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  1. Remove the damage cap, Add some longer duration CC then add some strong area or powerful pbaoe spells = anti blob.
  2. Satyr Cleric has confessor powers, Satyr Confessor had cleric powers, not sure if this is intended.
  3. While attempting to load into zones, I get preparing terrain....then leaving world and I get kicked back into the lobby, been happening for a while now and its only effected me during this patch. Sometimes happens even when there is hardly anyone on the server so its not that the zone is full. Reloading the game normally works but its just damn annoying.
  4. new campaign: backstab isn't making you pop out of stealth again! Cancel that, switching zones fixed it
  5. I too came here from a very long stint in Daoc so I know how you feel about this games siege system and yes it isn't anywhere near exciting than Daocs system, those 150vs150 sieges were great fun sometimes lasting hours of the keep switching hands left right and centre. Old frontier relic raids were great also, taking a week to prepare and trying to get as many guilds in on it....good times indeed! I just wish mmo's take the very good stuff from daoc and add it into their own game instead of going for the bland easy options.
  6. im getting this also but its only just started on this campaign and it tends to only happen during peak times, early in the morning its all good come evening and that's when I start to get this problem. Last campaign I had no trouble at all at anytime.
  7. I still think the main problem is that its based on points, what if the 2nd world war was based on this point system, who would of won? ignoring the facts that some mad guy shot himself and a country had to surrender due to a big explosion. This system which didn't really work in Guild wars 2 either, just consists a group of players running about taking stuff by standing in circles and then moving onto the next target, there is no reason to defend places because you will just retake it later in the loop of taking stuff. We should be fighting over land/zones and those zones hold beneficial buffs to gatherers and crafters to whoever owns them but you can only own a zone if you own a zone which is adjacent to it. Bring a more tactical side to the games pvp instead of this tedious retake loop.
  8. and another flawed on final piece, its getting ridiculous!!!! what a waste of resources!
  9. Had 2 this morning in a space of 10 mins, that 2% seems a bit to common. There is no way a master crafter would mess up a piece of work, apprentices yes, masters no. I agree with Blazzen there should be a point where you shouldn't be able to get flawed items anymore, I was working with blue leather at the time of my flawed pieces.
  10. As a main skinner in Horizon, all of this is very very true! Skinners also need those mother nods of leather that has been talked about. p.s Stop ganking me!
  11. Yep, something ive been worried about for a while, the amount of CC is really to much, no class should have a baseline CC (maybe apart from 1 or 2) if you want it you need to spec into it. Groups then would have to build around healing/CC/dps and tanks, instead of 2 healers and whatever( due to every class can cc and dps pretty well). Also if you want to beat zergs CC is very much needed or it just becomes a numbers game without a good CC system which has been a big problem in many mmo's in recent times. Immunity timers would help but again the amount of cc together with retaliate it wouldn't be enough, it sort of needs a big review and some major cuts, lets see what they have in store for us when they review it.
  12. Completely agree, there was no need to touch crafting especially to take away stitched leather and sinew away from a master leatherworker, seems unnecessary to do it when there are other problems within the game that strongly needs some looking into.
  13. so if your a leatherworker you can not make stitched leather without the artisan disc now?
  14. First they need to reduce the amount of hide that is needed to make the set even to the amount of ore needed to make a chain/plate set. Secondly they need to sort out the durability loss that skinners get vs the non durability loss that the miners don't receive, perhaps a passive buff on top of the skinning tree that greatly reduces durability loss while fighting animals (npc only). After that they can maybe play around with the advantages/disadvantages, id like to see plate wearer be slower in movement and in weapon swing speed as leather wearers should be more agile. With 5.8.4 and the changes to certain leather working recipes being moved to basic crafting, leatherworking could become redundant as its just not worth it in its current state.
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