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  1. I mean, it's a holiday around much of the world. If the devs were posting on here about a bug like this during pre-alpha that would be really lame. I hope they are out with their families and friends right now.
  2. Your whole wall of text seems to assert that people should be able to do well in CF outside of a guild. Have you considered that it's possible ACE doesn't think people should be able to do well outside of a guild and that they have no intention of trying to make a mass-market-appeal game that would support the kind of casual play you think CF should support?
  3. The farming/crafting side of CF allows for more depth to the overall game by allowing groups to win by more than just their capability to make a bigger zerg and wash over their enemies. Look at even one of the most popular PvP games in the world, League of Legends. Despite being just a MOBA, LoL matches routinely last over an hour and have a lengthy farm/soak phase during the first half of the match where players are basically laning and accumulating gold, getting fed - rather than just jumping straight into fights like say - Heroes of the Storm. Many would say this gives LoL much more depth to its game where matches can be decided by more than just mechanical skill. I mention this to underscore my first point, that by having a component of the game that leads to power ramping augmented by essentially non-combat activities allows players with a multi-faceted skillset succeed at a level surpassing their linear-minded foes (perhaps good at straight up PvP but not much else). In short, by asking for crafting/harvesting to be drastically reduced you're saying you'd rather play checkers, than chess.
  4. I agree with all points, but at this point in order to get real determined participation in longer campaigns, the campaigns actually have to well, sort of "mean it". Otherwise, you just get people half-assed playing for a day to see what's new then going back to lurking or whatever. I don't imagine this first "real" campaign will feel very fair for a lot of people, but getting as much participation as possible in a format as close to the eventual real thing as possible is probably what ACE needs right now in order to move the ball forward.
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