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  1. Its about time >: / but im still gonna nick pick. They're tall, wide, and made of stone. What exactly kind of 'dodge' do they have? Do they just roll into a boulder ? Knockdown resistance would make sense but being on the ground for less amount of time? I'm trying to imagine one of these guys on their back and then flipping onto their feet.. Turtles are hard to knock over but if you do they're on their back for quite awhile!
  2. So... Stoneborn still set as dead custard last for development then? Typical, really typical. Gotta get all four of your custard shades of elf out first, wouldnt be a fantasy mmo without way too many goddamned elves.
  3. BBQ winged elves* though not at all filling, empty calories in every sense, the whole lot of'em.
  4. Oh look custard winged elves. At least with almost every other race out of the way we can FINALLY get some custard stoneborn news after all these years.
  5. Exactly what i was hoping would exist
  6. Well i havnt poked my big nose around here in quite awhile, gotta head to the main page and read up on all the news, catching up on forum discussion at this point would be hopeless! Can anyone give me a quick rundown on any major changes or developments in the last 4-5 months?
  7. Combo chain attacks are for people who cant kill their enemies in one hit. Stoneborn can literally curb stomp you in any terrain because they ARE THE CURB.
  8. Earthquake! Levels an entire city! four week cooldown!
  9. You have Stoneborn for that! They're made of stone, fundamentally different from all other races offered thus far. You could say they're Elementals, of earth.
  10. Frostweavers and Blade Dancers... And Assassins. Even though shes 'Fae', its too close to elf to not kill.
  11. Wow, it has Dwarves. I'm shocked. I'll play it. The lore is... interesting. Neat twists, dark dwarves are refreshing to see. Although calling them beings of pure chaos is... pretty silly, considering everything else. Hard to be a race of pure chaos AND a race that crafts, builds, and engineers. Thats like, the opposite of chaos, that stuff requires order and care.
  12. Ugh. I didnt like the game before, but that laughable "gunner" class? I dont know whats worse, the class itself, or that its an elf class. Would of maybe made more sense as a DWARF but noooo. Screw them u.u
  13. Dwarf. Stone. Dont need sleep.
  14. Yeah i was a Stormcaller in Rift, thats kind of how they were. Bad at 1v1, terrible even. Very powerful against groups, since their spells chained and bounced. literally doing more damage to a larger group. In theory anyways, i hear they're useless now
  15. Obviously we'll also need a class thats TERRIBLE at 1v1 but can kill entire armies solo. That way its balanced
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