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  1. I liked how Daoc handled siege weapons vs players. Ballista- strong vs siege, weak vs players catapults- strong vs players, weak vs siege ( had shortest range than all siege and only deployed on the ground) trebuchet- strong vs walls, very weak vs players and siege Siege weapons also had a pretty slow reload speed unless you were a warlord which sped it up by 50%, could possible do the same using a disc. But I agree siege as it stands in the game needs to be nerfed vs players.
  2. The point system is just a terrible idea. We should be fighting over land not points, somehow if you can make a zone your factions (or guilds) then they would get a bonus to damage/healing/gathering/crafting in that zone. There should only be one keep and that's in the centre, to capture that keep you'll need to connect the land to it from your starter zone. If in anyway your connection to the keep is broken, you need to rejoin your land, whoever owns the keep at the end is the winner or a stalemate if there is no clear path at the end. Now that system would make for a much better and more tactical system as players would need to defend a series of zones instead of just sieging one. The siege mechanics isn't really all that good either, zone cap spoils the tactical side of things and also I feel that the keeps should be able to switch hands as many times through out the time limit meaning ppl will need to continually to help defend or/and attack during the time instead of killing the banetree then rushing towards another siege zone. I just feel it isn't right and needs a rethink.
  3. This game wont work if there are zone queues! Come release all defending teams would need to do is to max out a zone before a siege starts. You want 2000 players per server? with only 100 per zone limit, its not going to work!
  4. The sfx for the stormcalling skill chain lightening Burst is missing its lightening sounds.
  5. Because players didn't want a levelling system, players wanted a progression system? levelling isn't progression because once your 30 that's it no more progress. They need something like a pvp progression system so when you kill a player you gain points, points = ranks and then you can have leaderboards and such, that could possibly be added with gathering and crafting as well. Check out Dark age of Camelot's realm rank system, something like that would be perfect and its keep players hooked for years trying to keep gaining those ranks.
  6. Got to agree, im almost fully trained in leatherworking, ive not failed to make anything upto now when I failed to make a leather chest piece, I can understand failing at the start of training but not whens its almost fully maxed out, its just silly and a waste of mats, it pi$$ed me right off.
  7. Just catching up on crusaders stream, I think that if you reverse the crow flying from your corpse to a statue/portal that would be a far better system than the one we have now. Remove the death shroud please, its annoying in this currant system and wont be needed if you change it. Cant wait for this so called better performance update, I'm frustrated with poor fps issues while in a group.
  8. just being in combat tray not even fighting anything drains durability, is that meant to be? seems off if it is.
  9. Now with this levelling system and the best way it seems is to kill mobs, why oh why isn't there an even amount of each lvl mobs through out the zones, Order have lvl 10 cats, Chaos and Balance both have lvl 7 cats, it should be a fair and not this random crap.
  10. If that happens im pretty sure you will get a lot of players who will sit out until you remove that, I for one will say screw that!
  11. The fps issues that players have been having could be caused by group buffs from the cleric. Logged on my cleric earlier I had bard and one of the aura's running and my fps crashed from a healthy 40-50 down to 17 really fast, if I turned them off the fps went up. If I leave a group then turn them on, fps does not crash so it seems to only crash when your in a group and running these group buffs, might be worth looking at.
  12. I think EU Balances temple server is down, endless loading screen for all my chars logged in there.
  13. I think the point system just isn't right, we should be fighting over land and resources. what if there were a lot more zones and in the centre there was the main keep ( think kings landing and the iron throne), to be able to take the keep you'll need to own 2 of the 3 lands surrounding it plus all the lands that head towards your beachhead/temple, sort of like connect four the board game. If your line is broken you'll need to re join them. The outer zones are the lower resource zones and as you get into the middle the resources get better and better. Basically this idea just came out of nowhere so don't really know how to capture a land piece but you get the sort of idea. Points really mean nothing and guilds are already faction hoping to the winning factions and this will always continue, we need a system that feels that no one is really winning until the final minutes of the game. even an underdog faction could cause a last minute upset using land as the goal, break the chain and its a draw!
  14. its still not in a good place, stuttering while moving is still there, the annoying 180 degree camera flip you often get while looking around while moving is still there. Keep fights with more than 20v20 ppl around them are still slide shows but away from the keeps the performance in larger fights has got a bit better but not perfect like other mmo's. Also if your on EU the performance is worse than the performance on NA for some odd reason.
