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  1. Cant really argue to anything that hasn't already been said but im going to add a few things i really want to see in game. Reducing Guild sizes- I think the guild sizes in this game is a major problem which in turn causes blobbing. Ace wants hard choices so i reckon the max size of guilds should be 20 and Alliances should be a max of 50 players in total. I know this will be frowned upon with the big guilds but having more smaller guilds running around and more alliances would help the game to feel more alive. In game guild UI- In this day in age the games needs it, the system they have atm is so clunky. The game needs a system where you can create and join guilds in game. Harvesting- Yep been said a lot but like everyone has stated, solo harvesting brings next to no rewards for the amount of time that ppl spend doing it. It needs a massive boost to become on par with caravan and fort rewards. PvP progression- Titles or something like DAoC Realm Rank system would bring activity to the game off peak times as ppl will want to keep hunting other players to rank up.
  2. I wrote this on another thread about chests and how strongly I'm against them. "Having chests in forts and refining caravans has killed harvesting, i and someone else done a 3 hour session each and ended up having less resources than someone else going into a fort collecting its loot which took all of 5 secs. Harvesting should be the main and only way (in my view) to gain resources. Add buffs to forts and/or outposts to increase harvesting in that zone or massively buff harvesting so you'll gain alot more resources in a short time to counteract the crazy and very easy loot chests." The big reason why ppl dont harvest in dregs because it's not worth it, u gain better resources doing caravan runs or going around jumping to fort to fort and porting out safely. Caravans should only give green or blue resources during peak times, any other time only white resources should be given. Forts should either be building mats only, green mats maximum (blue at peak times) or a zonal buff like I stated. Also open up forts all day to get ppl fighting over them. Chests on outposts will just kill off any further harvesting even more, again like I stated, outposts could provide further buffs for that zone, want to go mineral farming? go capture outposts and possibly a fort that gives those buffs. Enemies will also catch on that certain guilds in zones might be around farming as they capture certain poi and go hunting for them. Players should also drop all inv items if they teleport. If you fix harvesting you'll see more off siege time activity.
  3. selfs heals are non existent yes but their heal to others is crazy
  4. Having chests in forts and refining caravans has killed harvesting, i and someone else done a 3 hour session each and ended up having less resources than someone else going into a fort collecting its loot which took all of 5 secs. Harvesting should be the main and only way (in my view) to gain resources. Add buffs to forts and/or outposts to increase harvesting in that zone or massively buff harvesting so you'll gain alot more resources in a short time to counteract the crazy and very easy loot chests.
  5. Over 30 weapons so far and still no knowledge of the Weaponsmith.
  6. I've only just noticed this change, bloody ridiculous, training more basic crafting nods just to get the minors just puts crafters further back. Theres probably more changes ive not seen which will make me rage even more later lol
  7. I really think they missed a massive opportunity for doing something like this instead of having a dying world they could of had a campaign which continues until someone wins through territory. More strategy involved less time based raids. They should of had the levelling system as a pvp progression system which improves your vessel the more you play that vessel (like daocs RR system), this keeps ppl wanting to play and do pvp all day long, add a territory system to that and then you have a good base to a very good game.
  8. Any campaign that requires strategy to win not zerg balling. 50 members per guild no alliances All non guild members are seen as enemies (no name no guild crest) No leaderboard No guild crests on forts/outposts/keeps, you only see what you own. Taking and holding outposts before you are allowed to capture a mini keep. Holding a mini keep +holding 2 forts in a zone is a requirement for taking a keep. Holding a keep is required to take a citadel (the thone). Holding the throne for x amount of days wins you the campaign. Holding outposts spawns more guards in keeps/forts in that zone. Basically it spreads the action up meaning guilds need to attack and defend different places all at once and everyone is an enemy!
  9. Been saying for a while that this game needs a pvp progression system like Daocs Realm Rank system, would be great to improve certain skills that makes you different from others.
  10. <Question> Any plans on an anti zerg mechanic to stop uncle blobs?
