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  1. The amount of time and resource that were put into our keeps, to then just disappear, is underwhelming. We're less concerned about the "rewards" at the end since those don't matter that much, but rather the time and effort we invested to enjoy the game mechanics. We opened several support tickets to work together with the devs on this issue, but last time all we got was a, oops sorry, can't restore keep structure in mid-campaign. The support response has been lackluster and disappointing. For the record, we dumped 680 boulders, 452 ingots, 900 timber, and 14,000 gold and some time to get the belltower to Rank 3. This frustration compounds with a previous event, when devs wiped our progress on Gods Reach (this is prior to Shadow announcement) by deleting an entire active server with upgrades on a whim, without notice. At this point, I'm not sure if I can confidently recommend Gods Reach or Shadow as a viable gamemode for anyone. Wiping our progress mid-campaign multiple times, along with faction switching and dregs tourist make this endeavor a fool's errand at best, P.S. Our keep also lost a whole level two levels.
  2. U.S. East Shadow last night from an Earth perspective. I agree with this 100%. 10:30 PM is late for many people. We were rallying up people in faction chat for quite some time. No single guild came out with more than 10+ players. If it was a "zerg", it was from faction participation. It was all an on the spot coordination between many guilds and many people. Yeah, that was an awesome fight though, I love more balanced PvP's like that! Agree, this made it fun for us too! From my perspective, I think we had about 10-20 more people? It is hard to count during big battles though, so I'm not dwelling too deep on that. I agree, we're not happy that a lot of people are changing faction either. It reduces how much content we get as PvP players. I think faction should be locked upon entering the campaign. Agree 100%. Lastly, Earth guilds are mostly small numbers (I'd say that most guilds that actively participate in sieges are less than 15 people), so we coordinate quite a bit between guilds. It is not simply a one guild zerg. Reducing it to a zerg stomp takes out a lot of our coordination and rallying effort . Anyway, I agree that there are some balancing necessary regarding faction swap, etc. I hope the devs fix this soon, because it's not all that fun on the attacker side running into an empty keep.
  3. Nothing wrong with ACE merging servers. But damn, a warning would be nice. Buffs from keep upgrades take some time and gold. Also, map control is not a trivial thing when moving to a new server. Heck, friends and connections are going to be challenging. Wouldn't complain about the friends and connections if I can whisper across server and the Me tab is not an atrocity. For a while, I really thought ACE cared about player base and people co-operating or something. The decision to completely wipe out an active server really baffles me. Really hope that catering to Dregs guilds and bad YouTube reviews won't be the guiding principle for ACE in future campaigns. FWIW, it doesn't really matter that much for these GR campaigns since their life cycles are ending soon anyway. I just hope future decisions like this are weighted a little more carefully, with ample understanding and warnings. (Before the Dregs hardcore lovers come in and bash me for playing on Gods Reach, some people like the FvF and some guilds are set out to help new players. Gods Reach allows both, and the things I mentioned above are important to play on Gods Reach before we get a real FvF server.)
  4. Unless I missed them, please add an enchant merchant on TEST. I really want to test out all enchanting mechanisms. Also, I don't see the purpose for a level requirement on gear. As far as I understand, it is unnecessarily restrictive to players' freedom to do whatever they want. Please correct me on this if it actually serves a balancing purpose.
  5. Does the calculator assume a certain crafting belt level?
  6. I agree that ganking is an essential part of the game, and I like that. But I fail to see any reason why players need to bring 4 level 32 vessels into Infected to gank a level 26 farming Satyrs. Apart from the fact there are no economic gain because of no inventory drop, it prevents new players from leveling up and inhibits intermediate players to farm up to join dregs. I understand that some experienced players want to play the faction v. faction aspect, hence I really hope the Shadows campaign can be implemented. I really do believe that the current Infected should be a stepping stone for new and intermediate players. Unfortunately, the last few days it has been overpowered vessels' sadistic hunting ground. Regarding ACE, I pointed out a few things in my post up there on how ACE can make Infected a bit less cruel for new/intermediate players. I would love to hear your opinions on those. And once again, my suggestions are for Infected. I have only one opinion on ganking in dregs (and hopefully Shadows): do it.
  7. For ACE: I personally have known quite a few players who quit the game because they were ganked. Most of these cases, they wandered into Sky Point unknowingly since the game currently has no clear indication of where to go after the current version of the tutorial. This issue might be resolved with a more complete tutorial in Infected (which I believe is in the plan). I also know some level 25-28s who were just trying their best to farm mobs in Sky Point, getting consistently ganked by people (usually vesseled level 31-32s) until quitting. They were basically "farmed". In my opinion, that's just unnecessarily cruel. Perhaps if Shadows is implemented, impose a level cap in Infected, so it is not just a hunting ground for bored PvP players? Also, perhaps a warning the first time a player use the rune gate to Sky Point telling them that PvP happens more frequently here and they should go to other areas instead? For players: My position as a crafter is very much pro-PvP, even in Infected. But maybe, just maybe, a clear consensus to stop bullying new players might help us retain the server population, as @Ralathar44 said. I'm just going to put it out there that there are two people leveling today who were ganked in Moosename. I'm going to leave it to the reader why this is unhealthy for the server population. I suggest letting people level up to 30, then maybe we will have more people playing and we'll have more level 30 targets. Wouldn't fighting more geared people who are ready to fight, a more enjoyable experience for the hardcore PvP fans out there? Because honestly, when I see people 4v1 ganking a level 25, that's just cheap. I agree that having too many "community PvP rules" is a little ridiculous. But I really do hope that most PvP-ers have reasonable target choices in Infected. Just remember that many players in Infected have only played the game for a few hours. They are no match for your level 32 vessel in full blue crafted gear. In dregs? I don't care, good hunting.
  8. Haha, that was really fun! Thanks for fighting and helping us rebuild the dang gate 5 times .
  9. In Game Player Name: Bearsy Times primarily available (Include Timezone): Eastern Time. Sometimes 1 pm - 4 pm, usually 9 pm - 11 pm (or later) What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Crafting/Harvesting Traded and talked with Alty a little and it was awesome. Would love to join!
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