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  1. I would like to know too since its pretty much my entire bug bear with starting up an EK myself, if i cant make it persistent then the temple vendors were much better!
  2. would love to see retaliate connected to dodge pips so bad choices or wasted dodging is punished accordingly and would slow down ret spam
  3. For Minor discs I would love to see: Keep the Temple vendor for minor discs but introduce a "Poor" quality that fits the Poor quality of starter vessels, remove the "white" minors from the vendor Allow the upgrading of white minors in to green, blue, epic, legendary like they used to. Greatly reduce or even remove the minor drops from GR (or have them drop the poor quality ones to save the players some gold from the vendor. (possibly infected but a heavy reduction would also suffice) to ensure there is still a PvP focal point over these spots and actually elongate the potential PvP time in war tribe areas as the player base transitions from hourly skirmishes over the chiefs and kings to constant fighting over potential drops from all mobs Pros: Players still have access to all the minors for their starting vessels White minors dropping from war tribes are now useful and integral to the player driven economy (possibly actually reduce the white minor drop rate a bit so scarcity is not as bad as it is right now, but not the flood that upgrading whites could currently produce) White minors as part of the economy mean more players have more available vectors into the economy from earlier on allowing quicker establishment, better economical competition and larger variety of sources for the economy Cons Poor quality and common (white) quality look very similar and may cause some confusion to a newer player, im sure some clever artists can work around that though or very much make the quality of a minor disc very apparent when hovering over it.
  4. everything in here looks amazing I am hesitant on the wartribe loot on death, but i feel as long as it is restricted to just war tribe gear and not crafted, then this could be quite awesome, although i feel it would negativley effect the newer players who have no access to crafted goods initially. It may also become redunandt as the game loops progresses, but with your other idea of war tribe breakdown for crating stats then this keep the cycle more healthy! I love the harvesting events, thank you for remembering the humble harvesters ❤️
  5. There was nothing in yumxs post that suggested it was a lack of competition on EU that proved to be the final straw for them. His feedback is felt by a vast majority of the community, as others have echoed, please dont turn this thread into a big guild/dominant guild issue, its most of the things in the initial post as a culmination that has caused this.
  6. if you are using sharpshooter you could use compound bow instead of a recurve to get the extra range you desire. Archer's do get some additional but the rest is from bow, food, rings etc. Generally until 21+ point crafting you generally have to sacrifice some power in the weapon for additional range. If you are looking for a bow to clip running enemies, then possibly a bow with range being pushed on it is what you need for its purpose It would be nice for any non-mellee skills to be able to be put into the ranged skill tray to add some more strength to it.
  7. Always sad to see such a force take a break, but everything in here i agree with except Caravans replacing traditional harvesting (it has changed the source for primary resources up to blue quality) but there are many other resources from harvesting that Caravans don't do. I do beleive it needs to be rebalanced though and looked at. Hope to see you guys in beta for some more awesome fights. Any game taking your fancy right now @Yumx ?
  8. @Mizrah i think you forgot about a post launch cycle of expansions increasing what is possible with passive training and all the new things they introduce which could potentially expand the size of the passive training trees to further extend the time to fill it up. Its still an RPG, you still have many aspects that lean to an RPG, it has a slighlty flatter power curve like most PvP MMOs these days to highlight player skill over amassing of stats
  9. I think the issue with the slayer is also being exacerbated by one of the Slayers natural counters of the Knight class gettting severly underplayed which is allowing this class to shine through harder. But i do agree that something needs to change, this is incredibly powerful for harvesters as well and really breaks the gank when the prey is already either 80m away on a slayer or 60m away and stealthed on a dirge. Its a little too OP right now, I dont think increasing the CD will help, i do think the range needs to be reduced, 15 sounds ideal so still in range of rangey stuff.
  10. a bounty system in this type of game is usually very abusable , much like Zybak said, you just need a friend or an alt account to do the handing in and you actually give your bounty money to your bounty target which would be a double win for the bountee would love to see a system like this as i do think it breathes a lot of life into a game, but unless the punishment for death was much more hardcore then the only ones making the money really would be the very people you are trying to get killed
  11. the archer is far from useless, it has amazing kiting ability, awesome single target damage, it gains a lot of power as gear goes up but its not useless at all and adding in 3% peircing i don't think is nescary as there are many other sources for peircing armour pen (more so than other physical penetrations) so i disagree with your sentiment and thats my sentiment, archer is quite powerful at all stages, im sure as you grow from a new player into someone who has been around a while then you will see how powerful the archer really is You have already PMed me about the other bit, which is fine.
  12. I think alliances would be great for the game, they allow smaller guilds to band together when required to topple a common foe. I think there needs to be a very high hard cap but also carry on ACE's current implementation of per player in guild rewards and extend that to per player, per guild, per alliance so that grabbing so many numbers is still detrimental to overall victory. I think alliances are needed as well to allow the smaller banded guilds to overcome friendly fire issues the current setup has, larger guilds do not get this problem of course but smaller guilds working together get this problem all the time and its not really a true numbers vs numbers when half of your friendlies could potentially kill you. I think there is always a worry around alliances as other online MMOs have shown where you either join 1 of 3 mega allainces or you stay away from the action which in Crowfall, very much limits the content available to you. I know ACE have talked about alliances and bending the knee a lot in the past, so had just assumed it was coming when they decide to implement the in-game social UI stuff.
  13. Then i would suggest posting questions in the Q&A forum buddy not in the feedback section, and then when you have a consensus that something is broken then you can post it in here I understand you are a new player and your first language is not english, but i would very much suggest asking questions in a different forum first before throwing out random statements that have no grounds in reality
  14. The different arrow heads do different special attacks on their 3 basic attack (as long as you draw the attack to 100% charge bar) Piercing - adds a bleed Slashing - adds an execute at low health (thats what the executioner trait is about) Crushing - adds a stun You are still a sniper on all 3 it just depends on what damage type you want to do and what special attack you want to have on your 3rd basic. The lack of piercing pen is annoying, so i would love to see this generalized to physical armour pen +3% But please do some research and ask before making wild generalizations about damage types and where they fit in the grand scheme of archers/snipers
  15. Good luck guys, may your experiments have great success and your assemblies not flaw.
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