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  1. In short nope, needs more tactical play in the lines of territorial warfare (taking and holding parcels) and actually having a throne to capture and hold not going by imaginary points.The game has good parts to it but it's outnumbered by the poor parts.
  2. Maps load is a lot slower in this patch, loading into zones can also be slower than what is was previously. I would ditch the 3d map style and replace it with a much simpler 2d style.
  3. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.520 Water New Trading - so simple yet so good New infected map - very good now just offload the rest of the joining maps and have sky point as the playground that we've wanted for so long. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Dregs-I feel that most new guilds and players just dont get the game, dregs is still rather dull for 20 hours of the day, all the action is in the 3-4 hours in the evening. In the Q&A you mentioned the board game Risk, its something like Risk that you really need, having to be able to capture parcels would be really great. Basically guilds should pay to enter the campaign (just a small amount) and they start on the map somewhere along the edge, then they could basically work there way around the map taking land and upgrading outposts etc. Lock capturing overnight to stop night capping and there you go, a much better game in sense of territory control. Divine favour cards- i still think the wealth one which is normally something to do with keeps needs to change to allow for small guilds aiming for divine points can get them in this card. Divine favour really should be for the small guilds to fight over and the conquest board should be for the large guilds to fight over. Some cards are still pointless like the outpost capture one where the last hour of the season is really when the guilds do this card. Lobby - New players just dont get the logging in and out all the time, the import and exports which has been a clunky and annoying system for so long. Just have Gods reach as the main hub with player market stalls and portals to the different campaign worlds. Everything should be run through Gods reach and not the lobby. Guild UI- Lack of in game guild UI is really hurting this game. HungerDome Let's hear your top 5 likes about HungerDome on the Live Server and why Its ok, could be better HungerDome Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about HungerDome on the Live Server and why Its taking players away from the main game Hungerdome pop ups in game is very annoying, please stop it. HungerDome Tournament Server Let's hear your top 5 likes about HungerDome on Tournament Server Twitch commentary was pretty good. HungerDome Tournament Server Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about HungerDome on Tournament Server Guilds having more than 1 group within the arena could easily work together, you need to hide player names from the players point of view. The whole event seemed rushed, this should of waited till the game was released.
  4. The server crash earlier reset everyones bind point.
  5. You said in the latest live Q&A that you will add a quick port to sky point, what is really taking your time in adding a simple mechanic like an NPC that you talk to on the temple portal pads of Moosename, Avison and D'Hathos which teleports you to the portal to enter sky point in Yerog, Tiggs Town and Solaris?
  6. This is what most of us have stated for the last 6 months if not more. Problem is they just dont get it
  7. 1. No flow like other mmo's, quests in other games help with the transition from area to area and content within the game, crowfall npe is rather to simple and to fast which leaves players wondering what to do after they hit infected and when they hit level 30. Importing and exporting and the continuation of logging out and choosing different worlds just adds to the confusion that the game brings. Fixing the flow of the game could be as simple as just queueing like any other game, have gods reach your main hub then having npc's that list the currant campaigns that are running, queue up and enter. Temples in campaigns can simply have an npc that ports you back to Gods reach (depending on what type of campaign). 2. No in game guild ui, this game really starts when your in a guild, every mmo has an in game guild ui apart from this one, this is a massive issue. 3, Recent changes to general chat, why? i can see why they might want to remove it for dregs but for the newbie zones? bloody silly idea! 4. Respecs, unlike the vets, new players coming into the game to "test" do not know the good builds etc and are unable to respec, they will instantly think ptw for vip and leave. Allow X amount of free respecs then charge gold for extra respecs for new players for the first month or something. 5. The game is just to expensive for what it really is, they should go the ftp way and have cosmetic skins as their main income, maybe even remove the levelling and then it will simply be a log in and instant pvp type of game, Gods reach would then just be a massive city with player merchants around the place which would link well to my flow idea. Just my thoughts anyways but Prom is right, there is something not pulling players into the game like there should be and keeping them here, this needs to change.
  8. I like the CC changes Dislike so many other changes, my main one is the EK crafting buff that should of stayed, this helped alot of small guilds who wouldnt be able to hold a keep and solo players playing the crafting/harvesting side of the game. Just buff the campaigns tables a bit if you thought they were taking players away from the campaign. I really wish you would stop over complicating the simple things and just keep them simple, why change bon tippers? there was no reason for it, no reason to take away general chat from so called newbie zones, just silly things like that pisses off many. P.s In game Guild UI when? the game needs it so badly.
  9. Buckshot - Its random if it works, to make it work you either need to die, log or zone and even then its random if it start working or not. @ArtCraftQA I have no idea what more info you need. I tested it with a friend for about an hour, if the Buckshot buff does not appear on the duellist buff bar on the right hand side the exhaustion debuff will not effect the target after you hit them from a stealth ability (we were using stinkbomb and go for broke). If it does appear on the side when you use those abilities it will apply the exhaustion debuff. If i die then it has a big chance that if it worked before it wouldnt work after you respawn. If it didnt work first time around then only dying, relogging or porting would "sometimes" fix it, i died 4 times before it worked on the 5th respawn other times it worked after 1 death, this is why i stated its RANDOM if the skill works or not. He must of killed me over 10-20 times and it only worked about 4/5 times. This is the same with relogging, you may have to relog 5 times before it starts to work, then if you die or even port you have to repeat it all again for the skill to start working again.
  10. I was just saying in discord earlier that the game needs to be alot cheaper, i think i remember backing Albion years ago and it was only £14 and there were tonnes of players in beta. CF is just to expensive for what it really is considering there are other games out there offering more for nothing or for very little.
  11. Buckshot - Sometimes you do not get the buff that gives Exhaustion from when you hit someone from a stealth ability. A friend had to kill me a few times before it started working, then if i died it had a chance of not working after i revived. We tried everything to see what caused this but couldnt find the answer. We were testing in an EK so it could of been that.
  12. Completely agree, worked in daoc and eso now has no area caps as they dropped caps to try and put a stop on zerg balls. The only problem is that most healing heals out of group and that would need to change unless it's a targetted healing spell such as tend wounds, chain heal etc. Daoc mainly had group or single target oriented healing so that's why it worked well.
  13. Unless it's been changed somewhere down the line the Bell tower is what you need.
  14. Bunches of players around the world have stayed together from one game to the next, they have created guilds and stayed in that tight group. Some "small guilds" dont want to recruit for the sake of recruiting to play the numbers game, if Ace wants to play the numbers game it wont end well as small guilds are what makes these type of games fun, not everybody wants to zerg ball around pissing everyone else off by making players rage log. Ppl who say "join an alliance", yeah they can do but until the alliance system is fixed so large guilds cant ally with each other, its just another broken system in the game.
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