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  1. Sad to see you go....Hoping you find something wonderful as you venture out👳‍♀️
  2. GM I can't wait to see new on 5.4 but when I go to page nothing will open Is there something else I need to do other than click on folders. Ty for all the great things you do for us
  3. So very sad.........But knowing he went his way makes a wonderful memory of a special man
  4. Having fun and learning new every test.This will be an awesome game...P.S. I'm a Crafter :)

  5. Guild criteria: Region: US Eastern Atmosphere: Mature and friendly crowd, preferably 30+, who are able to accept the fact that real life happens from time to time. Casual/Hardcore?: Semi hardcore. As stated above, real life happens on occasion and gaming is my way of getting away from the day to day stresses of real life. I prefer my game time to be productive yet fun, and not more stressful than actual life. With that said, I may not min/max to the top 1%, or swap builds with every new meta, but I do put everything my time allows into my builds and do my best to be successful. Size:
  6. Biting nails while waiting....loving the testing pre-alfa ..I sure do die fast.:)

  7. Hi all, I am looking forward to the future with Crowfall and enjoying this guild. I started playing online games in 2001....WOW..... a little Started first days in Toontown...Priates of the Carribean...Wizard101 at start test...Pirate 101 at start test.... Am still very active in Wizard101 (duh) 9 accounts...... Trying to like PVP more but heart is in crafting.......
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