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    Fefner reacted to Durenthal in 5.8.2 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 02/05/19   
    Ok ACE, how is it that you want us to level?  You provide no useful sacrifice items past lvl 3, and blue and purple vessels were a pain in the ass to level even when we could use soil, architecture frames, etc.
    In kickstarter, you promised us we'd start at endgame.  Your bolted on leveling system sucks - having class powers gated behind levels is not what we signed up for.  If I wanted a leveling theme park game, I'd play WoW again... they at least do it well.
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    Fefner reacted to DocHollidaze in 5.8.2 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 02/05/19   
    So, ACE seems intent on removing capabilities for leveling quickly with crafted materials that players have discovered, forcing them to level in some way that ACE "approves" of.
    Has ACE considered that players are trying to circumvent the process that ACE wants because the process that ACE wants is not fun, nor interesting and is excessively time-consuming?
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    Fefner reacted to Phr00t in There should NOT be an innate 2% chance to fail on crafting   
    With appropriate training, you should be able to achieve 100% chance to succeed on at least Uncommon and Rare items. Epic/Legendary should perhaps be impossible or nearly impossible to reach 100% success rate.

    Having an arbitrary RNG-based failure on a craft, even for someone who is an expert crafter with maxed trees, makes no sense and serves no game purpose other than to frustrate the players.

    This will be much more apparent when people are actually playing the game - more combat means more durability damage on items, therefore items will be degrading much faster than we are seeing now. The material sink should be gated by gameplay, not by RNG.
    TLDR: Farming enough materials for a green or blue item and having it flaw out due to 2% RNG even on a skilled crafter adds nothing to the game and only serves as an unnecessary random waste of materials.
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    Fefner got a reaction from xary in Live Chat Thursday - Official discussion thread   
    Just catching up on crusaders stream, I think that if you reverse the crow flying from your corpse to a statue/portal that would be a far better system than the one we have now. Remove the death shroud please, its annoying in this currant system and wont be needed if you change it.
    Cant wait for this so called better performance update, I'm frustrated with poor fps issues while in a group.
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    Fefner reacted to Purpearl in 5.8.1 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 01/24/19   
    Performance in 5.8.1 is utterly terrible. Sieges are not decently playable at the moment. Confessor's tornadoes ruins everything actually, FPS are dropping, MSG Ping is going nuts and the game is not fun anymore.
    We played siege on EU tonight, managed to defend, but every time a confessor dropped a tornado my FPS went to 15, some on our discord just freeze for 5 to 10 seconds every time it happens, when we are not crashing.
    Same goes for the ping, every time it goes up to 1K ping and skills are basically delayed or unusable.
    Also, there is the physics/falling damage problem. I know it won't be solved till 5.9, but it basically forces every group to run with a lot of them. There always was "flavor of the month"/super broken class, but adding the performance problem they are causing it makes the game sucks really bad.
    To the point where we did think, if it's not getting any better, skipping this patch and the sanctionned campaign and wait for 5.9 with hope it will be better.
    Also, fix the rank disparities between the faction. On EU Order has access to rank 10 while balance has rank 7.
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    Fefner got a reaction from Scorn in 5.8.1 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 01/24/19   
    Now with this levelling system and the best way it seems is to kill mobs, why oh why isn't there an even amount of each lvl mobs through out the zones, Order have lvl 10 cats, Chaos and Balance both have lvl 7 cats, it should be a fair and not this random crap. 
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    Fefner got a reaction from Tofyzer in Capture Points - Official discussion thread   
    wipe everything but please sort out the bloody EU server first, the server crashes on a daily basis!
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    Fefner got a reaction from YouTubejasonwivart in Capture Points - Official discussion thread   
    wipe everything but please sort out the bloody EU server first, the server crashes on a daily basis!
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    Fefner got a reaction from DravoiX in Capture Points - Official discussion thread   
    wipe everything but please sort out the bloody EU server first, the server crashes on a daily basis!
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    Fefner reacted to RhapsodyDownpour in My grievances with 5.8   
    Happy New Year. 

    Honestly, let's get this out the way. Leveling is boring. Straight up. Nobody wants to spend 3-10 hours a day between skilling and leveling and MOST of us, work 9-5 jobs, so finding downtime to actually play and enjoy the game is hard enough, some of us also have kids. (Not me. Lol.) Not to badmouth the devs, but I feel this is more or less being geared towards jobless neets who will do nothing but grind for 30-40 hours every week.  While those of us who actually have lives outside of Crowfall will only be able to doing maybe 1/8th of what the jobless players are doing.
