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  1. Ever ending loading zone bug is here again, fps is very low again ( was much better on Thursday ) main problem is that the temple zone 1-12 is just too busy and each time ppl port back you goto this zone instead of the temple zone you were in. You need more starter temple zone servers and filter ppl through them like sun temple#1 #2 etc, make it so if your guilded you will always end up on the same # zone as your guild mates if that makes sense. God knows what it will be like come launch.
  2. Overall i liked this update so far....but... 1. On Thursday i had much better fps than on the Friday/Sat build. 2. Little bit disappointed with the FW, healing seems underwhelming as other classes out heal them, i was hoping that their healing line would of been something like the Chronomancer in Rift where a certain % of damage is converted to healing for the group which would of brought something new to the game. Although the class does bring out some interesting ideas it just feels like a rehash version of the Archdruid. Still testing it though but just a tad disappointed with it so far. 3. As posted above somewhere, Resurrection needs its own slot like mount, there is noway healers can find room for it on their small spell bar for it. 4. You want us to make choices in the talent tree but your just limiting it too much, eveyone will just end up with the same spec anyway. To make it more interesting and more diverse, the promotion line should be in the middle section of the tree then you choose what to boost your class up after not before with more branches going off and more skills to aim for so after the promotion part you will have to make harsh choices but choices that is good for your playstyle. Keep up the good work
  3. With most if not all of Europe and maybe the US? all at home self isolating and twiddling their fingers what on earth to do, it would be a darn good time to get some testing done, Hint Hint, nudge nudge, wink wink!
  4. gold is pretty much worthless, dust and embers are more valuable
  5. they have announced a new game for players to play while they wait, Colossus wont be out til the end of the year so CU wont be out a lot further along. When i played CU in testing i was disappointed, game was very laggy for me almost a slide show but i have heard things have got a bit better since then. Still not sure if the game will be a success or not something about the feel when i tested it just didn't seem right.
  6. what got me hooked on Daoc for probably 10 years maybe more was the Realm Ranks system. It forced ppl to go out hunting and pvp so you gained those ranks, ive always said i think CF will need something like this to keep ppl interested in the long term. Winning dreg campaigns will be good for a while but im not sure how long that will keep players interested. Cant wait for the update to see what changes they have made.
  7. Voted no as it should come with a whole wipe, this should of been done, like a lot of players wanted, when we had the wipe before 5.10 or whenever it was.
  8. To busy playing wow classic like everyone else? game has lost a lot of players recently, EU servers are mainly a ghost town atm and it will probably get worse at the end of the month when Archeage Unchained releases which might attract some CF players, i'm certainly gonna give it a bash.
  9. Got moved from my previous location, ontop of the order temple portal and im balance, yep i died....
  10. They should of used the same map as The Infected until more players started to play then expand on it slowly.
  11. Major Disc Naiad: The skill Water Spirits, does not heal nor debuff an enemy, doesn't seem to do anything.
  12. Tbh i had wished that the map used in this would have been better off for the next campaign as it was like a ghost town during non siege times ( EU ), my big concern is that players might use this as somekind of battleground and abandon campaigns altogether. Also 6+ resources should be kept for campaigns only, why would players go into a campaign when they can just have free pvp fun in the infected and farm freely in GR?
  13. Might be something in this system, i quite like it, it would make action around the forts at certain times more interesting. Question, how would the outposts play a part in this? same system as this or the one we have atm?
  14. Fefner


    keep tinkering with builds you'll get there and yes there is a good lifesteal build in which you can tank very well. Oh and yes the blackguard line is the best line, i wouldnt bother with the other two lines, they need a boost especially vandal.
  15. I think the low import is fine, its the 30 day campaign where everyone will be farming in the temple which is going to be the problem. The last campaign was bad enough for the lack of players in the world harvesting, they obviously didnt take any feedback on board.
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