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  1. That doesn't sound that bad, just hope they listen, if they don't I really will start to worry about the game, a lot of ppl will be put off by the currant system.
  2. They really need to reduce the durability loss overall anyways, its terrible. It takes so long getting the gear only for it to last 4 deaths? its a pvp game but you'll spend most of your game time naked and frustrated and over time ppl will just quit playing because of the crafting loop. The crow system just does not work, needs removing or made a hell of a lot better. If they really want the crow involved in the game, make it so you can enter crow form to scout the area, leaving your body in a defenceless state, almost like the Wrag's do in game of thrones. Make platforms dotted around the map which you can make this happen. Remove tow trucking loss but make the time from when you die and able to release a lot longer. This allows ppl who are in mid battle to collect their loot after the fight without ppl just quickly releasing like they do atm.
  3. I so think there are problems with both the real time skill tree system and the gathering/crafting system in whole. Because crafters need resources they are relying on certain players to gather and return safely to bank those resources. But if they keep on dieing and so do the combat based players in trying to protect them, their armour will just keep on breaking because of the horrible durration loss issues meaning the crafters will be too overworked and the lack of resources will start to take effect. Durration loss shouldnt be percent based it should be point based, 10 point durration loss for a death a further 50 points if you tow truck your corpse. This will roughly give your armour a weeks life's span if you die 10 times per day. This will still keep crafters busy but not overworked and allow pvp players to enjoy thr game more without the worry their armour breaking to quickly. The skill tree is good but bad at the same time. Its good for casual players who cant log on all that much but bad for those more hardcore players because at the start its gonna be a bit of a teadous wait to be able to get more crafting recipes or gathering loot. They could just keep the 10x speed up for the basic sections of the skill tree to give a more faster progression feel before the slower grind later for the more advanced sections of the tree. After the durration issues my biggest worry about the game is the game engine. I personally think the enigine will struggle with the amount of players they want per campaign. They really need to start doing "open break the build tests" so information can be collected and when i mean open, open it to friends of already backers and ppl who have signed up for beta...they need to test the large scale stuff sooner rather than later.
  4. Leave my Balance faction alone, it's fine as it is! Switching sides would just cause problems, mid fight your fighting someone next thing your friendly with them...I'm sorry it wont work, if you don't like 3 faction wars go play another campaign with a different rule set? I'm pretty sure they have already said there will be a handful of choices available.
  5. There is no way everyone should be able to rez, this will make it so hard to kill or chip away at zergs and almost impossible to defend against. If this game starts to promote "zerging is the only way" like in GW2 then I'm afraid this game will fade quickly. The way to nerf zergs is to give ppl a slight chance against them and a strict rez system is the way forward. If all rezzers die in a zerg because a group(s) had decided to target those classes to slow down the zerg then its a moral victory even though they all probably died in the process.
  6. May I ask which faction are you going to be? I'm looking for a Balance guild so sort of keeping my options open atm.
  7. Its a no from me also. Make It that mobs drop body parts or special dust that is needed to make the minors that will be ok but I really don't like the whole minor dropping off a mob.
  8. Completely agree, the items shouldn't lose a percent value, it should be a set point value meaning a high durability item will last longer than a low one. Repair should also be an option that way crafters would be kept busy repairing items not in a constant loop for re making items.
  9. Daoc had it right but it had the system for it to make it work. Casters couldnt run and cast and could easily be intetupted so they couldnt cast at all. Classes each had something special to bring to the group but also lacked something that another class had. When a group got together you had jobs to do which suited the group playstyle. What was also not mentioned that a 40 sec mezz (sleep) could be broken by any damage, cured by certain classes or you buy a purge realm ability (need realm skill points gained by gaining ranks which u get by killing players). When a CC on you fades or broken you gain immunity from that type allowing you to be safe for pretty much the rest of the fight, so respecing enemies who were CC'd was a must and you needed alot of group coordination. I completly agree what Xpade is saying, in crowfall atm every class has access to everything, CC, high damage, movement speed etc etc. Because every class can pretty much do anything there is no group building and decisions to be made, you can just do your thing and with pretty much no coordination at all and why bother even having a mixed class group at all when you could just have 6 rangers which pretty much can do everything. I do like how casual friendly crowfall is and im sure changes will be made down the line i just hope they take something away from each class to allow more unique group setups.
  10. bigger the better, Daoc had no problems with large a scale map or did eso, both with no instances apart from dungeons. Eso map seemed smaller because you could port to a keep that your realm owned but if you took that away it was a huge zone. The original daoc frontier was by far the best with no ports, took a while to get across the zone which made speed classes important even though they migh have weakened your group setup. This will make planning group disciplines important. Big maps also helps to spread the action up meaning less lag.
  11. I can see this happening. Already getting annoyed that I'm going around having fun, dying 6-8 times in fun fights then having to spend around an hour gathering and crafting just to go out there and have fun again. I don't mind the inv being looted that's part of the fun but something needs to be sorted about the duration loss on death, its far to high and just makes a pointless loop which makes the game boring. You should be able to repair an item X amount of times before its regarded useless or 5 point duration loss per death, not 10% ( which I think it is atm), this means an item will last a nice amount of time (even longer if you get to make a large duration item) allowing you to have more fun without the constant loop issue.
  12. Seems an ok system personally i would of gone down the Daoc route of Realm Ranks ( killing players gains you points, points gets you ranks, each rank gives skill points to spend on unique skills or a boost in stats ). That system made ppl stick at it as ppl wanted the highest ranks. A mix of both systems would also work and be great for both pve and pvp players. Keep at it guys your doing a fine job.
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