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  1. I´m fully trained, in a skinning armor , wearing skinning jewels. Skininng R10 only gives 5 Epics/hour Is it me , or somenthing is worng with skinning? https://youtu.be/qI6N388PlNU
  2. Just wanted to post a recording to clearly and publicly show wht this whole discontent is all about
  3. The Fedback can be resumed in only one Phrase: 4 Patches later and the Impale isnt fixed yet I spent the whole evening trying it. it works perfectly in pve, but not at all in PVP and I have some footage to prove it. So...... 4 Patches later the Dueslist still unplayable and offering a frustrating experience to the player. I don´t want to sound mean or provocative, but All the players maining a duelist have been giving you feedback about this skill not working for at least 6 months. yet no fix untill now. If the problem is not easy to fix, I dont mind it, but please just inform us in the matter, because right now we just have the felling( or at least I have) that you guys dont care about our feedbacks, or that our feedback are not worth the same as other testers
  4. It´s jsut annoying at this point. The PIP system is just broke, making all the duelist abilities freee whenever they want and sometimes for more than 5 min. Some of this skills are core abilities like Impale and the incocivable. Making it imposible to use Impale sometimes for more than 5 min. I mean we have been reporting this bug for months now.. and yetno response or fix whatsoever. If they ar not going to fix it, or intend to fix, the should just delete the class at this point. it´s just frustrating to test a game and have your bug reports ignored for months
  5. I´m not raging , but i just wanted to create this post to inform that the duelist core build like Impale are still buged rendering the class almost unplayable.
  6. This issue is so relevent for the class and being their for sooooooooo long, and either the devellopers should either adress this issue ASAP or just delete the class all together.
  7. If this stays like this , we will all read an article like this one tomorrow with crowfall instead of facebook https://ibb.co/7ncYT7G
  8. Pros: Fun Class to play in open Fields( No keeps or forts) High risk high reward Class Hard to learn andeven harder class to master Very dynamic class that can flip the tight of a battle Cons: Almost useless in Keeps and Forts. As seatlth constitute the core mechanic of the class , assassin very limited in keeps and forts where this ability is blocked Right now the Skills the constitute the BnB of the class misfire way to much , giving this class right now a russian roullete feel Too much depend of Agent provocateur Very hard, even impossible to solo capture outpost with R4+ Guards Class gameplay very fast paced , making the class almost unplayable in the actual FPS game instability in big fight Ideas to better the class: Forts and keep : Making stealth mode possible inside keeps and forts : Forcing parties to have anti stealth units adding a layer of strategy to sieges. Allowing real scouting- Recon, even Sabotaging Backdoor mechanic like Warhammer online Giving the Assassin more Debuffs and stuns A saboteur Major discipline : for example planting bombs to destroy Siege weaponery and walls. Smoke bombs to block field of view. maybe the possibility to deny points to the enemy instead of capture a point could be a good idea, as a light armor class , could be a good compromise: For example: Planting a banner or something like that that complitely denies the points if nor destroyed or greatly reduce it.
  9. KDS Assassins Squad is looking for the new member. Special Assassination and Tactical Squad , the Assassins are the shadow army of KDS . Highly trained, and highly disciplined, the Squad acts as a single entity Killing High value Targets in Team fights, Disrupting and sabotaging enemy Gathering Operations, as well as Intelligence Gathering. Every Assassin can be initiated in the ways of the squad but only a few can become members , as the Squad is as strong as the weakest member.
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