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    Sabine reacted to ZYBAK in We need our account names =/= character names   
    I actually really like that account names are character names.
    It means people have to be accountable for their actions and can't hide behind aliases. It allows you to build a reputation...for better or worse.
    Having 1 name will have people thinking twice about being a complete jerk to someone.
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    Sabine reacted to Tyrant in 5.125 TEST Bug Reports for 7/27/20   
    Just an FYI, these reports are super-valuable to us.  They all get looked at by myself, Todd and QA (at a minimum, often design and development lurk here)  and are moved to development if we can repro them.  As usual in an MMO we have more bugs than we can do in any near term period, so a lot of issues we'd like to immediately fix have to be deferred to the future.   Be patient with us please.  You will be seeing a lot of fixes incoming just probably not all your pet peeves near-term.   Thanks folks!
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    Sabine got a reaction from JamesGoblin in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Sad to see you go....Hoping you find something wonderful as you venture out👳‍♀️
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    Sabine reacted to Arkade in An idea to fix the current craft problem   
    This isn't a bad idea. To do it, they would need to lower the bar on white quality crafting so that we can produce better stuff with lower stats. That would be a similar design to how disciplines work, where most common can be obtained easily (from the vendor), and higher qualities are more difficult to come by. There is already logic built into the system to account for higher qualities. I wouldn't mess with the trees or crafting stats. Just make common stuff require less stats to produce something good. 
    That said, this may not be necessary. They have made changes to disciplines that should help, and we'll see what other tweaks they have in mind. A blue crafting major now gives 6 pips, and the skill trees have been modified to give less stats. I'd still like to see them reward players with skill points upon completion of the New Player Experience, with the caveat that players would have to choose whether they want combat basic points, exploration basic points or crafting basic points. That way, players could get a head start in one track, whereas with your idea, all players can get a head start in crafting. It should still be about choice.
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    Sabine got a reaction from Tyrant in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Sad to see you go....Hoping you find something wonderful as you venture out👳‍♀️
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    Sabine got a reaction from Chrissy The Blesser in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Sad to see you go....Hoping you find something wonderful as you venture out👳‍♀️
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    Sabine reacted to Pann in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Hey, Crowfolks!
    For five years, it has been my incredible honor and a privilege to serve this community. Sharing a passion for Crowfall was always a joy, even on the hard days, because I knew that every conversation came from a desire to see the game succeed.
    Today, I am announcing my departure from ArtCraft. I have decided to take some time off to focus on my personal life for a while.
    I still believe in Crowfall as much today as I did when I saw the first Kickstarter video. Knowing Todd and Gordon as well as I do, I am convinced that they will follow through on their commitment to make the best game possible, and I’ll be waiting and watching from the sidelines with all of you for the big day when Crowfall is released to great acclaim.
    There are no words to express my gratitude to all of the content creators, forum warriors and guild leaders who have made my job seem less job-like and more like hanging out with good friends. Please continue to support the team as you’ve supported me.
    Wishing you all the best,
    “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”  - Tinkerbell, “Hook”
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    Sabine reacted to Gzas in Update on getting 5.110 to Test Server   
    Maybe some Top Women could do the trick as well
    Thanks for the update, Keep the awesome work!
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    Sabine reacted to Arkade in Update on getting 5.110 to Test Server   
    They aren't going to give the patch notes because it will mess with their marketing plan. We just have to wait.
  10. Haha
    Sabine reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Update on getting 5.110 to Test Server   
    Today feels like.

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    Sabine reacted to srathor in Dev Diary: The Leveling Experience   
    We have a thursday at noon in just 18 hours. 

    It is like y2k all over again. 

    What will happen? Will nerfs get herded? Will cats and dogs live together. Will JTodd shave off that ridiculous soupcatcher?

    Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Sabine reacted to Jah in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    A passive skill wipe that left the existing vessels and loot in place would not help. While the passive skills would be equalized, nobody would be able to make vessels and gear to match those held by existing vets, so you are left with the same (or worse) level of demotivation for new players.
    If you want to take the step of wiping because it is an easy bone to throw the LIVE service while you are heads-down on the next build, I would suggest:
    1) Full wipe of passive skills, vessels, banks.
    2) Carrot of a long Trial campaign to compete over as part of the start-over process. I would suggest 2 months.
    A fresh start with a long Trial campaign could be a good way to hold over the players while we wait for the next build.
  13. Sad
    Sabine reacted to Kraahk in Live stream schedule change – Official discussion thread   
    Everytime a jtodcoleman get's sick, a world get's destroyed. 😞
    After four years, I didn't think this would be possible at all. But well, recent circumstances prove differently. This is a sad day for all of us. Especially for jtodd of course. But yea, we are all suffering with you. Get well soon. For the sake of all of us. Including you. Don't allow the sacrifice of this one lost world to be in vain. ~freneticallywavingatoddflag~
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    Sabine reacted to ironglove in Auto-equip or stack harvesting tools   
    Apologies if this has already been raised but I'm coming back to the game after a while out. While harvesting I found it quite clunky when your axe/pick/hammer ran out of durability and broke and you had to open the inventory and right click then next of the same item to re-equip. I suggest it would be much smoother if while on the survival tray it would auto-load the same item when one is exhausted, if that same item is available in your inventory. Either that or allow harvesting tools to stack.
  15. Sad
    Sabine reacted to srathor in Second test Campaign - Official discussion thread   
    Looks like no more crafting in the EK.

