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  1. Harvesting needs a buff, atm harvesting as it is isnt rewarding at all, caravans and fort chests are alot more rewarding and it shouldnt be that way. The so called bug a few weekends ago where more dubbers dropped while harvesting was at that rewarding state that it should be. Spending 2 hours skinning and only getting around 20 blue hide really isnt worth the trouble or the time compare that to that bugged weekend i had over 80 blue hide in just over an hour which was more like it, for the record im as maxed in the skinning tree as i could be.
  2. Been saying for a while that this game needs a pvp progression system like Daocs Realm Rank system, would be great to improve certain skills that makes you different from others.
  3. yep same here, if there was a problem with the rare stuff (minerals and gems) sure fix that but dont nerf the whole harvesting experience, it sucks so much again there isnt really a point in doing it again.
  4. Energetic Harvesting: been a long time since ive used this and decided to give it a whirl on test and live, i cant seen to gain any pips while skinning, ive equipped Skinner and Reaper got rune knifes and placed the skill on the bar but it just doesnt light up while im skinning, am i missing something? used to work fine when it was placed on the Q slot ages ago.
  5. On iceweaver, support power with 5 ice storage does not increase support power until you remove the ice storage then fill them up again after zoning. Matching mail buff will remain on you even after you remove a piece of armour until you zone.
  6. <Question> Any plans on an anti zerg mechanic to stop uncle blobs?
  7. the alliance system will just cause more blobs running around that the game cant and probably wont be able to handle ever what the OP was suggesting that there should be a penalty in zerging in tight groups which means guilds will need to spread their groups over the worlds to lessen these horrible blob wars. If you want to zerg go ahead but they will take more damage which is a pretty good solution to cut down the uncle blob problem. It also does not stop big guilds to have an alliance, they just have to avoid friendly fire so these so called big alliances will still own everything in which s
  8. Its suppose to be Harvesters gather for the crafters, crafters craft for the pvpers, pvpers hunt the harvesters. Atm we just have the number game where the biggest blob takes all forts for free resources so that they dont need to gather anything, so in that case the circle is broken. If you ask me forts need to go and replace it with mines that need to be mined in certain windows of a day (windows that happen once every few hours and are open for two hours at a time but are open only on certain days) There can be a mine for each resource including skinning (btw where are the big skinning
  9. Daoc had no area cap and groups used to setup just to zerg hunt, bloody good fun killing half a 100 man zerg with 8 ppl, not many ppl knew this but GW2 also had no area caps during the closed beta and it was so much better then til they added caps and the game just became a blob vs blob war. If the devs are looking for a good solution on how to fix uncle blobs, remove area caps!
  10. In game guild management: This game really needs one, its not the 1990's anymore, having it web based is very clunky. A number of new players have being saying this in game and in pretty sure a number of vets on here have said this for quite a while also. Guild storage has been wanted for ages now!!! Simple fix could be that Guild leader have a much larger bank space (make it so you can only have limited number of Guild Leaders if that's not the case already) Allow white vessels a resepc: Another popular voice through in game chat that new players seem confused why there isnt a way to res
  11. Aurora Emitter is causing big fps drops in fights of around 30+ ppl
  12. loading zones are still terribly slow for ppl with no ssd drives GR leveling is still frustrating after the NPE, not enough mobs, i feel you will need multiple end leveling zones when all these beta ppl comes in otherwise players will just get stuck and unable to get anywhere. i feel that some armour and a new weapon should be given as quest rewards as you progress through the NPE.
  13. i too had the problem with the ring quest, got given the ring wore it and the quest disappeared from my journal so i cant complete the quest line.
  14. wow its still a thing? i quit crafting because on getting too many flawed at 98%. That 2% really seems like 20% at times its not fun!
  15. performance seems really nice for me, got 60fps in temple. 30-40 in the wild which is good for me! sieges are the main problem for me so we shall see (fingers crossed). Nerf slayers please they are still silly as they have been for ages now, its the 5 pip stun which is the big problem on a range char which can also snare, make it rapier only for the stun effect.
  16. yes, mobs and resources gain ranks every season change, it sucks unless you have maxed out training which we dont atm so from after summer harvesters are screwed unless your doing ML. I think it should be the opposite, the ranks get weaker in Fall and Winter as the world is dying it makes more sense, that will keep the harvesters happy for longer i reckon.
  17. i'm really hoping that in the new mini keeps in the new update they add somekind of bind stone to the statue where you can recall to your home. Should be pretty simple to make it work, if an enemy takes that place your bound to, the default then kicks back in and the temple will be your bound location until you re bind again. All you need is to make the bind stone one of those little tablet buff things.
  18. either remove the dodge pip renewal from the ulti and reduce the dodge to 15m or reduce the dodge to 10m and keep the ulti as it is. As for the 5 pip stun every 3 secs, im really hoping that all CC is taken away from every class then CC is then added to the CC talent to make the less played talents useful. E.G duelists get stun on the 5th pip, remove the stun and just add more dps to it then if you take Vangard scout talent you'll receive the stun again on the 5th pip. Clerics get the root removed and instead get a group purge skill, if you take Arbiter you'll receive the root skill and e
  19. played the bow assassin for quite a while, this update i decided not to roll one as they are basically pants. They need to make it so more discipline skills are able to go onto the range tray to make it more interesting.
  20. fps is still terrible, where are these performance upgrades that were promised? Eu siege was not fun for most of us poor peasants that cant afford these new super rigs 🤣
  21. The system need a slight rework as it stands players with an alt account could play the system by meeting up at a neutral respawn outpost and continually beheading the alt account, not everyone would do it but im pretty sure there will be one person out there that will.
  22. i think they need a slight range increase since melee range also increased. I'd think the max range should be 9 or 10 now since it was 7 when the melee range was 5 or make it that the range increase in the talent tree can increase the range.
  23. Keep the stealth remove the 20m dodge, together with their ultimate is what is making it so OP. I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they upgraded their dodge tbh.
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