    And I'm gonna say this much, I grinded it out in FFXI and Albion Online, I don't want to have to do that same nonsense in Crowfall, as that is why I even pledged in the first place. NO LEVELING! Opening up Disc to experimenting players was great, and I get it, it's for the Alpha, but this leveling system has got to go, it simply gates people and new players up and quit very often since they have no idea on what to do, even if there is a guide. Also this game barely has PvE elements to begin with, when PvP is going to be the primary focus along with fighting over resources, which is as close to PvE as we're going to get. Come release, guilds are going to be more concerned about rushing to level cap, then grinding it out and gearing up their top players. *COUGHZYBAKCOUGH* So let's be rid of this dumb leveling system and figure out something else. Not sure what yet, but something that doesn't require %ExpUntilNextLevel scripting please. It would be different if the devs littered the map with mobs all over for exping on, but mob camps are so far in-between, it's nuts. 

    Nothing but open space between maps where mobs could possibly be for farming exp on. If you want to incorporate this into PvP with low-level skirmishes over mobs, feel free. Just don't make it an absolute damn chore. The only viable way to level is off frames and we all know how that goes. I'm not investing the time to do it either. Just not worth it every camp.
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    Fefner got a reaction from Scorn in 5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/26/18   
    Performance is still an issue on the EU server as a few have noted above.
    Talent tree needs a little rework in terms of levelling it, come release when we cant just equip the stonemason disc and sacrifice arches or whatever, it will be a real grind. Also having to reach lvl 15+ for certain skills that you should have way before hand seems a little off (stealth for assassin for one) but I've heard ppl say the same about other classes to. Also, seems each class has one must route on the tree making the other 2 redundant.
    Point system needs a rework, please do not copy the gw2 system, it sucked and its showing here as well. Once one or 2 factions cant mathematically catch up players just give up. Give points for other means, killing players, crafting advanced items in keeps and forts, just something other than ticking points that players can try and close the gap. Allow us to give resources to guards to upgrade them or even items to guards to change them from an archer to a melee knight, maybe this can also give points so gatherers can help out as well.
    The many ways of bypassing the walls needs a rethink, its far to easy to get past them without smashing them down, this has been an issue now for a while without any changes!
    Still too much CC in the game, when your stunned you should have a stun immunity for 1 min from all other stuns. Roots, snares, knockdown etc all have their own separate immunity timers of a minute. Daoc did this very well!
    Mount summon is to quick, needs to be on a slow cast timer, certain classes can just leap away from battle, summon mount quickly and run off.
    All in all the game is getting there just need some changes here and there.
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    Fefner got a reaction from Marth in 5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/26/18   
    This sadly will be the downfall of the game unless they can change it somehow.
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    Fefner reacted to mystafyi in 5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/26/18   
    This issue has been around for a long time. Their netcode just cant handle it. Using unity and a 3rd party backend was a bad decision for a mmo involving large battles. Only good thing was that it was the cheapest option.
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    Fefner reacted to Soulreaver in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/17/18   
    Capping Camps and Towers takes the same amount of time as capping a fort.  As a single player soloing these it's a very tedious and time consuming task.

    Ponder if it's @worth the time invested...
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    Fefner reacted to Yoink in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/14/18   
    Feedback from a returning Crow.
    I've been out of the testing loop for a while. I've been following news but haven't actually logged in since 5.7 and even then I only played a week.
    Passive training
    I despised the old passive training system. I didn't like needing many multiple accounts to train all the classes. The new system is much much better.
    Skill trees
    I'm really digging the new talent tree system on each vessel. I hope to see this expand. I've only leveled a dps druid and heal druid so far and there really are not any choices. Maybe this is an issue just for this hybrid class when you pick one of the two non hybrid advanced classes. But you take everything useful to Dps or defence in stormcaller and still have points left over to spend on healing talents you will never use. The opposite is true for the healing dedicated druid spec.
    Give us lots of places to spend our points, like there is now, but give us lots of choices that require a character building sacrifice. Right now the choices are just passive stats. Taking 2% crit or 1% armor are not character building choices. give options like,
    You can dual weild but can no longer equip 2h weapons or use 2h weapon abilities.
    You can equip plate but lose stealth.