    So no more crafting, unless crafters have guards.
  16. Confused
    Sabine reacted to Anhrez in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 11/30   
    I am not yet online but I have concerns that I have been nerfed!
    @thomasblair took away my Gnocchi speed leveling!!!! 
  17. Haha
    Sabine reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Snap Tests   
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    Sabine reacted to srathor in 5.8 Multiple Campaigns Import/Export Issues   
    I mostly craft in the EK. It just makes more sense.

    Risk vrs reward is wildly out of whack, for crafting  in the campaigns. Storage is at a premium, npc guards are next to useless, crafting takes a goodly amount of time, and while taking that time you are very vulnerable and carrying tons of valuable loot. 

    ACE can force the issue, while ignoring the feedback and have a nice warm poorly made socksstorm on their hands, or they can try and fix the risk vrs reward somehow. I would suggest some better NPC guards, or a chest next to the crafting tables that mats in the chest are used by said crafting table and if the crafter is killed and chest is looted like only 20% of the mats in the chest are available to be looted. 
  19. Haha
    Sabine reacted to Pann in The state of the game   
    Sure. I presume that means I should start with you, @mandalore ?
    I make it a point not to throw co-workers under the bus, but I'm gonna break with tradition and blame the misinformation on @ACE_FancyHats because she told me it was fixed. I say we lure her down into a crypt and force-feed her Zombie Surprise. All in favor, say "AYE!"
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    Sabine reacted to Anhrez in Outposts & War Banner - Official Discussion Thread   
    I would love to see vendor moved to these at random. Vendors that have limited amount of inventory , with a randomized inventory respawn. Things like food, bandages, etc pulled off from the forts and keeps.
  21. Thanks
    Sabine reacted to jtoddcoleman in Big news for ArtCraft !   
    Hey folks,
    This morning we announced a new division of ACE -- ArtCraft Technologies.  This is a long-term strategic move for our company; the intent is to build a technology base that we can not only leverage internally on future titles, but that we can also license to other studios.  In the short term, this also provides two immediate, impactful benefits:
    1. We signed our first major customer, and the funds from this will be used to hire a "core technology team" of 6 to 8 senior engineers.  These individuals will be tasked, first and foremost, with bolstering and optimizing the Crowfall technology base in preparation for alpha, beta and launch.
    2. To run this division, we recruited Josef Hall, a name that some of you might remember from my previous Murder of Crows videos.  Josef was the co-creator of both Shadowbane and Wizard101.  We've been business partners for 15+ years (every company until ACE, in fact) and not having him here at ACE for the last few years has felt, for me, like I was fighting with one arm tied behind my back.
    His experience, design acumen and technical chops are a huge win for our team.  I believe that Josef and his engineer team are going to be a force multiplier for Crowfall, and for our future game titles.  Simply put, I can't imagine a better addition to our executive team.
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    Sabine reacted to Ceollach in Crow Spotlight   
    Have you ever wondered who’s behind the character you’re about to clash swords until only one of you remains standing on the bloody field of battle as glorious victor? 
  23. Confused
    Sabine reacted to Tinnis in 5.7 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports 07/18   
    that colour contrast of the "red" chat looks very unreadable

  24. Haha
    Sabine reacted to Jah in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
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    Sabine reacted to Earnestly in Public EK Marketplace Inventory   
    There are now at least four public market kingdoms, so wanted to share some research.
    Each kingdom has niches:
    Kitten's Shop has three vendors, two to the SW of Temple and one North. It has leather (crafted products and materials), the finest bows, products and materials of various kinds of corpses, and the least expensive rune tools available. It also offers all crafting tables and leadership crafting buff free to all.
    Srathor's Lawn has a bustling trade centre consisting of six vendors and a bounty hunter. Here you'll find the best and least expensive weapons available, as well as jewelry, the least expensive gathering potions, quivers, crafting stations and vendors, and more. BabaYaga is doing a great service by providing new players affordable weapons, definitely scope out this shop if you're in the market. 
    The Arkadium has two vendors, carrying some of the best rune tools available, alchemy products, and sometimes shields and jewelry.
    Ravens Nest has three vendors and is the only kingdom with a multitude of armor. 
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