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  1. played the bow assassin for quite a while, this update i decided not to roll one as they are basically pants. They need to make it so more discipline skills are able to go onto the range tray to make it more interesting.
  2. fps is still terrible, where are these performance upgrades that were promised? Eu siege was not fun for most of us poor peasants that cant afford these new super rigs 🤣
  3. The system need a slight rework as it stands players with an alt account could play the system by meeting up at a neutral respawn outpost and continually beheading the alt account, not everyone would do it but im pretty sure there will be one person out there that will.
  4. i think they need a slight range increase since melee range also increased. I'd think the max range should be 9 or 10 now since it was 7 when the melee range was 5 or make it that the range increase in the talent tree can increase the range.
  5. Keep the stealth remove the 20m dodge, together with their ultimate is what is making it so OP. I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they upgraded their dodge tbh.
  6. First 15+ VS 15+ last night, very bad fps drops unplayable at times. I think what caused the worst of the drops were FW stuff we spam, volatile, frigid and especially cooling ice and that new horrid sfx and buff from it. Unless you have a super rig this game is just terrible for large fights and loading into zones. Siege zones are boring as hell, why have more of these zones than adventure zones? Trying to cram all of the player base into 4 adventure zones at launch will be zone overload please rethink the world designs. The outer rim should be the adventure zones, the inner should be the siege zones with the temples attached to the adventure zones.
  7. If i'm not mistaken the sacrifice card which is hellcat paws should be hellcat claws as hellcats only drop eyes and claws, wolves drop teeth and paws. Is it a rare drop ive not seen before or should it be claws?
  8. durability on items are taking a massive hit now especially focus gems which seem to be taking 2x durability hits. In 2 hours i ripped through a focus gem to 76 and my armour before was in good shape (over halfway) but now all way under half, i had no deaths before someone says stop dying! Many mmo players wont find it fun if they have to keep farming for gear or resources to make gear in such a short period of time.
  9. The clue is in the name, I always thought it was strange for a disc called knife grinder but it gives +slash, it's a good change and gives a reason for classes to use knives now.
  10. ive seem to have lost about 5-10 fps since this last update, very strange. You drop fps while in the cool ice with the buff Phase Transition, its pretty bad drop when fighting, from 30-16
  11. Got 5 pips in Skinning Basics but still can't use an advanced knife.
  12. I've noticed this as well but I've put it down to EU - US latency as it felt alot better on the EU dregs campaign.
  13. Their new performance improvements hasnt really worked. It seems alot better when you first log into the temple but the problems of 20v20+ fights are still there. Massive fps drops for no reason just walking through a forest or getting close to a keep with no one else around, it's a certainly challenging task they have to get it right but I think the major issue is that if they think that the current world maps they use for dregs will be fit enough for the proposed 2000 players they hope to get in I think they are living in dream land. The last dregs world only had 7 zones (minus the temples) 3 of which were siege zones where they are pretty pointless until a siege which means all of 2k players will be crammed into 4 adventure zones, sorry to say I think that alone would be a slide show even with the best gaming rigs. They need more adventure zones, even if they are smaller and less crammed full of guff, if I would to design the world I'd have 12 smaller adventure zones as an outer circle, 6 fort zones (adventure zones as we have right now) inside the outer circle, 3 siege zones inside the 2nd circle then 1 citadel zone ( the throne) in the middle. Basically think of an archery target. Some of the small adventure zones could have a fort in it for the smaller guilds to fight over but mainly these smaller zones would be themed zones like forest zone, mountainous zone for stone and canyon zone for ore. I would also have less world banks as one of the main reasons to pvp is hoping your target has something worth stealing in their inventory.
  14. i reported this on test in the first dregs, they still aint fixed it then. Basically the Fae racial doesn't stop the poison it makes it an ever ending dot which only logging out cures it. The simple fix would be the racial needs to be changed so poison cannot effect the fae at all instead of having a chance to remove it.
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