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  1. Don't know if I'm the only one thinking the animations look a bit weak and the combat part looks extremely disconnected. Like the abilities aren't really connecting with the enemies and sound kinda flat. I know its still early I'm just hoping that this is something that will be focused on in the feature or combat is going to seem flat.
  2. Really great stuff. Looking forward to more interviews.
  3. At least that is what he is going to let you think! Wait until you stumble upon his "manroom"!
  4. Great job everyone! Lets all give ourselves a pad on the back and celebrate another victory on the battlefield!
  5. I like the idea, but first I want ACE to concentrate on the core mechanics before moving on to mounted combat, as it will change the whole playing field.
  6. This could be really good or really bad. The Raid movies are kinda extreme, when it comes to fighting scenes, but mostly hand to hand (as far as i remember) and very much Asian fighting style inspired. If the guys are just as good with swords (read lightsabers), and can do something that doesn't look like a Bruce Lee movie, then they could come out with some pretty amazing fighting scenes.
  7. Nice to see you answering so many questions hsmith! I have one - Will you use the build in tools in Voxel farm to simulate water, fire, smoke etc.?
  8. And if the flowers aren't an accessory, maybe the vines growing around her legs aren't either!
  9. I actually think the Driad is real. If you look at the artwork you can clearly see that she does not look like the two other human females. And no where does it state that she is human. She is humanoid yes, but she isn't human.
  10. Regarding the first point I think the simulation would stress the server to much. I assume they have to simulate the voxels on the server and not the client since it has to react to people. The second point is definitely fixable. They are probably still getting everything to work and then starting to add mass etc. to the different kinds of materials.
  11. A new video has just been released showing off the prowess of Unity5. And it actually looks amazing. http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/03/03/the-blacksmith-shows-off-unity-5s-power
  12. I love everything about except for one thing. The ponytail is really static. But with a bit of finetuning it will look awesome.
  13. I must admit that a part from the core game itself I'm really stoked about Voxel Destruction If that is considered content
  14. In the hands of capable people Unity(5) games can look just as good as any UE game. And to those interested. Both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity5 was released FREE for all today.
  15. The advantages with Unity5 and Unity in general is that prototyping is easy because of the tools available. That means if they have an idea they can quickly try it and see if it works. Unity has builtin support for PhysX and easy integration with the Voxel Farm engine, which makes it a good choice. There are a lot of assets available that can reduce some of the time used on coding and designing. And because of the engine and the artstyle of the game it will be able to run on a lot of computers The disadvantage is that Unity5 is still in Beta so I'm not sure that all features are available yet and bugs etc. could be a common occurrence, which can hinder development. Some MMO titles are using Unity now. Shroud of the Avatar, Pantheon just to name a few.
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