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  1. All rather underwhelming tbh, still having to have forced choices on the talent tree and instead of hard choices there are less choices. Many major discs dont synergy well with the chosen classes ie, Adjudicate with Templar, Templars cant use blunt weapons so why can they pick it?
  2. I really think they missed a massive opportunity for doing something like this instead of having a dying world they could of had a campaign which continues until someone wins through territory. More strategy involved less time based raids. They should of had the levelling system as a pvp progression system which improves your vessel the more you play that vessel (like daocs RR system), this keeps ppl wanting to play and do pvp all day long, add a territory system to that and then you have a good base to a very good game.
  3. Any campaign that requires strategy to win not zerg balling. 50 members per guild no alliances All non guild members are seen as enemies (no name no guild crest) No leaderboard No guild crests on forts/outposts/keeps, you only see what you own. Taking and holding outposts before you are allowed to capture a mini keep. Holding a mini keep +holding 2 forts in a zone is a requirement for taking a keep. Holding a keep is required to take a citadel (the thone). Holding the throne for x amount of days wins you the campaign. Holding outposts spawns more guards
  4. Harvesting in general needs a huge buff, its god damn awful. You spend hours upon hours skinning mobs and the reward isnt flattering at all, you can do one caravan run and receive (if lucky) 3x more blue mats in 10 mins than all those hours skinning mobs, is this really how gathering is suppose to be?
  5. Harvesting needs a buff, atm harvesting as it is isnt rewarding at all, caravans and fort chests are alot more rewarding and it shouldnt be that way. The so called bug a few weekends ago where more dubbers dropped while harvesting was at that rewarding state that it should be. Spending 2 hours skinning and only getting around 20 blue hide really isnt worth the trouble or the time compare that to that bugged weekend i had over 80 blue hide in just over an hour which was more like it, for the record im as maxed in the skinning tree as i could be.
  6. Been saying for a while that this game needs a pvp progression system like Daocs Realm Rank system, would be great to improve certain skills that makes you different from others.
  7. yep same here, if there was a problem with the rare stuff (minerals and gems) sure fix that but dont nerf the whole harvesting experience, it sucks so much again there isnt really a point in doing it again.
  8. Energetic Harvesting: been a long time since ive used this and decided to give it a whirl on test and live, i cant seen to gain any pips while skinning, ive equipped Skinner and Reaper got rune knifes and placed the skill on the bar but it just doesnt light up while im skinning, am i missing something? used to work fine when it was placed on the Q slot ages ago.
  9. On iceweaver, support power with 5 ice storage does not increase support power until you remove the ice storage then fill them up again after zoning. Matching mail buff will remain on you even after you remove a piece of armour until you zone.
  10. <Question> Any plans on an anti zerg mechanic to stop uncle blobs?
  11. the alliance system will just cause more blobs running around that the game cant and probably wont be able to handle ever what the OP was suggesting that there should be a penalty in zerging in tight groups which means guilds will need to spread their groups over the worlds to lessen these horrible blob wars. If you want to zerg go ahead but they will take more damage which is a pretty good solution to cut down the uncle blob problem. It also does not stop big guilds to have an alliance, they just have to avoid friendly fire so these so called big alliances will still own everything in which s
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