  15. This! Try removing the caps, Daoc didn't have any caps and never had any issues having 100vs100 with all sorts of spell effects happening, once a game starts playing around with area caps to stop small man killing large numbers, the server try's to calculate numbers and random figures and that's why it effects performance. GW2 didn't have caps during its beta phases but introduced them when it went live, guess which had better performance...
  16. 1. Any plans to stop multiple accounts owned by the same player being on all the factions so they can "spy"? 2. Can we please change the durability losses for death? atm when you die you fly back to your corpse ( still way to slow ) you get your corpse back but die again and again and again as you currently can't fight back due to DEATH SHROUD! It's also to easy to corpse camp and recalling your corpse back to a statue costs to much durability loss. At least remove Death Shroud if you fly back or make it that recalling your corpse to a statue has no extra loss but you gain death shroud. 3. When are you planning to optimise the game? Currently due to the amount of bad lag we get in large fights or just hitching while running about, we can't really tell if the game can handle these large scale fights at all. If you wait to long how do you really know the game engine can really handle all the extra players you will get when release comes. Could you possibly optimise the current patch so we could test it properly?
  17. duellist skill run and gun supposed to give a movement boost while using rapid fire - its doesn't.
  18. wipe everything but please sort out the bloody EU server first, the server crashes on a daily basis!
  19. I personally see more champions than assassins
  20. In Daoc guilds could claim Keeps and Towers and when a guard dies it spammed the guild chat so everyone knew whatever was claimed was under attack. I hope in the future the same idea is implemented.
  21. This sadly will be the downfall of the game unless they can change it somehow.
  22. Performance is still an issue on the EU server as a few have noted above. Talent tree needs a little rework in terms of levelling it, come release when we cant just equip the stonemason disc and sacrifice arches or whatever, it will be a real grind. Also having to reach lvl 15+ for certain skills that you should have way before hand seems a little off (stealth for assassin for one) but I've heard ppl say the same about other classes to. Also, seems each class has one must route on the tree making the other 2 redundant. Point system needs a rework, please do not copy the gw2 system, it sucked and its showing here as well. Once one or 2 factions cant mathematically catch up players just give up. Give points for other means, killing players, crafting advanced items in keeps and forts, just something other than ticking points that players can try and close the gap. Allow us to give resources to guards to upgrade them or even items to guards to change them from an archer to a melee knight, maybe this can also give points so gatherers can help out as well. The many ways of bypassing the walls needs a rethink, its far to easy to get past them without smashing them down, this has been an issue now for a while without any changes! Still too much CC in the game, when your stunned you should have a stun immunity for 1 min from all other stuns. Roots, snares, knockdown etc all have their own separate immunity timers of a minute. Daoc did this very well! Mount summon is to quick, needs to be on a slow cast timer, certain classes can just leap away from battle, summon mount quickly and run off. All in all the game is getting there just need some changes here and there.
  23. Why don't you make it so you only get points for killing enemies, talking or defending keeps/forts? Still keep the outpost points ticking along as they are easy to take but the main way of gaining points should be by killing the enemy. Taking a keep/fort with no defenders you will get a low point reward but taking one while it's being defended you'll get a bonus depending on the amount of defenders plus you'll get extra points for killing them. Defending is the opposite, if you manage to repel the enemy, after a certain amount of time where there is no enemy within the parcel, the defending team gets the bonus. There you go the time, realm balance etc is now sorted. Ppl log in the middle of the night you get minuim points for taking things while if you take in prime time your more likely to gain more points due to more players being about. In the currant system just like in gw2, if your realm is 5000 points behind it will be very hard to claw it back and players tend to give up. Using this system would mean all you'll need to do is kill a bunch of players without dying yourself and you could slowly close the gap.
  24. Just remove the heal from agent and problem solved, I've played the assassin since it's been avaliable and a duelist before that and wondered why on earth they would add such s powerful skill on the stealth class. Imo all healing spells should only be available to healing classes take all self healing away from all classes (apart from bandages) so Templars, clerics and healing druids will be the must classes to build a group around. As for the toxins, take them away or nerf them to hard and you will kill the assassin class, it's their main assets to solo or group.
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