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  1. Just catching up on crusaders stream, I think that if you reverse the crow flying from your corpse to a statue/portal that would be a far better system than the one we have now. Remove the death shroud please, its annoying in this currant system and wont be needed if you change it. Cant wait for this so called better performance update, I'm frustrated with poor fps issues while in a group.
  2. If that happens im pretty sure you will get a lot of players who will sit out until you remove that, I for one will say screw that!
  3. I think the point system just isn't right, we should be fighting over land and resources. what if there were a lot more zones and in the centre there was the main keep ( think kings landing and the iron throne), to be able to take the keep you'll need to own 2 of the 3 lands surrounding it plus all the lands that head towards your beachhead/temple, sort of like connect four the board game. If your line is broken you'll need to re join them. The outer zones are the lower resource zones and as you get into the middle the resources get better and better. Basically this idea just came out of nowhere so don't really know how to capture a land piece but you get the sort of idea. Points really mean nothing and guilds are already faction hoping to the winning factions and this will always continue, we need a system that feels that no one is really winning until the final minutes of the game. even an underdog faction could cause a last minute upset using land as the goal, break the chain and its a draw!
  4. its still not in a good place, stuttering while moving is still there, the annoying 180 degree camera flip you often get while looking around while moving is still there. Keep fights with more than 20v20 ppl around them are still slide shows but away from the keeps the performance in larger fights has got a bit better but not perfect like other mmo's. Also if your on EU the performance is worse than the performance on NA for some odd reason.
  5. 1. Any plans to stop multiple accounts owned by the same player being on all the factions so they can "spy"? 2. Can we please change the durability losses for death? atm when you die you fly back to your corpse ( still way to slow ) you get your corpse back but die again and again and again as you currently can't fight back due to DEATH SHROUD! It's also to easy to corpse camp and recalling your corpse back to a statue costs to much durability loss. At least remove Death Shroud if you fly back or make it that recalling your corpse to a statue has no extra loss but you gain death shroud. 3. When are you planning to optimise the game? Currently due to the amount of bad lag we get in large fights or just hitching while running about, we can't really tell if the game can handle these large scale fights at all. If you wait to long how do you really know the game engine can really handle all the extra players you will get when release comes. Could you possibly optimise the current patch so we could test it properly?
  6. wipe everything but please sort out the bloody EU server first, the server crashes on a daily basis!
  7. I personally see more champions than assassins
  8. In Daoc guilds could claim Keeps and Towers and when a guard dies it spammed the guild chat so everyone knew whatever was claimed was under attack. I hope in the future the same idea is implemented.
  9. Just remove the heal from agent and problem solved, I've played the assassin since it's been avaliable and a duelist before that and wondered why on earth they would add such s powerful skill on the stealth class. Imo all healing spells should only be available to healing classes take all self healing away from all classes (apart from bandages) so Templars, clerics and healing druids will be the must classes to build a group around. As for the toxins, take them away or nerf them to hard and you will kill the assassin class, it's their main assets to solo or group.
  10. Have to agree with all that the OP had to say but another point to add is the anti zerg system. Atm there is a lack of powerful spells or skills that could cut down zergs, without it whoever has the bigger group will just win any fight. I came from Daoc where they didn't have a player cap on how many players got hit by spells or CC which meant ppl made zerg busting groups. Each of the 3 realms had a class or 2 that had powerful pbaoe spells which were on squishy casters. In Daoc you couldn't cast any spell if you were being hit by melee or being hit by a spell so this tactic was very risky but had huge rewards when pulled off. You basically get 3 or 4 of these casters in your group and find the zerg, hard cc them run in and bombs away. You would normally end up dying but it slows the zergs down and more importantly the pbaoe group gets loads of Realm Points (points that you gain for killing players that gain you ranks and gain more skills or make existing skills more powerful). In CF as it stands the cap is 5 so I believe which basically means anyone running any 2 groups or more will have no problems in rolling groups with lower numbers. Take a look at other games with a cap of 5, GW2 and Eso (was when I played it so might of changed), ppl made zerg balls that just spammed damaging spells constantly while 6 or 7 others spammed healing. This meant no spell or skills could effect them as they over healed. Yes in CF you can't spam healing or certain damaging spells to zergs ball but the same issue applies, get 3 ppl to hard cc someone and just assist them down 1 by 1 which is easy for the greater numbers to do almost impossible for the lesser numbers.
  11. I personally think that you should only lose item durability when fighting other players not npc's ( excluding guards ). This puts skinners at a disadvantage, not only you will lose item durability you also go through skinning knifes like nothing else.
  12. Good to see the item durability has been sorted, means that pvp players wont have to worry about re-equipping themselves over and over so they can enjoy the pvp a lot more, crafters wont get to bogged down ( stuck behind a bench 24/7 ) so they to will enjoy the other side of the game also. I just hope the hitching problems have been fixed, I still get effected by it which has put me off the game slightly. All in all 5.7 sounds really good
  13. And eventually everyone will use the same build as everyone else! look at Myms for example, someone found out a really powerful build everyone copied it, there isn't really a good way of having unique builds, the best option would be to add somewhere in the skill tree specific lines for classes that ppl can spec into, ie: assassin has 5 trees, stealth, melee, range, poisons and defence, each player can then say to themselves what type of assassin do I want to become then add points in those fields. Adding points will make those skills/spells stronger and over time you can unlock new skills unique to players that spec in that field. Players who stream don't have to show their skill tree so what they have spent points on remains a mystery. Discipline buffs is such a give a way to players who stream and upload vids and that's the main reason unique builds don't exist. The currant skill system is pretty boring, waiting all that time just for a 1 point add to dex or str is a bit bleh. Making ppl get 75% in a field to move on is pretty poor also as everyones 75% will basically look the same and your also forced to add points in fields that have no effect on your class under the racial tree ( yes I know its just in case you decide to try another class but what if I don't, its a waste of points!). I personally think they need a complete rethink over the skills tree and disciplines, otherwise fighting one player will be like fighting any other player on that same class.
