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  1. yep i agree with what most if not all have said on here, if your going to do a wipe please do a full wipe. Would be interesting to see how long it will take for players to get fully geared starting with scratch, with all the skill training in place i reckon it would take 24 hours before we see blue geared guys roaming around, very unfair on the newbies who have just entered the game.
  2. Can we please revert it back to when you move any windows open automatically close, its feels really horrible atm.
  3. knight chain pull while playing a fae knight seems to be limited to 10m range instead of 30m not tried any other races though. The dodge bug, it seems you get it when you loot a lot then pressing mouse wheel button to close all windows, could be a coincidence but thats how i am making it happen, if i dont loot or open any windows it seems fine.
  4. As above, the windows that remain open when you move is a really bad idea they really should close as soon as you press any movement key.
  5. No campaign or Gods Reach maps can be found to help test
  6. Eso did a siege tent for attackers and i thought that worked pretty well but defenders need that bonus of allowing players to respawn at the statue. I think Ballista's are the real issue, make them only face outwards and see how that goes? its a test after all!
  7. ive always said that using unity would be the biggest problem, ive never played Rust but considering most other survival games have a rough limit of 50 players per server i would imagine its the same for that? and Albion Online struggled when 50 players fighting each other at release, seems a bit of a trend with the number 50. Daoc could handle big battles inside keeps, i think the biggest i was involved in was around 200-250 players in a playable state and ive heard reports of that CU was having more than that on their tests using their own engine, why oh why didn't Ace use an engine that was proven to take the strain of big battles? unity to me is mainly used for mobile and single players games. I do however think performance has slightly improved recently but that could be a fact that there are far fewer players playing.
  8. wouldnt the wings get in the way of the shield when placing it on their back?
  9. 1. A pvp progression system like a ranking system similar to Daoc's Realm rank system would be ideal. When you kill or assist in a player kill you gain rank points (call it whatever, realm points, title points etc) for that toon your playing. Points gain you ranks pretty simple. Have a leaderboard on the website to show how your progress is going against other players who play that class would be a bonus. To stop abuse with ppl with multiple accounts, points can only be gained once per (enter time here) if you kill the same player. 2. The embargo system but with plenty more bank space. 3. Stop the random drops on disc's - like what ppl have already stated, make mobs drop a certain type of disc 4. Xp - make xp easier to get to help leveling so players can enjoy the pvp endgame, xp for capturing and defending outposts, forts and keeps would be great, harvesting and crafting xp would be a bonus as well. Player kills maybe? if you use an anti abuse system like the one above? 5. Outpost bonuses- make outpost fun to keep, like a bonus to xp while killing mobs nearby and/or harvesting buffs.
  10. If having a live server running makes things more stressful and slows progress down, why don't you close the live servers down and only bring them up now and again? keep test up when you need stuff testing and when you want to show off certain stuff that is finished, that's when you can open up the live servers for ppl to mess around on for 5 or so days. This will also help in player burnout.
  11. I like it as it was part of the original idea but with the currant grind and the amount of items now needed to craft im not sure if both are a good mix.
  12. Saved me the time and trouble to rant about one or two many ppl behind the scenes making changes that the players didnt want. Yes the game has become one hell of a grind fest now, something that the kickstarter promised it wouldn't be.
  13. I was thinking this a few weeks ago that it would be far better if all minors would just give the buff passively like demons pact, elven eyes etc. That way you would see more unique builds, as it stands minors, expect sturdy, are pointless as the majors are far better to add to your passive slots.
  14. i dont like the new durability at all, ive tried with and without a tool, adding points to durability and without and best ive come up with is 610 durability thats 1000 under what it is atm on live. If you add all points on durability maybe id get over 1000 but then that would in turn have utter crap stats which makes the armour useless.
  15. I do think that for players who are currently testing this game will have a good idea which discs to use when the game goes live BUT if your a brand new player this will be a bad idea and could potentially frustrate them and they could leave. I did say on another post maybe add a short timer when you equip them so player can test them before them being locked in place?
  16. The problem of making major discs stick to your char is that new players wont know what they do, they need sometime to test which ones they want, maybe a cooldown period to allow players to test them could work, like 1 hour? after that 1 hour is up that disc equipped is then locked in?
  17. hmmm i dont seem to have my tankard for testing the latest patch, spent around 6 hours killing those damn mobs...unless you had to play 4 hours straight?
  18. The catch up mechanic are not in place yet but I sort of agree with you to a point. I would like to see combat passive training to be removed and players get to only choose either crafting or gathering, they can then choose both if they are VIP. All the lost combat points you would gain through the training could then be added to the talent tree. Then everyone can be combat trained and its upto the player if they would like to do gathering/crafting or both as their profession.
  19. Remove the damage cap, Add some longer duration CC then add some strong area or powerful pbaoe spells = anti blob.
  20. I too came here from a very long stint in Daoc so I know how you feel about this games siege system and yes it isn't anywhere near exciting than Daocs system, those 150vs150 sieges were great fun sometimes lasting hours of the keep switching hands left right and centre. Old frontier relic raids were great also, taking a week to prepare and trying to get as many guilds in on it....good times indeed! I just wish mmo's take the very good stuff from daoc and add it into their own game instead of going for the bland easy options.
  21. I still think the main problem is that its based on points, what if the 2nd world war was based on this point system, who would of won? ignoring the facts that some mad guy shot himself and a country had to surrender due to a big explosion. This system which didn't really work in Guild wars 2 either, just consists a group of players running about taking stuff by standing in circles and then moving onto the next target, there is no reason to defend places because you will just retake it later in the loop of taking stuff. We should be fighting over land/zones and those zones hold beneficial buffs to gatherers and crafters to whoever owns them but you can only own a zone if you own a zone which is adjacent to it. Bring a more tactical side to the games pvp instead of this tedious retake loop.
  22. and another flawed on final piece, its getting ridiculous!!!! what a waste of resources!
  23. Had 2 this morning in a space of 10 mins, that 2% seems a bit to common. There is no way a master crafter would mess up a piece of work, apprentices yes, masters no. I agree with Blazzen there should be a point where you shouldn't be able to get flawed items anymore, I was working with blue leather at the time of my flawed pieces.
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