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  1. Already placed my order by our crafters for a High Heel with dexterity spec
  2. Thanks to KDS I can finally make my dream possible and be the princess I always wanted to be.
  3. Once I joined , I really tought that KDS was another guild like any guild I joined during my 20 years of gaming. But seeing how many KDS players are coming to play Crowfall now that the beta is near , is just amazing. To be honest I dont know if KDS qualifies to be a guild, A lot of the members have been playing together since Star wars Galaxies and KDS has become more like a family, and the most amazing part is that you feel part of the family even if you just joined them. That was at least how I felt it, never had the feeling of being the "new guy" and for that I thank you all
  4. Looking to finally play the new patch, and finally unleash the new KDS beast. Going to be really interesting to use the new tools in a campaign.
  5. KDS has given me so much since I joined, and enriched my gaming experience in a way, no other guild has done in my 20 years of gaming. The brotherhood, the trust, the fun that kds provides is something priceless and if the price to pay for it it is life itself, i would gladly pay that Price.
  6. We crave blood and skulls, and anyone´s will make it How many do I get for the Decapathon for these two? #Warstories #crowfall
  7. I´m fully trained, in a skinning armor , wearing skinning jewels. Skininng R10 only gives 5 Epics/hour Is it me , or somenthing is worng with skinning? https://youtu.be/qI6N388PlNU
  8. Just wanted to post a recording to clearly and publicly show wht this whole discontent is all about
  9. The Fedback can be resumed in only one Phrase: 4 Patches later and the Impale isnt fixed yet I spent the whole evening trying it. it works perfectly in pve, but not at all in PVP and I have some footage to prove it. So...... 4 Patches later the Dueslist still unplayable and offering a frustrating experience to the player. I don´t want to sound mean or provocative, but All the players maining a duelist have been giving you feedback about this skill not working for at least 6 months. yet no fix untill now. If the problem is not easy to fix, I dont mind it, but please just inform us in the matter, because right now we just have the felling( or at least I have) that you guys dont care about our feedbacks, or that our feedback are not worth the same as other testers
  10. It´s jsut annoying at this point. The PIP system is just broke, making all the duelist abilities freee whenever they want and sometimes for more than 5 min. Some of this skills are core abilities like Impale and the incocivable. Making it imposible to use Impale sometimes for more than 5 min. I mean we have been reporting this bug for months now.. and yetno response or fix whatsoever. If they ar not going to fix it, or intend to fix, the should just delete the class at this point. it´s just frustrating to test a game and have your bug reports ignored for months
  11. I´m not raging , but i just wanted to create this post to inform that the duelist core build like Impale are still buged rendering the class almost unplayable.
  12. This issue is so relevent for the class and being their for sooooooooo long, and either the devellopers should either adress this issue ASAP or just delete the class all together.
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