  14. I have tested this game since 5.3 and ive always said that the item durability loss will put off many pvp players. Not just that but there isn't even a reason to kill players, there's no ranks or titles, no points to gain then to spend on new skills nothing, you kill players for a chance they are carrying aload of resources. They haven't even stated what will come into the game for pvp, apart from taking keeps/forts which in a way is old and gets pretty boring fast. I think someone had already hit the nail on the head, the game is a harvesting sim with basic pvp. I can infact see that players will just go around naked and just use basic weapons to protect their best items from being damaged and tbh I don't blame them one bit, takes to long to make an item it takes to long to get harvest the resources to make the item to last what 16 deaths max, which could happen pretty quickly if you add a full campaign of players into the mix (1500 players per campaign I think they want). What id like to see in the game is a pvp rank system where u gain points per kill, points gets you ranks and with every rank gained you gain skill points to gain more stats or even to gain ranks on your skills ie: rank up Ambush on the assassin to rank 2, so you can make your class unique to any other. Disciplines don't really do that as when ppl find out the best disciplines per class everyone else will just copy and don't get me started with the skill tree, its boring (wait 5 hours just to gain 1 point in str/dex/int etc...good one!) and eventually everyone will have the same pips in each field anyway. As for the item duration, just make it so we can repair items depending on the quality, poor can be repaired 3 times, common 4 times etc etc, this will fix the issue, just add a repair kit for crafters to make and sell.
  15. Cant of gone well since there hasnt been any feedback from it.
  16. only few players can play on eu server atm, most like me are suffering from bad fps problems which is making combat like a slide show. I had no problems in 5.3 or 5.4, had some issues in 5.5 but 5.6 is unplayable for me and many others which have put ppl off. Also 15v15 isnt really that impressive and i bet not everyone had a smooth fighting experiance where as on 5.3 i was in a similar size fight and it was smooth for all. Im pretty sure that unity upgrade that happened halfway through 5.4 broke something as the performance has dropped since then and every update it has got worse each time. CU had recently done a test where they had around 200 real players running together and everyone had good fps (60+) and i would say they are alot further behind than crowfall, they have worked hard in getting a good enigine in place, unity on the other hand has been an iffy subject since the start.
  17. I like this and it will feel a lot better than the currant system.
  18. I completely agree with this, the durability issues are terrible as it stands.
  19. Thats rubbish, it would take ages to get green vessels then blue and so on. Its hard enough to get the resources with the very few amount of players playing and its hard enough to make vessels for those very few players playing. At launch there should be many more thousands of players. It will take a very long time for all those thousands to get epic vessels. if vessels decay then it will be pointless being a nercromancer as demend will be alot less especially with the currant decay system, players would just stick to the basic vessels that don't decay. Im planning to pick up the necromancer craft but if they decay i would pick somethong else as it just wouldn't be worth the hassle.
  20. Daoc is Dark Age of Camelot, probably the best ever pvp game of its time and probably still is but EA bought it out and it went downhill from there. It was the original rvr game (3 realm combat) which Guild Wars 2 and Eso based its pvp off and now CF. I think its been running for just over 15 years. Kobolds were a race for the Midguard realm (vikings), its the only mmo ive ever seen them in as a playable race and ive played alot of mmo's.
  21. you havnt played Daoc then? Kobbies are a playable race.
  22. That doesn't sound that bad, just hope they listen, if they don't I really will start to worry about the game, a lot of ppl will be put off by the currant system.
  23. They really need to reduce the durability loss overall anyways, its terrible. It takes so long getting the gear only for it to last 4 deaths? its a pvp game but you'll spend most of your game time naked and frustrated and over time ppl will just quit playing because of the crafting loop. The crow system just does not work, needs removing or made a hell of a lot better. If they really want the crow involved in the game, make it so you can enter crow form to scout the area, leaving your body in a defenceless state, almost like the Wrag's do in game of thrones. Make platforms dotted around the map which you can make this happen. Remove tow trucking loss but make the time from when you die and able to release a lot longer. This allows ppl who are in mid battle to collect their loot after the fight without ppl just quickly releasing like they do atm.
  24. I so think there are problems with both the real time skill tree system and the gathering/crafting system in whole. Because crafters need resources they are relying on certain players to gather and return safely to bank those resources. But if they keep on dieing and so do the combat based players in trying to protect them, their armour will just keep on breaking because of the horrible durration loss issues meaning the crafters will be too overworked and the lack of resources will start to take effect. Durration loss shouldnt be percent based it should be point based, 10 point durration loss for a death a further 50 points if you tow truck your corpse. This will roughly give your armour a weeks life's span if you die 10 times per day. This will still keep crafters busy but not overworked and allow pvp players to enjoy thr game more without the worry their armour breaking to quickly. The skill tree is good but bad at the same time. Its good for casual players who cant log on all that much but bad for those more hardcore players because at the start its gonna be a bit of a teadous wait to be able to get more crafting recipes or gathering loot. They could just keep the 10x speed up for the basic sections of the skill tree to give a more faster progression feel before the slower grind later for the more advanced sections of the tree. After the durration issues my biggest worry about the game is the game engine. I personally think the enigine will struggle with the amount of players they want per campaign. They really need to start doing "open break the build tests" so information can be collected and when i mean open, open it to friends of already backers and ppl who have signed up for beta...they need to test the large scale stuff sooner rather than later.
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