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  1. I´m not talking about 5v5 or even 10v10. I´m talking about big fights involvin 50+ players. Even if it´s a hitscan, you need, to find the target you want to shoot at in a cluster of enemies, and that´s it sometimes very hard in a battle, while droping an aoe in a cloud of enemies is a LOT easier. I dont know if you ever played a dirge, Assasin or even a Swordsman in a big fight, but as soon as they are targeted there is not defensive abilites that will help them survive more than 3 seconds. Targeting them is a lot easier than targeting an archer, because they are near you, inside
  2. I Was thinking on how Crowfall could be balanced to make every class enjoyable or at least viable. The idea behind it high risk-high reward. Damage: single target mellee dmg increase: Leather classes +30%, Mail classes 15%, Plate classes 5% Aoe mellee dmg + 7% , no Increase if Target ´s HP is under 50% Ranged AOE dmg reduction by 30% and by 40% if the target´s Hp is under 50% Ranged single target dmg reduction -0% to leather classes, -10% mail classes , - 15% plate classes Healing: Aoe healing
  3. Totally agree with you for the class basics but when it comes to somenthing that comes with 200+ hours exp with a class, I´m sorry but That s somenthing only shareable with the guild and Allies. That´s the principle of the game.
  4. To be honest even right now the archdruis is one of the best supports in the game, he brings so much to the table in that regard that boosting him even a little in this aspect will make him imba. I won't enter in details 9f the build because it cost me a lot of time to perfect, but I would just advice you to see blight as somenthing more than a simple bomb detonator
  5. I gave it a lot of thought these last months, because I also spent I lot of time on the Archdruid, I I felt heartbroken with the coming of the FW. I think that I fare balancing would be to make the bombs ignore mitigation , like Holy damage. The Bombs are pretty hard to set up, they have low range(3m) and very costly for a team to have an archdruid taking a spot ( even if not in a group) because he could be brining somenthing more usefull for the group, Having them ignore all mitigation seem in my point of view a good trade off, specially now that frostarmor soak up ALL the dammage the bombs
  6. Crowfall like other MMOs are about sharing amazing moments with friends. KDS provides the perfect principles, mindset and playerbase for that. Even a night out with your buddies without gear can turnout to be one hell of a moment. Once a keeper, always a keeper.
  7. Dirge still feels way too inferior in comparison to the slayer
  8. Forget about the scout, nice idea but flawded concept right now. As I said he doesnt have a kit to allow him to be usefull or viable. Dirge is amazing, Huge burst damage but almost no survivabilty, he is good in scenarios where you want to gank one or two enemies that are alone. The Slayer though has a big potential and is porbably one of the best counter to the Frostweaver. The nice thing about him it´s is steady high speed damage outpout. He doesnt have the burst of the dirge or the Archer, but he canput a lot of pressure and most interesting part, he can crack the frost armor ASAP. So
  9. na.. the duelist is in a very good place right now , since the new fixes. The vanguard is a tricky thing though. It´s a very cool concept , but it something really hard to bring to reality. Right now the promotion class makes absolutly no sense because you cant deliver consistent dmg from stealth to be a viable class. if yo ugive him too much dmg skill from stealth it will make him way to op. In my humble opinion A good way to go with this promotiom class is a bomber concept like the archdruid. where you can bring a lot of aoe dmg to the table from stealth , but need a LOT of preparatio
  10. KDS is not about speeches, empty promises, false tales of greatness or egocentric bias. KDS is about Simplicity. All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor and duty. Every player has the freedom to join the brotherhood, regardless of skills, talent, experience or fame. But Freedom is not enough. Freedom needs justice. Justice of a meritocracy, where… When it comes to luck, you make your own, where the limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible. Honor is Respect. Respect your efforts, respect
  11. Bugs I found so far: Templar: Parry only works 10% of the time Human extra Active skill keeps disloting
  12. The Duelist is FINALLY fixed... Let the Hamster reign of terror begin. MWAAAAAHHHHHHHH
  13. Already placed my order by our crafters for a High Heel with dexterity spec
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