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  1. Having to pre charge your ulti is bad game design it is not clever and it is not strategic it is just necessary.
  2. I believe that all melee is in for a rework before beta and specifically the assassin. So many people voicing their feedback & dissatisfaction surely cant go unnoticed. I mean i only have like 10+ suggestions on how to make the class better but not overpowered in the current scheme of things.
  3. I get what you are saying, either way assassin in crowfall is in need of a rework as a class cause currently it falls short both as a shadowbane assassin as a wow assassin and as a crowfall assassin.
  4. Dissentient and even-numbered fights that is a first All jokes aside i like all community engaging initiatives! I wish you all good luck with the event!
  5. I disagree rogue in wow feels absolutely fine, assassin in crowfall does not. No blind (cc-disorient) No Shadow step (gap closer) No sprint (gap closer) I would agree it feels like a severely gimped version of wow rogue. Similarities combo points = pips Kidney shot Back stab Ambush
  6. First i surely don't mind using my video to show obvious class deficiencies. I'm absolutely sure a more skillful player would perform better in that scenario however the issues remain. Kidney shot? what fuc??? kidney shot? it feels like every time i use this skill my target is always immune to it or breaks it in 1sec. There is no stunlock mechanisms for assassin in crowfall in best case scenario you can use kidney shot as an interrupt. How i'm supposed to catch up to my targets with out a sprint ability? In 1vs 1 scenario maybe assassin is bearable in anything above that he is at best a subpar choice for any group, slayer for example will always be a better choice currently.
  7. I agree to most of your points and the good think about crow fall is that everything is still salvageable. The foundation is there. I'm a firm believer that when the game hits beta will be in much better state.
  8. Why people use the analogy "it becomes a first person shooter" is beyond me.... So elder scrolls online is a first person shooter as well just because it doesn't have a passive skill learning tree that takes 20 years to complete?
  9. This is something they must fix on their end however not players trying different options on their control panel. Good find however!!!
  10. Ok then "Distinct" multi classing
  11. 2. You will never find more than 300 ppl online at anytime until they start sending beta invites which should be soonish 1-3months. 3. You don't (Don't bother with vendors for now) all the slots are taken within minutes upon reset by 2-3 persons. 4. Not currently
  12. Fix the dodge as suggested and the stun every 5 secs and the class will be balanced.
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