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  1. I don't think we'll get friendly fire. The combat system right now just doesn't support it. Unless they revamp it to me something more like Darkfall, which is very unlikely.
  2. Reasonable and I completely agree.
  3. Really, in this stage of the game, it's almost impossible to get off any abilities that lock you in place that are melee range. On the knight I'll just use the abilities I can use on the move, and chain stun if I can, and pull, but most of the time I'm circle strafing and LMB attacking. It just makes me wish that every ability could be used on the move. I personally think the game would feel a lot better without any rooted attacks at all. Also, since animation cancelling was mentioned earlier in this thread, I LOVE animation cancelling. Anything to improve the skillcap. I like faster anima
  4. I think Warhammer Online did this really well. All of the tanks had some way of being incredibly annoying to you. They didn't do much damage but they had certain utilities. Black Orks/Swordmasters had a massive AoE knockback that would knock people off walls and bridges, Ironbreakers/Blackguards had a system that made them deal more damage the longer the fight went on, and the Chosen/Knights had powerful auras which buffed their allies and debuffed enemies. They were incredibly difficult to kill so the thought process was often not "kill the tank" but was more "keep the tank locked down an
  5. They're all doing really well. I haven't been testing too much lately but Sugoi and HaH come to mind, they always have good coordination. Also the group with Zybak and friends. I'm sure there's a lot more that I can't remember. Can't wait until the game gets a little more optimized and a little bit faster. There's a lot of room for outplaying already and the game is so slow and running so poorly, which is great. I can't wait to see how it will look when it is sped up a bit more when everyone playing at 60+ fps, then we can see guilds coordination and skill really shine.
  6. The Lenovo Y700 has a GTX960M and an i7-6700HQ. It will run the game pretty well when the game is a little more optimized. Right now we're all playing at pretty low fps since it's early testing. I have a GTX780 and an i5-2500K and I get around 20 fps at 2560x1440 and not much more at 1080. I'd guess you'd be looking at similar framerates.
  7. Really? Your zerker friend isn't having any desync issues with grabs? Nothing like this?
  8. I'm playing from Philly, I ping 100 to San Jose. Are you playing a class that utilizes grabs? I don't have any issues unless I'm using grabs, which berserker relies on for damage and CC.
  9. Yes, everything I've said in my post still holds true. It's fun because you're fighting another group of players with your guild and that's always rewarding no matter what game you're playing, but the rubber-banding issues kill any of the fun for me. I recommend playing a class that spams a lot of easy to aim AoE so the lag will affect you less. A ranger or a wizard is probably the best pick for group PvP. If I had rolled a wizard I would probably still be playing the game. Having 90% of your grabs fail due to lag and rubber-banding issues is disheartening, to say the least.
  10. Jon


    This is exactly what I was thinking. Something like the worgen's "running wild" skill from WoW.
  11. It was alright. Not my ideal PvP game though. It's way too laggy with the servers being on the west coast and myself being on the east coast, the rubberbanding is horrible. However, everything else about the game is pretty fantastic.
  12. It's pretty fun, but the PvP leaves a lot to be desired. The rubberbanding lag issue will strip any sort of fun from the otherwise fantastic combat system. Personally, playing a berserker, who relies mostly on grabs for damage, I'd find myself grabbing an enemy player and then having them rubberband out of my hands while I'm stuck in the animation. This happened about 90% of the time I would grab somebody, no exaggeration. It's unacceptable. You'll also find yourself frustrated being one shotted by people who outgear you since they grinded a lot more than you and got lucky on the RNG enchantin
  13. You guys are probably right. It might be time to replace the ol' 2500K.
  14. The reason you're seeing less tags is because people are getting bored of the hunger dome. Most of us are eagerly awaiting the next siege combat test.
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