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  1. Hi Jerry, To use the advanced runestone pickaxe you will need a Miner discipline at epic quality or better (it has nothing to do with the belt @MacDeath) To get an epic quality discipline you will need to go mining in either the infected maps or a dregs (guild vs guild) map, i suggest you do this in the infected temple map where the Ore nodes are very low rank and so you will be able to mine them faster. As you finish a node it will have a chance to drop a green quality miner discipline, when you have 9 of these you can combine them using some other materials (including some expensive
  2. No matter the numbers we come up against, we are always looking for a good fight, ig you want to come and have fun and keep fighting to be the best in all aspects of Crowfall, then come have a chat on our discord today!
  3. Legendary weaponsmith belt (not tested epic or other types of crafter belt) are not applying the +0.2 bonus experimentation bonus from the +1 experimentation Eternal Kingdom thrall bonus
  4. EITC are still looking to expand with 6.500 just around the corner for us to maim, kill and plunder the lands of Crowfall with new players and returning veterans alike! We are also happy to show off our new guild logo created by one of our very talented members and we thank her so much for its amazing design!
  5. i think the points brought up in here are valid, i possibly think this VIP benefit has a small amount of p2w to it, but opinions need sto be made and shown as to what could happen and hopefully it is seen as a bit of a flag that although this one is not incredibly impactful that the next one could cross the line. As it to not be effecting PvP, although since it goes back to resource which is a crux of the game it kind of does in more abstract ways: "The tool broke early, so the ore was not collected, the ore was not collected so the metal bar did not get created, the metal bar
  6. thats the quickest and most accurate sum up of 6.4 ever
  7. i checked the article and ATD is on the purple belt, the orange belt you get a choice with the coin of Risk vs helper but ATD is there as a trait, but your thought makes more sense as to why you would think the legendary belt is required as to where ATD kicks in
  8. i agree with all of this, i dont expect wartribe to be competivley worse than crafted of the same quality, but with "some" effort in setting up a crafter it should be comparable sooner, leg disc/blue belt is quite an investment to make something comparable, although i do beleive as the crafter goes up quality the power curve goes in the crafters favor. There is certainly a balancing act between early game and end game crafting that is not there totally, but as Yoink has proven, in under 2 weeks, a legendary disc has been attained so im not completly worried overall since we will have end
  9. I have not tested it all the way through the qualities but i believe the damage and healing armour type bonuses are now fixed which was a step in the right direction for them to give plate a fighting chance of being useful, I do think leather and mail could do with slight reduction in armour value (i agree that leather is way too high when well rolled). Also agree that armour could do with a buff since it lacks any intermediary rolls, it doesnt get the crafter "magic" like weapons do where the qualities from previous components effect the final combine so the crafter has less influence ov
  10. I think you will get there at purple belt when you get ATD back and the extra 5 cap on experimentation (its just a pity that armour is soo boring again), but i very much agree with your sentiment for the amount of hours of work going into to setting up a crafter you would have hoped the white crafted would be superior even by a small margin.
  11. thats exactly why the temple lock was brought in, we used to discipline swap mid siege fight
  12. since we have the temporary system, i would like some bad luck protection, like crafting has to normalise the drop rate would actually love what ever progression is intended but until then, the above would stop the hurt so much.
  13. Notes: you should never take Risk Management over Helper Monkey coin, Helper and Risk both reduce experimentation reduction at the same amount but helper monkey also reduces assembly difficulty by 5 which makes it superior. I think there is an entire second part here about working with armour/jewellery to balance your stats as you will find that at that very end game level, INT is pretty much worthless and you should just be chasing whichever stats gives you experimentation points as you have very limited sources for this and so each one needs to be exploited to its maximum value.
  14. Lovely writeup as always @SAM_BUKA and say hi to our missing Russian friends for us ❤️
  15. the problem with a pure time gate is that its impossible for newer players to catch up quickly which as we saw with the previous pure passive system which caused players to leave, it also means that guilds that "lose" a crafter have a much harder time recovering. Although the grind is quite meh, it is an active activity that does have a reward at the end that can be looked towards, when its just purely time then you are helpless to advance it through play time. Would love to see a hybrid system with a passive part to allow less frequent players have a small catchup bonus (albion has this
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