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  1. are we able to get some clarification if the new craft to proc an exploration discipline is currently implemented? Also bug with armoursmith not granting reduction in armoursmith resources or enabling the specialty seal slot in armour
  2. East India Trading Company are still recruiting harvesters and Pvpers alike, we have a strong core with an amazing infrastructure that we wish to grow on, if you want a casually hardcore Crowfall experience then EITC may very well be the place for you!
  3. i think you are getting soul gems and exploration souls mixed up there buddy, i personally dont think it is a logical request to add it to logging and skinning since they already have unique exotics from single node harvesting that are incredibly integral to the game economy, adding more just pushes people into doubling down on these, quarrying gets 0 exotics from single nodes so i could agree to put it there to help quarrying have atleast a bit more purpose.
  4. skinning and logging already have unique exotics fro single nodes, give it to the quarry guys so they can get them as they get nothing special (that or move cutting grit into stone) At this point of development with no sign of alchemy or jewelcrafting caring about bone/blood quality i would love to see them normalised to 1 quality and reduce bank space
  5. @BucDen no problem buddy, for an added bit of information, the bending form can be changed before you put it in the limb combination to change the bows overall appearance/skin (but has no effect on stats). When you buy the form, along the bottom row of the vendor are race skins that you can also purchase and when on the woodworking table under "miscellaneous" there is an option for changing for form, you put the bending form and the appearance scroll in their appropriate slots and then that form will use that skin instead (it will change the name of the form to SpellBound: <race of scroll u
  6. when you create the bow limb, you have to put in a "bending form" that you get from a vendor close to the crafting tables in the temple, this bending form will dictate which type of bow you will create from the 3 available
  7. Finally we had a dregs campaign and we could go out with our shiny new vessels, armour and weapons and have some fun, 3 hours later we have 4 forts in 1 map and we did this with only 9 people, we are looking for more active players so that we can do even more in Crowfall!
  8. Wood elf 1h axe skin increases weight of crafted axe as if a weight has been put in
  9. my Legendary Elken, with a runic epic compound bow and legendary quiver and a 65m range, critting people with a slashing quiver for over 2k on high health and over 4k on an execute begs to differ, and this was back when the meta was also tanky as heck. They are sucking very early game because their actual defence is the massive gap between them and the enemy which in early game where you just have wartribe bows, no rings, no vessels is just not enough and no access to quivers means no special 3rd LMB and a massive drop in damage too. I love my archer very much and i love the class, i
  10. with decent compounds and quivers coming online the time of the archer is coming back, i know they lost a lot of their damage but i feel the cry of nerf was much more over exaggerated than it actually was. Archer's just suck a bit more in the very early game until they can get the tools to get their range up and the additional dmg from the quiver (let alone a main mechanic of the archer LMB on top of that)
  11. yes, just would like to say thank you for being open and honest with us around your communications on this matter
  12. I think it will be released this year and then we will see the extra parts being introduced, i think the hope is that they can fund enough through VIP to keep the game running and the employees paid to give a consistent development in the future, but i suspect their is outside pressure creating tight deadlines that has created their current rushed behaviour of getting something out the door. This game will not be fun for everyone now, it may not be fun for some ever, some may come back and find the game has become fun with future updates, some will never be able to get passed the n
  13. a proper guild bank function would be nice, in game guild/social menus, this is a game with everything really wrapping around guilds with no support for the guilds themselves. The shared storage is not in any means a temporary guild bank fix, a true version needs to be created that is accessible in many places (temples, craftable in EKs, as part of the of bank building in forts) and be of a decent vault size, preferably around 500 for starters and guilds can get rewards to push this higher. A campaign/dregs version of the bank that is separate from the EK/GR bank so no bypassing embargo's.
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