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  1. Awesome guild to be a part of! We're really looking for people who want that community vibe back in their MMO gaming - If you're interested in having a bunch of people on Discord who all have your back - if you want to be part of something and help build a community, if you want to laugh more than you thought was possible - then please register your interested and join the Discord - we'll run a recruitment process with you and see if you fit with us! Really looking forward to meeting some new people.
  2. The Siege of Laventhorpe Citadel From the perspectives of - Vunak (Ranger) and Enz (Druid) On the Balance Side Please Enjoy! We definitely did - one of the finest evenings of PvP we've had in a long time - Thank you Crowfall
  3. I definitely agree with this choice. Growing fat and happy on the safer server to then move into the harsh realities of the campaign doesn't make much sense. I like the feel of gods reach. Reminds me a lot of the newbie islands in SB
  4. I think I can track my history of waiting for Sandbox MMO's back to the MMO called Mourning, that was back in 2005. It released in beta with barely a map and a set of skills - it promised so much, all of the things that I needed from an MMO. That game released with a single map, and was broken beyond reason - a catastrophic mess. What then followed was a massive chain of MMO's that failed in similar ways to hold to the promises they'd outlined, though the feature lists might be on it's way, or developing - the games always fell short on several key areas. Server lag Frame Rate Issues Constant Game Breaking Bugs Huge animation problems that leave you feeling completely disconnected from the world It has got to the point now that when a client is available, and they suffer from any of these issues - I don't even bother getting hyped up for a game. In Mortal Online I ran a guild Kindred Rising, formed on the forums, and waited patiently for the first iterations of the game to come out, and I made the same mistake for a slew of other games - each time I was let down. Now I just wait for the game to evolve to a point that it ticks those boxes, for me personally Crowfall just made it to that point - a point where I now feel that this game might potentially make it there, the risk factor has dropped. 5.7 has some incredibly smooth animations, the FPS is solid - my connection from the UK to the American server is frankly better than I've seen it in many other tripple A titles. All in all - Crowfall very much so has my attention, after a drought in the sandbox world that has lasted so long I figured that themeparks - korean sandparks - and Fortnite were the future. It's definitely been a long time coming!
  5. You are making the assumption that what you are playing right now is a base shell of what the game will be. Take for example that graphics overhaul video we saw not to long ago, that slow steady fly through of the village full of NPC's going about their business. When this game goes live you'll log into the world, into what I imagine will be a starter town of sorts which is generally the case. You'll have your initial gold and poor gear based on the class you picked. You'll make your way out over to the fields and begin killing creatures, either for their materials for humanoids for their gold pieces and you'll trade and barter with players or buy the tat from vendors. I really think that basing perceptions of the finished product on what we have now might be jumping the gun. I do however agree with 6 person groups, perhaps event 10 man groups (I see no reason to limit it). I do feel that balance should be an ongoing process, start early, and by the time release rolls around, we'll have years of time invested in balance.
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