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  1. Yes I am sure. I just couldn't get into the mindset that any of the creatures would talk like a young teenage girl. Might be a generational gap though.
  2. I had to stop reading when I saw "U" instead of "you" on a role play forum :/
  3. Good Morning All, I was an old Shadowbane player and have not found a game, guild, or server community since its decay that matches my enjoyment I had. I was never part of a large guild on that server. My character name was Immortal (Barb Minotaur). I would run around with my bard and priest attached to my hip spamming their abilities. It was the best of times. It brings back a lot of memories to see a ton of the old guilds and hopefully players. I have bought the regular 67 dollar game but am very tempted to purchase the 1,000 dollar game if this seems promising. What I am looking
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