    Your group-only heals can now heal any friendly target but heal for 50% less. (This would be a cool passive)
    More options that block out other options. Right now there is no opportunity cost to any talent in the talent trees. The advanced class choice is almost like one but when it is the only choice it doesn't cut it. Choices need to be exponential to matter.
    I think this was hinted at in the last live stream with disc but I'd like to see it within class class to.
    Vessel leveling
    I don't know where I stand on this. Leveling the basic vessel takes about 2 hours and serves no purpose other than you have to spend 2 hours doing it. I feel it either needs to be an engaging 12-24 hours played experience or just not in the game at all. I don't know yet. I haven't leveled an advanced vessel yet without free resources to sacrifice and maybe vessel leveling will be an actual activity.
    Side note on vessel leveling. It's awful on a druid. Bring back both life and death trays. This game isn't for anyone who can't figure out the druid has two trays. Besides, even if they didn't figure it out they would never leave death tray and would have the same new player experience as they would now.
    New vessel system
    I like this a whole lot. Only thing so far I can think of is once the talent trees are fleshed out different vessels should have different amount of training points at max level based on the race. Yeah, just like SB had but so what. It was good and it worked.
    I've never had any interest in crafting. It's not my thing. I remember rage quitting testing in bigworld with the take bug and crafting failures. I wouldn't touch crafting with a 10ft legionniers polearm. That being said, after crafting an advanced set of armor and weapons the other night. I actually was enjoying it. I'd like for some qol features like a craft all or craft x type of thing but if I had fun doing it you have to be on the right path here.
    Haven't had to yet this build but I did in 5.7. I guess it might be kind of fun to balance the whole, how many dedicated havestors vs combat ready toons to bring when there is enough of a population that makes that matter. I like that all combat toons will have a harvesting line trained, I just hope it's not useless if you don't have the harvesting disc equipped.
    Eternal kingdoms
    I don't know. I've never been in my own. Ask @Jah.
    It's better than it has ever been but it's still not playable. Lagging out as you approach a fort, dropping to 10fps in any combat over 2 groups and just almost locking up completely in any combat 4 groups or more.
    You spend too much time not in control of your character. By a factor of about 3. Not everyone needs every form of CC. I'd say most classes don't need more than one or even any at all. I wouldn't try and fix this by adjusting resolve. Give fewer classes hard CC and put them on longer cool downs. Give some classes no hard CC and some none at all. Successfully CCing an enemy should be a coordinated and communicated opportunity that is capable of being squandered.
    I haven't been this excited about CF since discs dropped and the race/class a split. This post might read like a complain fest but it's not. I've disagreed with a lot in the past 3 years but I've been pleasently suprised just as often if not more.
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    Fefner reacted to Soulreaver in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/14/18   
    First on the server, first running to forts/keeps.

    Sad way to win a campaign.  Can there please be made a "neutral" but hostile to Chaos/Balance/Order faction?
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    Fefner reacted to Ussiah in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/14/18   
    Feedback - Forts / Keeps
    I hope when patch goes to live server that enemy starting guards have been implemented. Make taking the first fort and/keep meaningful and an accomplishment instead of whoever runs there first. I know this was talked about at some point but not sure if been any movement to this effect. May require a "fourth" faction to be coded in. Maybe Rebels / Factionless/
    Conversely if this doesn't occur, I recommend setting each faction to start with one keep at start of campaign.
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    Fefner reacted to Durenthal in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/14/18   
    Feedback:  Taking the vendors away on Test was ill-advised.  Can't test endgame stuff at all, can't test builds without investing hours into mindless leveling.
    I posted that the knight swordsman class did too much dmg and a few hours later you nerfed the hell out of it.  I posted that you overnerfed it (and that only one power now activates the swordsmanship passive) and you completely ignored that feedback.  It's no wonder no one posts honest opinions about their classes - they're scared of the massive nerf bats you use.  You have no sense of moderation at all.  
    Why do clerics do fire dmg with their attacks now (as opposed to crushing, given they use hammers, or ice or lightning if you're looking to spread out dmg types)?  There are half a dozen dmg types but confessors, clerics, and templars are all fire-based.  WTF?  You're cramming the firewalker discipline down our throats (because all three are very strong, and all three are very common, so a direct counter for them is wise).
