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  1. also this ^^, im subscribed to the LFG thread so any new ones come straight in for a notification, but it would be a lot more work to have the entire sub-forum subscribed to and retain sanity hehe
  2. Generally guild recruiters will PM the person to invite to their discord if they are actively recruiting
  3. yup, generally it is everything including campaign history too, its a clean slate
  4. when creating the legendary belt, you need to purchase and use in the combination a coin for either helper monkey or risk management, the coin can be purchased from the vendor where you purchase the belts
  5. I realised recently that its not the guild management i'm missing, doing the guild invites through the website is not that bad, since for most other guild stuff you are out of game in discord and things anyways and generally it will be easier in the future to add in web pages for additional guild functionality then bake it into the game UI. What I really want is "social" management, wheres my friends list? even a list of guild members online would be awesome, with just a simple list and "possibly" an option to right click invite to group from said list would be enough for me. With the
  6. But its not a gem that you polish to put into tool, i am not sure if you are trying to be very pedantic or just troll me right now...
  7. What you are getting from thralls are not the item called "soul gems", From thralls you get: Soul essence Minor disciplines Knowledges of * which can be crafted into major disciplines. Soul Essence is not used in tool crearion but is used by the runemaker when creating speciality seals.
  8. thank you for clarifying this with the communit. I know its not possibly the best news for players but i very much appreciate the openness and honesty this post portrays.
  9. I don't think a defence "needs" a way to end a siege timer prematurely , its a nice to have for sure, but I don't think its a necessity, but this is only in a handshake scenario, the current openess of sieges certainly requires banes in current form. with the attacker already at a disadvantage when it comes to keeps, i beleive they should be afforded the entire hour to be free to attack and not have to worry about the banes, defenders can still roll out and smash them but removing the banes would allow the attacker to have a few more attempts which (with the hopes of a high cost to the at
  10. I think if you made handshake sieges then removing bane trees would be cool, always saw the bane trees as a way to only waste 15 minutes than to run out the timer.
  11. what you got from a thrall was "Soul Essence" not a "Soul Gem", soul gems only come from mining ore then need to be polished by a jewelcrafter that a runemaker can then use in making advanced rune tools. This will then allow you to have a chance to drop the now named "exotic" exploration discs that are shown in the link @Hyriol had sent you. The generic souls for the harvest (miner, logger, quarryman, gravedigger, skinner) will drop too. Crafting discs no longer drop from thralls, the 2 sources for them are from producing items of that respective craft or from campaign rewards
  12. Many Veterans will tell you, when levelling the 100th blue vessel the activity has gotten old, what should be a fun and exciting moment of getting your new vessel and taking it into glorious combat is replaced with the dread that it has to be levelled (at least with the discipline change once it is levelled it can get out there faster!) Common vessels and levelling for the NPE Yes, i think this is totally fine, for new players the NPE is valuable and if you are making a common quality character then you should have to level it as part of the time investment to a new vessel. For Craf
  13. the current system is only a place holder, eventually once they have finished the skin system, mounts will only have 20 deaths to them (200 durability, 10 durability loss on death). As to your idea of "tamer", although it sounds very cool, i doubt they have the dev cycles to implement a new system like that, but it would be a cool thing to have in the long run.
  14. I think you are missing the mark in that is exactly what the system is there for to be a gold sink and the additional connotations of making the disciplines hot swappable would reduce the amount of hard choices you have to make. If majors and minors were removable without destroying them the discipline economy would shrink considerably. The real choice being offered is "do i invest in upgraded disciplines on this vessel or wait for the next?" or "Do i save to get 3 disciplines to make a blue for this vessel or just make a green for the time being or just take a white discipline?"
  15. With 6.300 we are furiously getting our infrastructure sorted after a decent amount of preparation and we are loving the skirmishes we are getting into, if you are a new player or a player looking for a great community then hop onto our discord server and have a chat!
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