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  1. Oh you haven't played Druid yet if you think Cleric is broken
  2. ""with a very limited supply of siege weapons" Puts ground in to living flame with ballista fire for an hour Was an enjoyable evening for sure though, goodfights.
  3. Was this your next move? Locking us in this damn temple?
  4. Yeah I had the same issue as you guys, just took many attempts to get it to log in.. It's possible but very hard lol
  5. Probably known issue but orbs on druid are still visable after exploding them with Blight, also the third orb of the druid's auto attack on life tray is very delayed after the animation. Another orb issue is with the Electrogenesis passive power. The orbs that are being spawned are not visable.
  6. We actually have this ingame, it's in the settings.
  7. That play on 11 min, well played by the dude that placed it. Overall gfs
  8. Oh yes, that was lovely. Just have two deathpigs hidden somewhere in a bag and they will be overburden! I miss that game man..
  9. LOL, those bastards were MvP though 😂
  10. On a Blackguard Assasin with the Major Discipline Elementalist, if you cast Fire Wall on an enemy or structure you are not able to go in to stealth mode again. Despite not having any kind of debuffs on you. I don't know what is causing this but about one second after the visual effects of Fire Wall have dissapeared, I am able to stealth again (the target still has a burn on him at this point for a few more seconds, so I don't think it's just the burn effect). Thanks for fixing the bug that didn't show health orbs of Blood Price passive.
  11. Well defended, was a good fight!
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