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  1. Good Morning All,

    I was an old Shadowbane player and have not found a game, guild, or server community since its decay that matches my enjoyment I had. I was never part of a large guild on that server. My character name was Immortal (Barb Minotaur). I would run around with my bard and priest attached to my hip spamming their abilities. It was the best of times. It brings back a lot of memories to see a ton of the old guilds and hopefully players. I have bought the regular 67 dollar game but am very tempted to purchase the 1,000 dollar game if this seems promising. 

    What I am looking for:
    A small but organized guild. I have never been one for the win by quantity over quality. If this game goes well there is a good chance my wife would like to join. However, she is not a hard core gamer so she would probably just pick up a craft.

    What I offer:
    I bring about 25 years of gaming experience and and 20 of that being online multiplayer. I have excelled at all of the games I played. I am always good humor and not the type to rage. I love being part of a good group. I tend to pick up leadership roles even though I never actively look for them. 

    I am very good at target calling in PvP or following the the called target. I do not get tunnel vision. If the target call is switched I do not make desperate last attempts at our previous target or argue.

    Who I am:

    • I am a 35 year old American that lives in Japan.
    • My internet is Fiber and is never down. My computer is custom built and can handle any current game with ease. I never have connectivity issues. I do understand my ping will be slightly higher but do not think it will be a problem.
    • Microphone is top quality, never have the hogwash problems others do with excuses in not being able to talk.
    • I am 13 hours ahead of EST. If this plays the same as Shadowbane this could be a benefit. It could be great for a dedicated player on off hours. 
    • I always have weekends off to dedicate to the guild.
    • I was a prior Marine which tends to help in games like this. 

    Hope to hear from some interesting people. 


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