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  1. beetle


    Wow, played with you guys back in Global Agenda. Long long time ago. Good to see you!
  2. Exciting news with the new harvesting changes! Hopefully they make it to BW soon! Sounds like a good time for new harvesters to apply!!
  3. I'm good man, just chilling and waiting for Crowfall personally. Working a bunch still, still hanging out with Fenix lol.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to tell this Gordon. As a young producer in the industry (~5 years now counting my QA time) I always find these stories so enlightening. I hope to have at least a sliver of the career you had. Thank you sir, Beetle aka Mr. Urbanek's friend from Raven Software.
  5. Happy new year all! Go out and enjoy yourself tonight! Or stay in and mess about in Crowfall! Either way, you'll have a good time!
  6. Thanks guys, i'll listen during work. Hoping to catch one live soon.
  7. Cool! Haven't used any of the simulators myself. Thank you! you too!
  8. Hey everyone, been creeping on here for a while. Glad to see so many familiar faces! Excited for this game and looking forward to hearing more. I may possibly be looking for a home if our community does not play this game. A little about me, I work in the game industry currently as a producer. I have a love for MMOs and the communities that surround them. I love drawing and playing board games (Arcadia Quest is my current favorite) Drop me a line on twitter @beetlebossy and say hi too!
  9. Good to see LotD still doing well, best of luck to you guys. Played with you guys back in GW2 launch.
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