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  1. Remove aoe caps but reduce healing to group only. Remove alliances (this was something I was against from the start) Reduce guild caps to 50, screw the large guilds, sorry but if there were more guilds there would be more action. I don't care if guilds have non aggressive pacs, they would still take friendly fire. I banged on for a very long time that the 500 cap was ridiculously to high. That would be a good easy fix then work on a territorial system and a pvp progression system like what Daoc had.
  2. Take a big long look at Dark age of Camelot and see why they were no.1 pvp gane for a very long time. Titles, Realm ranks, never ending keep takes, no aoe caps, group based only healing apart from single target healing, the list goes on. If you want something newish, add a territorial system that is similar to planetside 2 but where guilds need to pay to enter, once all their territory has been wiped out they are out. Allow guilds to upgrade towers and parcels so they become tougher to capture, have a no capture window to stop night capping, no alliances and a small guild limit. Albion online hellgates is another good option but all this requires work and time and I personally don't think think this game has time on their side.
  3. Depending on what you want to do in the game is how fun the game is to that player, i prefer small skirmishes so if i manage to get a few of them in the time i play then im having fun, if i get constantly zerged down no i'm not having fun. Imo Crowfall's small skirmish fights has always been their strong point and they should of concentrated on that part of the game a lot more and added a good territory system like Planetside 2's.
  4. A very nice 3 way siege fight today at the kds keep on EU, another reason why Ace's new handshake system removing 3rd party groups joining in shouldn't go ahead!
  5. R.I.P Tanks especially Secutor knights What the point in having tanks in the game if you can't tank?
  6. Daoc did it, its called tech, they made tech to allow thousands of players in their frontier, Ace are just going for a cheap and easy option even though Daoc was made and created their tech with a much lower budget. If Ace had lowered the guild cap to like 50 back in the alpha and had an alliance cap of also 50 then this probably would of been avoided or at least allowed more guilds to take part. Having a silly guild and alliance cap higher than a zone cap was asking for trouble. This is just a really terrible idea overall, i fear this could be the nail in the coffin. ppl wouldn't be blobbed up if there wasn't area caps, ppl would be more spread out. If you blob you'll be asking for trouble. Again this is something Ace should of tested in alpha but again they didnt listen. Daoc, Eso NW and GW2 beta all have/had no aoe caps, all those game allowed smaller group stand a good chance against much larger groups and it worked! GW2 only changed it as the zerg guilds complained, then when they added the caps the problem became apparent in what we see in this game, it simply becomes a numbers game and the zones can't handle it. Remove the caps and force guilds to spread their forces.
  7. Players randomly changing factions in mid fight (shadow campaign) needs to be addressed.
  8. i said this earlier in our discord and everyone said this would be a fair system. Daoc, once lvl 50 you needed to pvp to gain realm ranks to gain extra skills, even pve players needed to pop into pvp and gain a few ranks to gain some abilities that helped a lot in pve.
  9. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Small scale pvp Hotzones - they were a great idea Drag and drop trade - i'm sure other games will copy this in the future Top 14 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Dregs needs a complete rework - Look at the board game Risk and have a think how you can make that work, now that would be a new and great idea for a territory war game! large scale fights are still horrible to watch, to much aoe spam. Alliances - having no alliance restrictions was a bad idea, no alliance should be bigger than a guild cap and this moves on to my next... Guild caps - whoever put it at 500 needs firing, the guild cap should of been at 50 or 100 logging in and out and switching worlds - makes the game feel disconnected and has no flow to it. End game can be reached to quickly, i feel removing passive training was a bad mistake, a mix of passive and what we have now might of been better. Chat is completely poorly made dergs Banks Wardens - even after the changes wont fix them, they are broken and been broken for a while now and you ignore the feedback, trap master is to powerful. I played it once thought it was utterly broken then deleted the char. The world just looks bland, the water parcels helped but a lot more needs to be added. Zone caps - silly idea even Daoc had more than a 250 cap and that was back 20 years ago Aoe caps - needs to be uncapped, worked in Daoc so why not! NPE - far to long, needs to be a lot shorter, quick and simple is the best. Stealthed Herold's in Sky Point! what were you thinking!
  10. I told them about having such a huge guild cap and no alliance restrictions will come and bite them on the ass over and over during alpha. All they needed to do was lower it to 250 and place restrictions on the alliance so that no alliance can have over 150 players meaning the big guilds can never have an alliance and small guilds could still ally up against the big guilds, which is what it was supposed to be used for. Dregs is completely screwed up with super alliances ruling the campaigns, it isn't fun. Bring back faction campaigns, at least the smaller guilds could have fun in there while the super alliances make their own fun in dregs.
  11. Needs to happen as dregs is pretty bad, I've always preferred the old style fvf campaigns.
  12. Can't argue with any of this the guild Ui is rubbish, you can't even invite members online to your group through it, you'll still need to manually type invite (players name) that's if your connected to chat, half the time your not.
  13. In short nope, needs more tactical play in the lines of territorial warfare (taking and holding parcels) and actually having a throne to capture and hold not going by imaginary points.The game has good parts to it but it's outnumbered by the poor parts.
  14. Maps load is a lot slower in this patch, loading into zones can also be slower than what is was previously. I would ditch the 3d map style and replace it with a much simpler 2d style.
  15. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.520 Water New Trading - so simple yet so good New infected map - very good now just offload the rest of the joining maps and have sky point as the playground that we've wanted for so long. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Dregs-I feel that most new guilds and players just dont get the game, dregs is still rather dull for 20 hours of the day, all the action is in the 3-4 hours in the evening. In the Q&A you mentioned the board game Risk, its something like Risk that you really need, having to be able to capture parcels would be really great. Basically guilds should pay to enter the campaign (just a small amount) and they start on the map somewhere along the edge, then they could basically work there way around the map taking land and upgrading outposts etc. Lock capturing overnight to stop night capping and there you go, a much better game in sense of territory control. Divine favour cards- i still think the wealth one which is normally something to do with keeps needs to change to allow for small guilds aiming for divine points can get them in this card. Divine favour really should be for the small guilds to fight over and the conquest board should be for the large guilds to fight over. Some cards are still pointless like the outpost capture one where the last hour of the season is really when the guilds do this card. Lobby - New players just dont get the logging in and out all the time, the import and exports which has been a clunky and annoying system for so long. Just have Gods reach as the main hub with player market stalls and portals to the different campaign worlds. Everything should be run through Gods reach and not the lobby. Guild UI- Lack of in game guild UI is really hurting this game. HungerDome Let's hear your top 5 likes about HungerDome on the Live Server and why Its ok, could be better HungerDome Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about HungerDome on the Live Server and why Its taking players away from the main game Hungerdome pop ups in game is very annoying, please stop it. HungerDome Tournament Server Let's hear your top 5 likes about HungerDome on Tournament Server Twitch commentary was pretty good. HungerDome Tournament Server Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about HungerDome on Tournament Server Guilds having more than 1 group within the arena could easily work together, you need to hide player names from the players point of view. The whole event seemed rushed, this should of waited till the game was released.
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