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  1. I started to "sort out" all NPC-Events. That's why those lines with guards are not shown up. I should adjust it that those lines are not relevant for the Pivot Tables as well though.
  2. Looks like a filter was still active. Should work now
  3. Hey @Raindog, i've looked into your Feedback: 1. Labeling: Not sure if i understand you correctly here. As far as i can see it, the table should be there on every tab. 2. Pivot Summary Value: I kinda like the overview about Classes and Disciplines combined. But yeah, having an overview about the overall sum is also very helpful. I tried to put all information in one Pivot Table, but that looked really awful. I added 2 new Pivot-Tables instead, showing the sum for each player. 2a. Formula missing: Fixed 👍 3. Lookup Data: Yepp, that's a problem with "Rapid Fire" and "Ambush". That's why i made it like: "Ranger or Duelist". I'm collecting a few problems with the Combat Log and send it to the Devs soon. There are also problems with several DoT's, Retribution Skills and Traps. 4. Style, Sort by: Good Point. I adjusted it to be sorted by Grand Total Thanks again for your Feedback! 😉
  4. Thanks for your Feedback @Raindog! I really appreciate it. I will have a look into this and contact you again
  5. Campaign ends today. Although we were pretty much outnumbered 2:1 every day, we gave Chaos a run for the money and had a lot of very good fights! Thank you everybody
  6. At least this way it's easier to find people to fight
  7. This looks like a lot of fun. Good fight guys.
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