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  1. I agree with OP and I understand your frustration. I haven't played a lot the past two campaigns because of such little open world PvP. Now it's also possible for gatherers to just go to the carebear map and gather in peace. Yes low ranked mats, but still rares and embers. It shouldn't be this way and I think everyone agrees on this. There are spots to gather or do PvE around your factions temple if you want to be in peace. I don't see a reason adding a whole permenant campaign for newbies. Every new characters spawns in an area with no enemies but you can get a feel for the game by killing some spiders or do some basic gathering. We need more people getting in to the real campaign for it to be a healthy one. Past campaigns have had such little PvP for me and it's the only reason I play this game. I thought this game was going to be heavily PvP orientated and honestly, I don't see any other game coming as close to as what Darkfall was for me but this one. However, with the current spirit bank issue and the new carebear campaign there's only less people going out in the real campaign and it frustrates me. I was already a bit let down that whenever you encounter PvP in open world they would just spirit bank their materials fast without fighting back. It's so boring, I want to have that feeling with a high heart beat, shaking hands because you have to fight to keep your inventory. As of right now it's just bank your stuff fast and see if you still have a chance to fight back but usually I just attack them and they stand still. I'm not looking forward to play right now untill they fix these issues. Fighting people that stand still is boring.
  2. They have the best cookies guys! 🤘
  3. I'm a huge fan of open world PvP with loot, played a lot of Darkfall in the past and absolutely loved that feeling when you carried value and you encountered PvP. I miss this feeling in Crowfall right now while I think this is a feeling that should come with this game. Whenever I encounter someone that's farming mobs or gathering and I attack them.. 9/10 times they stand still and don't fight back. Why? Because they're spirit banking their stuff. This leaves me with very boring PvP and no reward. This is a risk vs reward game. Problem: Open world PvP is losing it's value because we are able to make use of the spirit bank anywhere, at any time. Solution 1: Make spirit bank only accessible in bank areas. Solution 2: Make spirit bank only accessible when you're not encountered in PvP. Meaning that you have to fight back if you want to keep the stuff you have in your inventory. I'm fine with both solutions to be honest, solution 2 still leaves room to spirit bank when you are just alone in the world. This can be very nice, solution 1 is a little more hardcore I guess. Either way, I want to enjoy open world PvP more and I don't want to be bashing on some enemies that stand still.. Banking their stuff, it's just not fun for both sides honestly.
  4. Do I lose durability in stealth mode?
  5. I have the exact same issue, no sounds at all.
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