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  1. Its good that the Death throws from the Scrapper Major doesnt work, but other than that I personally dont see how the ones stated above could be a problem. Spending such a huge amount of your Stamina and pause the regen for 3 seconds on top of that is super risky imo and you are CC immune for one second, thats not helping for a "hard push". Furious retaliate also only gives you 1 second of CC Immunity (in which you are pretty much stuck in the animation btw) and increases your resolve. I dont see why people would pre cast that. The only thing that maybe could be a problem is the 50% crit chance for the next 3 hits on the payback minor. But that could also offer some sort of high risk, high reward gameplay. Dunno what other Powers/Passives could be a problem but for now I think the fix is fine as it is. We'll see how it actually works in game.
  2. There is one more Bubble in the bottom right. You have trained 17 out of 19 -> 89%
  3. The Templar Class has a really strong impact in bigger fights, especially if its stationary. Its the niche of the class and i am pretty sure it is supposed to be like that. Anchoring the DL to the player instead of leaving it ground target would just add another braindead spamable mechanic to the game. Now, to get the most out of the class, your group needs to play around it and yes, it can be avoided by the enemy. But this just adds a little more tactical decisions to the fights imo and groups with good coordination can benefit from it. Thats good for the game imo. Adding a bit more mobility to the templar might be a good idea though.
  4. Imo they also need to add a ton of disciplines, balance those, and fix all the Promotion Classes that are completely useless at the moment before going into Beta... People need to have the possibility to come up with unique/special builds that are somewhat viable. Right now, there is very little variety and pretty much everyone is running the same builds. This will scare off a lot of players.
  5. Adding some sort of damage multiplier to punish big zergs clumping up could be an interesting option. But adjusting the overall PVP-mechanic with multipliers according to the current point-status of the campaign or the number of people participating in a specific fight would be just veeeeeeery poor game design for any PVP-Game imo. I mean it's meant to be a Throne-War-Simulator, right? Sometimes you just get outnumbered and steamrolled. It should be exactly like that in such games. If people really loose interest because of loosing the game they could just join other campaigns with other rulesets, right?
  6. I started to "sort out" all NPC-Events. That's why those lines with guards are not shown up. I should adjust it that those lines are not relevant for the Pivot Tables as well though.
  7. Looks like a filter was still active. Should work now
  8. Hey @Raindog, i've looked into your Feedback: 1. Labeling: Not sure if i understand you correctly here. As far as i can see it, the table should be there on every tab. 2. Pivot Summary Value: I kinda like the overview about Classes and Disciplines combined. But yeah, having an overview about the overall sum is also very helpful. I tried to put all information in one Pivot Table, but that looked really awful. I added 2 new Pivot-Tables instead, showing the sum for each player. 2a. Formula missing: Fixed 👍 3. Lookup Data: Yepp, that's a problem with "Rapid Fire" and "Ambush". That's why i made it like: "Ranger or Duelist". I'm collecting a few problems with the Combat Log and send it to the Devs soon. There are also problems with several DoT's, Retribution Skills and Traps. 4. Style, Sort by: Good Point. I adjusted it to be sorted by Grand Total Thanks again for your Feedback! 😉
  9. Thanks for your Feedback @Raindog! I really appreciate it. I will have a look into this and contact you again
  10. Campaign ends today. Although we were pretty much outnumbered 2:1 every day, we gave Chaos a run for the money and had a lot of very good fights! Thank you everybody
  11. At least this way it's easier to find people to fight
  12. This looks like a lot of fun. Good fight guys.
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