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  1. I'll tackle this one part at a time. 1.) SWTOR was bleeding players because they expected people to spend more time with the story aspect of the game, which is just proof developers often don't understand the players. The games F2P model is just to play the story from 1 to 50, its not designed to have people playing F2P at endgame. The game isn't doing pretty well. There use to be 300+ players on fleet with multiple instances on 80% servers at launch, when F2P dropped there was maybe 2-4 servers that were still lively. Now there is 1 RP server that has people and Harbringer that has 150~ on Fleet during prime gaming hours. All the other servers are dead with maybe 20-30 people on fleet. Pot5 had 5-6 people on fleet majority of the time. The game isn't doing "pretty well" its doing pretty bad and its F2P model is only to play the story of the game and not be a part of the end game universe. 2.) Crowfall shouldn't be crap when it comes out, with the exception of FFXIV, I don't know of any game that is so terrible at launch and the game magically becomes better. We (or at least I'm not) aren't talking about the IG things, but its the out of game things that will be ruining. Give me an example of a game that implemented P2W aspects into their game and then did a 180. 3.) People don't need to hook up a couple dozen computer to cause a problem. They literally just need a decent bank account. People keep saying "things are temporary", yes that is true. Worlds come and go, but so do paychecks. Spending $200/month on a game isn't that outrageous, yet I'm sure it will give plenty of advantages in the game. If gear is temporary, that means the gold prices will be even cheaper. The price of VIP tickets will always go up in price, because a month sub wouldn't lose value when a world dies. Weapons and armor will always lose value with worlds being temporary, so if anything the world being temporary will just mean you can buy more gear with selling less VIP tickets with RL money.
  2. The issue I have is this is just the beginning, pre-launch. Normally things will just get worse as the game goes on. If things don't change by launch, I'll be looking to sell my CE once it comes in.
  3. That would reduce the value of the VIP system. It wouldn't be a good PR move either, the game is already getting an image of trying to milk the players out of every penny they can get. Wouldn't be wise to keep with that trend. The other issues I see arising (unless something has changed), is limiting non-VIP players to 1 CW than all those non-VIP players won't be able to be involved in the short PvP battleground style CWs and if the game doesn't have a large population (which this game doesn't seem like it will have) it may effect how good other CWs could be.
  4. I'd rather focus on the game issues than argue with someone that clearly has no idea what they are talking about.
  5. That is called Pay to Play..."This <whatever generation you are from", I swear...
  6. 1. Yes, 1v1s are going to be rare, but you are assuming that there will only be 1 player with supreme gear. Out of the 100 person battle (depending on the guilds involved) there could be 40+ whales in that match. 2. Yes and you are again assuming people won't just turn around and buy the best gear again. Gear will be cheaper because it is temporary, meaning that you can still just turn around and buy 2-3 VIP tickets and get your gear right back <-- That is P2W because you are once again jumping ahead of everyone (aka non-whales) that lost their gear and have to grind more to get it. The player not using RL money will once again be behind, because just like that whale that lost his gear there will be 2-3 non-whales that lost gear as well. 3. Once again, you assume that whales are just a one time thing. People won't just spend $50 to get the best gear and never do it again. Whales go to a new server, sell more VIP tickets once again get the best gear. Spending $50-$200 a month isn't difficult for some people, some can spend even more. I've seen people on AA and BDO spend $300 a month on items. 4. No, gear doesn't make a player automatically super powered, it just puts the advantage in their favor that they don't have to be as good. You are also assuming that people that spend a lot of RL money on the game to get gear are not going to be good at the game, that wasn't the case in AA. I would say at least 50% of the people that went P2W could back it up. Meaning if you have 200 whales on a 800 pop server, 100 of those whales are not only going to be better geared but better fighters. You didn't answer my question about buying IG currency from the cash shop because "it can be earned in the game" btw. Also you are assuming a lot of things like whales won't continue to drop money in the game on a monthly bases (3). <--- Isn't true, just use AA as an example. Heck, I have a friend that did it when he was playing AA. Invested $200 a month into the game to get better gear. Assuming only whales will lose gear and get set behind, not everyone who dies and loses gear (2). <--- Have to account for the non-whales who will lose gear and take even longer to get their gear back now. Assuming there will only be 1 whale in a 100 person battle (1). <--- Numerous guilds in AA had 20-75% of their player-base as whales (because it made them even stronger because they had more geared players.) Assuming whales don't have the skills to back up the armor they purchased (4). <--- Once again wrong, Koonkoon (I think that was his name) was a whale in Korea AA that had the talent to back up his purchases and he was only 1 of many.
