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  1. The combination system is pretty nice, the only thing i want, is a little mini game instead of that RNG elements. The creation process feels a little bit boring. On the other side, the choices you have for customizing, are amazing. In the end its better than all other existing mmos
  2. I did Basic crafting and it felt to boring to reach advanced recipies. I love this game but the crafting part, jesus pls give me some more action and control about what im doing. Only different grades of material are not enough for a good crafting System. I got bored from klicking, just waiting and getting a result that makes me leave the game.
  3. I dont understand, why nobody use the Everquest 2 Crafting System, it was so mutch fun. Just pushing one button and Prey to gods, is so boring and frustrating pls put some action into the crafting process and skip the RNG part. If YOU press the right keys intime, YOU get the good reward, if not its YOUR fault. For the best result of any iteem you need skill and the beste materials, so the Player decide what result he wants. With that system you feel like a real crafter, and not playing a lottery. I want to play a game and not just waiting for what the game is doing with my hard farmed materials. Thats the absolute wrong way and i cant see that any more.
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