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  1. I'm guessing the "Monster" type Archetypes are gender-locked? o. o
  2. The music is awesome! You guys never cease to amaze!!
  3. Appreciate the renders guys! This will be useful in my Crowfall videos later in the future.
  4. soloin


    Yoo! My name is Soloin and I'm a Youtuber. You can check me out here: Channel. I currently play a plethora of games but mainly Wizard101 atm. I found out that the creator of Wizard101/KingsIsle was creating a new game with a couple of others. And as a Gamer myself I wanted to see how good it was. And I can't lie, the description of this game was great. It made me want to play this game much more. But enough about me and more about the Guild/Clan. Me, MegaMikey, Thomas, PhoolsGame, KosTaaM (Formerly AdamStormBlood in Wiz), Marcus, and some other friends wanted to create a clan called Animus [Primarily meaning: Motivation to do something]. If you would like to join our clan when the game is created, feel free to post a comment in the thread bellow because we're recruiting people starting from today. Have fun, and have a nice day!
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