  7. "that is earnable in game" <--- So if the ACE store sold IG currency for RL money that wouldn't be considered pay to win? Currency is something "that is earnable in game". My definition of P2W is that you Pay RL money to Win (having advantages over others, including getting something faster). $15 VIP Ticket turns into 400 Gold (Just random currency amount). Best sword cost 1600 Gold, best armor 800 gold each. (We are going to assume that the price of VIP tickets will be more than what you can get in 1 day of normal gaming, otherwise the VIP tickets would be of no value and people wouldn't buy them. It would be much easier to just play IG to get that amount of money.) Player 1 on Day 1: Buys 3 VIP Tickets, sells for 1600 Gold and purchases best sword. Player 1 on Day 3: Buys 2 VIP tickets, sells for 800 gold, purchases 1st piece of best armor. Player 1 on Day 5: Buys 2 VIP tickets, sells for 800 gold, purchases 2nd piece of best armor. Player 1 on Day 7: Buys 2 VIP tickets, sells for 800 gold, purchases 3rd piece of best armor. Player 2 Day 1: Makes 200 gold using only IG. Player 2 Day 8: Purchases best sword. This is exactly what would happen in ArcheAge. This will happen, it happens in almost every MMO that has elements like this. If the above isn't P2W, I don't know what else to say. Player 1 being able to be almost fully geared in 7 days by buying and selling VIP tickets purchased with RL money compared to Player 2 who it took 8 days just to buy the sword. The value of the VIP Tickets have to/will be enough to warranty people purchasing them for RL and then turning around and selling them, which usually happens. Having a system where this is a possible outcome is a track for more P2W elements in the game. The cash shop already have items to give buffs and the game isn't even out yet.
  8. Can you explain to me how purchasing VIP tickets with RL money and then selling them IG for IG currency isn't a P2W aspect?
  9. I don't think people (who haven't played ArcheAge) understand how big of a problem the VIP tickets will be. I'm less worried about tomes than I am about whales who buy VIP tickets to just constantly have the best gear all the time.
  10. I don't mind VIP having benefits over non-VIPs. The current system will fail though because whales will just buy and sell VIP tickets for in game gold. The only way AA survives (if you call it surviving) is that the game doesn't cost anything and players can jump in and out without losing any money if they don't like it. Crowfall is going to cost $50 plus a $15 (to attempt to be competitive), but then you will have people that will spend $300+ a month on buying VIP tickets then turning around and selling them. Potential new players are going to see the whales and how much money they spend RL to get ahead and not want to invest in the game. If there was no VIP ticket system, I would be fine with this. The system will be abused if they just let people buy unlimited amount of VIP tickets and sell them to other players.
  11. The VIP ticket system is the same as the Apex system that ArcheAge uses, which is what causes that game to be a P2W game.A player who spends an extra $150/month to sell 10 VIP tickets will have a large gold advantage over those that don't, which will then be used to purchase better items. That is thinking short term and not long term. Yes right now before the game launches there isn't a large difference, but do you really think 6 months or a year down the road that weapons and armor are still going to be that limited? If that was the cause there would be no purpose in players focusing so heavy into crafting. You are right, one individual whale won't be killing everyone. Just like in all other MMOs though, most people will want to be in the most powerful/best guild. So over time that guild that just had a handful of whales now have 20-30 whales and will continue to get stronger because they are spending RL money on the game.
  12. I'm more worried about the game becoming a P2W game like AA with the VIP tickets being the same as Apex from AA. So if that is the case, I'll be selling my sealed CE as soon as I can.
  13. Let me fix this for ACE really quick: "While we also offer VIP membership and an online shop were you can buy cosmetic items and buildings for your eternal kingdom (see more information below), both are completely optional and will not affect your ability to play and enjoy the game, but we do offer relics pre-launch that will give you stat temp stat buffs in the store for RL cash and will be adding more in the future. Let me fix this for ACE really quick too: "No. Because you can only play one character at a time, VIP account and standard accounts are balanced on a moment-by-moment basis. VIP accounts offer more variety in playstyle, but are no more powerful. Our goal is to make the VIP membership entirely optional, but you need to get it if you are serious about this game. The VIP system allows you to focus in two trees with and so you should theoretically be able to save more IG money that you can spend on other things making it where you do have an ingame advantage. EDIT: I don't actually mind the VIPs having an advantage over non-VIPs, but just be honest about it. Lastly (please correct me if I'm wrong), but isn't trading VIP membership a P2W mechanic? That's exactly what happened in ArcheAge, you bought Apex (30 day sub) and then sold it on the AH. People would just buy a ton of them for RL money and turn around and sell them on the AH to buy the Divine Weapons and Armor. How will this system be any different? I really want to love this game. I really was hoping it would be amazing and would really be that beacon of hope of the current MMO titles. Its been the first game I ever believed in so much that I backed it. I've never funded a game before, but I had hope this one would be different. Just so far nothing or no one has been able to convince me that this game won't become just another P2W MMO. So please, someone convince me!!!
  14. Relics can be bought and provide different buffs that you can buy out of the store. ACE has defend themselves selling it saying people can figure out ways to craft these materials, but thinking like that is a slippery slope. The game isn't even out yet and they have P2W elements in the game with $12 million in total funding. Imagine when the game has been out for 6 months and player numbers start to drop. *Edit: Fixed
  15. I agree, but with how heavy ACE is defending relics I doubt they will change it.
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