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  1. 50 is a reasonable size for a guild, 500 is way over the top. All I'm saying is that guilds need hard choices to recruit not just to recruit for the sake of recruiting to get more numbers on the battlefield. The guild cap shouldn't be above the zone cap.
  2. Couldn't agree more, guilds need to think who they recruit instead of recruiting for the sake of out zerging other guilds. Ace needs to sort it out now, contact the guilds with members over 50 and asking them to move X amount of players to a sister guild that they could create for free. Alliances were made to help smaller guilds to team up against the bigger guilds but that didnt work due to the bigger guilds making alliances to make one super alliance. Again this needs changing.
  3. A very good point, no point introducing any friends to this game yet, it's best done after a wipe
  4. Just copy DaoC Realm Rank system and all will be happy. The major reason why daoc still has players subbed to it to this day after what 18/19 years? Is because of the RR system. Players need to find other players to gain Realm points so they improve their characters. It was also fair for tanks and healers, when grouped it wasn't whoever got the deathbkow, points were shared out over the group, healers even got a bit more due to healing. It was such a good system and to this day I have no idea why no other mmo hasn't copied it. One big reason my Daoc guild decided to skip this game
  5. Well EU will be a dead campaign unless you can tell us what will be wiped and what wont be. No point crafting/harvesting if there is a full wipe but if it's just a vessel wipe I think players would be inclined to still play to gather resources and make items.
  6. The personal rewards from the campaign are an utter joke
  7. This is the only question I want to see them answer later today. If they dont even acknowledge they have a big problem in keeping players interested in this game then we all might as well quit.
  8. Stupid change, the devs really have no bloody idea at all, play your game and then you will find out that the zerg balling is ruining the game and makes it unfun and very off putting.
  9. Sad to see yet another guild go, good luck where ever you end up.
  10. Plus fix the doobers getting stuck on top of the hunger, let gravity take over once it's been destroyed. I've lost a few purples due to them floating in the air.
  11. Make the game fun and rewarding vs time put into the game. Here's a few changes I'd like to see. Harvesting- make doobers fly all over the place, make it super easy to harvest and gain what's needed to make items instead of the heavy grind it is atm. Eg, to make a blue bow you'll need to chop the equivalent of half of the amazon rainforest just to make 1 bow, to make a set of blue leather armour you need to slaughter so many animals I wouldn't be surprised to find them on the endangered list. Its all out of whack. Crafting- make it super easy to lvl it up and because harvesting would
  12. The problem is that duelists make the best gatherers so everyone makes them due to their stealth mechanic (they are the anti anti stealth), duelists are also one of the best gankers so most make them again due to their anti anti stealth. Rangers were their nemesis until they decided that ultimates removed FF which was a huge mistake. Now Ace has a huge roadant problem, they could either revert FF so rangers can hunt them easier, make anti stealth to be able to see them alot easier or remove stealth across the board so there cant be any strong easy get out of jail mechanics or move from A
  13. You should not be able to bandage whilst taking damage
  14. The divine favour score board needs to tell us more info on how each guild got those points. Would also be nice during a season the score board could tell your guild only what place your currently in on the cards. So if your killing guards during a siege window, it could say your currently in 3rd place so that guild knows they need to keep killing them, 1st place could gamble on staying in 1st place and concentrate on another card.
  15. the rewards are very confusing, claimed them but cant find them anywhere unless they are extra export tokens? if so please state that instead hoping for something a lot better.
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