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  1. When i see reviews like this it always reminds me that Crowfall in the early days needs to be played in a very specific way, that being in a guild, asking questions and working and talking to people. What we see with Peon is what happens when an MMOer who has no intention of finding information elsewhere will happen. It can be confusing (although i feel he exaggerated his experience to emphasise his video and justify his 2 prior negative videos). Crowfall is not going to be for everyone and the people who agree with Peon are fully correct, for them this is a bad game, but i am also aware there are many people who do go ask questions, join guilds, find their feet and enjoy Crowfall, even through its short comings.
  2. EITC are currently looking for 2 cleric healer players who love to harvest, please come and have a chat if this is something that you are interested in!
  3. The East India Trading Company [EITC] We are an EU based guild looking for members to grow our community into a tight knit group with Trust, Loyalty and Fun as our main beliefs. What Can We offer you? Extensive knowledge of the game going back to the Trial of the Gods and a commitment to further extending and sharing our knowledge with our members. A communal atmosphere dedicated to progressing the interests of the members and the guild simultaneously. A "give all, Get all" attitude to resource sharing where the guild will always strive to make use of all resources given to it for the betterment of all members. Regular guild meetings where decision making is transparent, informed and community driven. Organised and planned events for all aspects of Crowfall. What We Expect? A Casually-Hardcore attitude to the game where we understand that real life comes first but when you have time to play, you approach it like a pro! Respect for all players - we do not tolerate any kind of custard talking in any forum, chat channel or private message, we are adults and should behave accordingly. 18+ only. Help and support each other. We will generally play to the current meta as we want to stay competitive, but we will also always be striving to break the meta and find the new one. A good understanding of English The ability to take and hold constructive criticism and advice to allow you to improve. Like What you see? Join our discord server to have a chat https://discord.gg/CKSwn7p
  4. At higher qualities some of the exotic exploration disicplines have bonuses that can help in combat or with combat related things, a Legendary Connaseur discipline will reduce mount speed by 1 second, a legendary hoarder has + 20 stam on it. Generally though, is is unwise to try and harvest on a healer and is best to use your other character slots to specialise in a chosen activity (Pvp/harvest/craft etc)
  5. please make the default group size 6, it opens up builds and playstyles that a 5man group cannot do and thus increases player engagement and enjoyment by having more roles and things someone can enjoy doing. We have had 6 man groups for an incredibly long time in dregs and the fights have been a lot of fun and i would say that the group size has been part of this increased fun.
  6. Last night we made the first of a (hopefully) long running series of streams for new players or people who are interested in certain subjects in Crowfall, we started with Eternal Kingdoms and how to launch, build, add too, and manage your eternal Kingdom. We noticed there was not a lot of information around this subject so we wanted to make something that can hopefully help, we will also edit down and have a youtube version for reference. If you would like ot see it it can be found here: EITC is committed to help its members learn and understand all aspects of Crowfall to ensure we as a community have a shared understanding of what, why and when we do something, we are still looking for a few more members who have a passion for harvesting and enjoy group PvP to join before launch!
  7. We are currently looking for a few more members to train with before launch and to join our community that is getting close to our member limit, we willalways be a community first and work together to strengthen the whole, cvome and have a chat on our discord server if this sounds like something you would like to do
  8. The Crafting Armour enchants are actually a buff to crafting as they extend the cap and not just the skill itself, so for end game crafting this is amazing. Harvesting nerf is nasty, makes INT more relevant than DEX for attribute points in the end, really disappointed with this nerf, we estimate about at 10-15% nerf to crit chance in the end and the bene harvest base reduction aslo drops about 6% on top
  9. no the ranged distance bonus Cap CAp is 50, with the base bow at 15, this gives a total range of 65 as the most, also if any of the bows was going to increase it, it would be sharpshooter with a compound, spellbound from arcane give bow charge speed
  10. Paladin play is about the long game and if its a field fight, 90% of the time you have lost in 1v1 purely because if the enemy knows how to keep mobility then the paladin will eventually run out of steam. As Pala , i find the best 1v1s i have are where i can play with LoS to my advantange, decent corners and such so i can use my divine light a lot to help bring my health up. Parry is your bread and butter, but do remember you have to drop it retaliate and you can be very vulnerable in that window, 1k on a healing focused paladin is pretty much right on the parry and of course does not work on all classes like fessors or archmages (where as decimate and warden traps work on everyone), but the parry will still mitiagte damage, depending on your talents taken and build of course will show what other tools you have to win with. overall though, i hate using my Pala for 1v1s, i dont think its a spec thats really built for it talent wise, but excels in group based play all the way to massive scale It took me months of pushing myself with Templar to get used to it and i'm really glad i did, a lot of the play is getting used to the massive toolbox of tricks it has available ❤️
  11. it may well have crashed and needs to be rebooted, but playing on the NA is fine as Crowfall is not a ping sensitive game
  12. East India Trading Company will be closing recruitment on the 6th July for 10 days to allow us to head into launch, before that time we are recruiting and recruits are being trained at a high speed to ensure they are as ready as we are for it, come join in the fun!
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