. This is what is creating two clas
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