  11. the alliance system will just cause more blobs running around that the game cant and probably wont be able to handle ever what the OP was suggesting that there should be a penalty in zerging in tight groups which means guilds will need to spread their groups over the worlds to lessen these horrible blob wars. If you want to zerg go ahead but they will take more damage which is a pretty good solution to cut down the uncle blob problem. It also does not stop big guilds to have an alliance, they just have to avoid friendly fire so these so called big alliances will still own everything in which small guilds wont be able to stand a chance. In short the games a mess we dont need more blobs!
  12. Its suppose to be Harvesters gather for the crafters, crafters craft for the pvpers, pvpers hunt the harvesters. Atm we just have the number game where the biggest blob takes all forts for free resources so that they dont need to gather anything, so in that case the circle is broken. If you ask me forts need to go and replace it with mines that need to be mined in certain windows of a day (windows that happen once every few hours and are open for two hours at a time but are open only on certain days) There can be a mine for each resource including skinning (btw where are the big skinning mother nods that we were promised?) Mines will have a buff that will produce more of that resource and have a greater chance of higher quality goods. It would mean all guilds will need harvesters not just pvp players just blobbing around capturing everywhere without the need to harvest. Btw if this is what mines were like in Shadowbane why didnt they take that idea as its far better than this (c)rap fort idea.
  13. either remove the dodge pip renewal from the ulti and reduce the dodge to 15m or reduce the dodge to 10m and keep the ulti as it is. As for the 5 pip stun every 3 secs, im really hoping that all CC is taken away from every class then CC is then added to the CC talent to make the less played talents useful. E.G duelists get stun on the 5th pip, remove the stun and just add more dps to it then if you take Vangard scout talent you'll receive the stun again on the 5th pip. Clerics get the root removed and instead get a group purge skill, if you take Arbiter you'll receive the root skill and etc etc etc...
  14. played the bow assassin for quite a while, this update i decided not to roll one as they are basically pants. They need to make it so more discipline skills are able to go onto the range tray to make it more interesting.
  15. i think they need a slight range increase since melee range also increased. I'd think the max range should be 9 or 10 now since it was 7 when the melee range was 5 or make it that the range increase in the talent tree can increase the range.
  16. Keep the stealth remove the 20m dodge, together with their ultimate is what is making it so OP. I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they upgraded their dodge tbh.
  17. Their new performance improvements hasnt really worked. It seems alot better when you first log into the temple but the problems of 20v20+ fights are still there. Massive fps drops for no reason just walking through a forest or getting close to a keep with no one else around, it's a certainly challenging task they have to get it right but I think the major issue is that if they think that the current world maps they use for dregs will be fit enough for the proposed 2000 players they hope to get in I think they are living in dream land. The last dregs world only had 7 zones (minus the temples) 3 of which were siege zones where they are pretty pointless until a siege which means all of 2k players will be crammed into 4 adventure zones, sorry to say I think that alone would be a slide show even with the best gaming rigs. They need more adventure zones, even if they are smaller and less crammed full of guff, if I would to design the world I'd have 12 smaller adventure zones as an outer circle, 6 fort zones (adventure zones as we have right now) inside the outer circle, 3 siege zones inside the 2nd circle then 1 citadel zone ( the throne) in the middle. Basically think of an archery target. Some of the small adventure zones could have a fort in it for the smaller guilds to fight over but mainly these smaller zones would be themed zones like forest zone, mountainous zone for stone and canyon zone for ore. I would also have less world banks as one of the main reasons to pvp is hoping your target has something worth stealing in their inventory.
  18. AoC looks really nice, further behind CF but seems more advanced. defiantly on my list to look out for in the future!
  19. nope, they already added leveling which wasn't suppose to be in the game, i'd rather have a pvp progression system in place like a ranking system.
  20. Are you playing live or test? most of the player base are currently testing the new update on the test server. As a few have pointed out the game is still in alpha, most players will pick it up again once new updates come on the live servers or when the wipes stop happening so atm its all about testing and having a little fun in pvp.
  21. With most if not all of Europe and maybe the US? all at home self isolating and twiddling their fingers what on earth to do, it would be a darn good time to get some testing done, Hint Hint, nudge nudge, wink wink!
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