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  1. Voted no as it should come with a whole wipe, this should of been done, like a lot of players wanted, when we had the wipe before 5.10 or whenever it was.
  2. To busy playing wow classic like everyone else? game has lost a lot of players recently, EU servers are mainly a ghost town atm and it will probably get worse at the end of the month when Archeage Unchained releases which might attract some CF players, i'm certainly gonna give it a bash.
  3. Got moved from my previous location, ontop of the order temple portal and im balance, yep i died....
  4. They should of used the same map as The Infected until more players started to play then expand on it slowly.
  5. Major Disc Naiad: The skill Water Spirits, does not heal nor debuff an enemy, doesn't seem to do anything.
  6. Tbh i had wished that the map used in this would have been better off for the next campaign as it was like a ghost town during non siege times ( EU ), my big concern is that players might use this as somekind of battleground and abandon campaigns altogether. Also 6+ resources should be kept for campaigns only, why would players go into a campaign when they can just have free pvp fun in the infected and farm freely in GR?
  7. Might be something in this system, i quite like it, it would make action around the forts at certain times more interesting. Question, how would the outposts play a part in this? same system as this or the one we have atm?
  8. Fefner


    keep tinkering with builds you'll get there and yes there is a good lifesteal build in which you can tank very well. Oh and yes the blackguard line is the best line, i wouldnt bother with the other two lines, they need a boost especially vandal.
  9. I think the low import is fine, its the 30 day campaign where everyone will be farming in the temple which is going to be the problem. The last campaign was bad enough for the lack of players in the world harvesting, they obviously didnt take any feedback on board.
  10. Taking away the 4G players would be a bad mistake for the EU server, this game just isn't popular enough in the EU.
  11. New siege times are annoying, i find and probably anyone with a family will probably also find that having a siege in the middle of the day on a Saturday is absurd, its just to hard to find the time to attend.
  12. You had any luck yet as we are finding it hard to get any of those as well.
  13. Just some feedback: The Good: 1.Faster to level 2. faster to gear up with those item drops The bad: 1.GR has to many high lvl resources so ppl can farm without risk. 2. The temple area has to high lvl of resources making it also to safe to farm without risk 3. Bank space is still far to small and it's hell to find something in the world bank. In the old system at least you could of organised it and placed certain stuff in the vaults in the temple and forts to keep the spirit bank less cluttered. 4. Having lvl 9/10 resources all over the campaign world is just ridiculous, they need to be restricted to around keeps/forests and canyons. 5. Drops seem to be still to randomized. 6. Can still bank in the campaign world anywhere, i thought this was the update that would of stopped that? The ugly: Performance is still crap in fights over 50 players in a single area. Was really good last campaign due to the lack of players now its all gone breasts up again for me. Small skirmishes remain good though.
  14. That would be a great addition to help newbies get around the crafting, i hope this hasn't been abandoned.
  15. yep i agree with what most if not all have said on here, if your going to do a wipe please do a full wipe. Would be interesting to see how long it will take for players to get fully geared starting with scratch, with all the skill training in place i reckon it would take 24 hours before we see blue geared guys roaming around, very unfair on the newbies who have just entered the game.
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