    You've started making balance changes in 5.8, and it's important that you do so with you promoting a competitive CW soon<tm>.  But it feels like you're balancing from spreadsheets instead of gameplay (and doing a crap job of it, because your weights are all wrong).  Whichever dev is in charge of balance needs to start actually playing the game with us.  It should be embarrassing how little you guys know about how your own game is actually played.
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    Fefner reacted to yianni in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/14/18   
    looting risen mobs is still a pain in the ass, please make it so you dont get the "f" interaction if its been looted
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    Fefner got a reaction from Franck83 in Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!   
    completely agree
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    Fefner got a reaction from Soulreaver in Stealth OP. Toxins OP   
    Just remove the heal from agent and problem solved, I've played the assassin since it's been avaliable and a duelist before that and wondered why on earth they would add such s powerful skill on the stealth class. Imo all healing spells should only be available to healing classes take all self healing away from all classes (apart from bandages) so Templars, clerics and healing druids will be the must classes to build a group around.
    As for the toxins, take them away or nerf them to hard and you will kill the assassin class, it's their main assets to solo or group.
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    Fefner reacted to Tinnis in 5.7 Live Feedback and Bug Reports for 8/16/18   
    compared to previous patches/first implementation the controls for fae double jump and glide feel really clunky now. swear previously we could hold down the space to double jump into a glide, now you have to mash it 3 times and it often fails?
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    Fefner reacted to Soulreaver in 5.7 Live Feedback and Bug Reports for 8/16/18   
    The speed by which you loose durability on your gear is way way way too high ;(
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    Fefner got a reaction from mythx in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    I have tested this game since 5.3 and ive always said that the item durability loss will put off many pvp players. Not just that but there isn't even a reason to kill players, there's no ranks or titles, no points to gain then to spend on new skills nothing, you kill players for a chance they are carrying aload of resources. They haven't even stated what will come into the game for pvp, apart from taking keeps/forts which in a way is old and gets pretty boring fast. I think someone had already hit the nail on the head, the game is a harvesting sim with basic pvp.
    I can infact see that players will just go around naked and just use basic weapons to protect their best items from being damaged and tbh I don't blame them one bit, takes to long to make an item it takes to long to get harvest the resources to make the item to last what 16 deaths max, which could happen pretty quickly if you add a full campaign of players into the mix (1500 players per campaign I think they want).  
    What id like to see in the game is a pvp rank system where u gain points per kill, points gets you ranks and with every rank gained you gain skill points to gain more stats or even to gain ranks on your skills ie: rank up Ambush on the assassin to rank 2,  so you can make your class unique to any other. Disciplines don't really do that as when ppl find out the best disciplines per class everyone else will just copy and don't get me started with the skill tree, its boring (wait 5 hours just to gain 1 point in str/dex/int etc...good one!) and eventually everyone will have the same pips in each field anyway.  As for the item duration, just make it so we can repair items depending on the quality, poor can be repaired 3 times, common 4 times etc etc, this will fix the issue, just add a repair kit for crafters to make and sell.
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    Fefner got a reaction from Interbane in My thoughts on some mechanics and balancing   
    Have to agree with all that the OP had to say but another point to add is the anti zerg system. Atm there is a lack of powerful spells or skills that could cut down zergs, without it whoever has the bigger group will just win any fight. 
    I came from Daoc where they didn't have a player cap on how many players got hit by spells or CC which meant ppl made zerg busting groups. Each of the 3 realms had a class or 2 that had powerful pbaoe spells which were on squishy casters. In Daoc you couldn't cast any spell if you were being hit by melee or being hit by a spell so this tactic was very risky but had huge rewards when pulled off. You basically get 3 or 4 of these casters in your group and find the zerg, hard cc them run in and bombs away. You would normally end up dying but it slows the zergs down and more importantly the pbaoe group gets loads of Realm Points (points that you gain for killing players that gain you ranks and gain more skills or make existing skills more powerful).
    In CF as it stands the cap is 5 so I believe which basically means anyone running any 2 groups or more will have no problems in rolling groups with lower numbers. Take a look at other games with a cap of 5, GW2 and Eso (was when I played it so might of changed), ppl made zerg balls that just spammed damaging spells constantly while 6 or 7 others spammed healing. This meant no spell or skills could effect them as they over healed.
    Yes in CF you can't spam healing or certain damaging spells to zergs ball but the same issue applies, get 3 ppl to hard cc someone and just assist them down 1 by 1 which is easy for the greater numbers to do almost impossible for the lesser numbers.
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