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  1. Ill give an analogy. Would you rather have someone who is very good at playing Magic the gathering design new cards for the game, or someone who is crappy at the game (and likely doesn't understand the intricacies or depth of the game/strategy) develop new cards? I am not arguing that being good at magic the gathering is sufficient to be a good card designer, but it is [close to being] necessary. I don't know about you, but I would rather have Grubby design a future RTS game than some below average player, and I would rather have Dendi design a new MOBA than a player, no matter how much
  2. @McTan, I just want to tell you that I agree completely with you. I am glad there are some on this forum that are huge fans of the game, however some of this population will dismiss any criticism of the game at all (even if it is a legitimate concern). Whenever a new player posts about how their experience wasn't great, or how they didn't like a feature, the response from these "diehards" is reflexively explaining why their first impression is incorrect. There is a danger in trying to pretend/act/believe that everything is going "dandy", dismissing any criticism as "the person is uninform
  3. you are correct that being good at pvp doesn't automatically make you good at designing pvp, but it increases the chances. As does being bad at pvp, increase the chance you are bad at designing pvp. You are right, I do not know crowfall inside and out, the game was a harvest simulator so I stopped playing after a few days, but my understanding is that there are major and minor disciplines that improve songs, so if you are going to run these disciplines it makes sense to run multiple songs, no?
  4. Here is are two threads where I tried to put out some constructive feedback:
  5. All of the devs work hard on this game, but I agree, I am not sure pvp design is being done by the correct staff members at this time. I do not want to use specific names, but the design lead for the crafting/harvesting system should focus on that. A competitive PvPer (i.e., a grand master or master ranked player [in blizzard pvp games] or equivalent in some other ranking system), and someone with past pvp design should be the design lead for the pvp (not a harvesting/crafting enthusiast). Currently all of the classes in crowfall seem to have a "mish mash" of skills that do not synergize or c
  6. Hello, would it be possible to allow wheel scrolling (wheelup, wheeldown) to be mapped? I would like to bind my power trays to wheelup and wheeldown, however the game doesn't recognize these wheel scrolling as an input. I tried using a program to bind wheelup and down to a different keys (i.e., h and z), but even when this is done, the camera zooms in and out while in game. Thanks!:)
  7. If PvP isn't rewarded/incentivized [as much as PvRock], yes it will still occur, but not as much as those who want a PvP game would want. A historical concept in past MMOs is "do not force PvP players to have to PvE." A player should be able to progress at similar rates no matter the type of gameplay they engage in (PvE, PvP, etc.). Don't get me wrong, there is some incentive to PvP right now -- you can loot players. PvPer's can also wander the world and loot some resources from chests. However, the current high requirements of resources to make gear, the high durability loss on death,
  8. Yes Eve has a dedicated base which has played the game for a long time, however it also hasn't been that successful at maintaining a high server population. What is the average view count of twitch users streaming Eve? What is the average server population for Eve? My guess is not that great. So saying "this is how Eve does it, so it must be a good system" isn't necessarily true... Again, I am truly just trying to help the devs, my goal isn't to troll for no reason. The main selling point of CF, and the most anticipated in-game activity, will be its dynamic pvp system. In my opinio
  9. But currently getting the skills from the skill tree to make crafting/gathering easier takes a very long time to get. The game needs to make a good first impression on new players, and saying "well in 2 weeks you may be able to make gear slightly easier [and give up combat stats in order to do this]" -- isn't a good approach.
  10. I remember in a video Blaire made a comment along the line of: people would make these awesome +10 swords, but never use them because they didn't want to lose them on death, so they would just use their crappier gear (this isn't the exact quote, but it was the same overall concept). CF needs to not be that.. gear needs to be fairly easy to replace and without such high durability loss on death. Also the game needs more ways to encourage/reward PvP. I know some systems are still in the works for this, but I think a fairly easy and fun addition would be people dropping body parts on
  11. I agree with the overall message of this post however, currently the game is Quarryman Simulator / Lumberjack Simulator. Hopefully they do things to make it easier to get descent gear and do more things to reward pvp. Reducing the mats needed to make gear in half would be a good first step.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I can craft a more complete response later (when im not at work), but I do agree with gear taking too many resources currently. I think some of the basic ingredients (like iron ore, hides) should be reduced by maybe a third. You make a good point that things like factories aren't in the game yet, and that the game isn't fully developed at this point-- and that is why I am bringing this topic up now, so it can be reviewed early on, not after launch once players have developed opinions of the game. Thanks again all. Good discussion.
  13. People are joking in chat that the name of the game should be "Lumberjack Simulator".... and unfortunately that is kind of true. At the current design, the game is very similar to Age of Conan Bori --- which people joked as boring because people just pve against rocks and trees all day (devs should research this if they are unaware of how this project turned out for Funcom). A little bit of harvesting is fine, but hours upon hours is not. People are not going to stick with a game that is all about the exciting ACTION harvesting (except for a handful of die hard harvesters). Another probl
  14. Hello all and devs, Thank you for your time in reading some of my thoughts! ========================================================================================================================================= Introduction: =============================================================================================================================== I have always been interested in game design. Roughly 10 years ago I had an idea similar to crowfall, when I was thinking about the possibilities to combine the best elements from MMOs, real time strategy, and 4x tu
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