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  1. Flying mounts are neat but they totally ruin open world pvp.
  2. Just give an option to skip the quest text and voice-over and I can deal with it. Rather have more resources put elsewhere, personally, but if others like it, sure.
  3. Everyone should be red all the time. In other games (like AA currently) you can be red but aren't allowed to attack greens, but greens can attack reds any time. So now you have a group of your reds together and a group of greens as well. All the greens have to do is attack each red one by one and they are toast. The thing that was great about SB was that your 'reputation stat' was literally just the reputation you made for yourself. Talk poorly made socks you better back it up. PK the wrong dude and you better keep your head on a swivel. There is no need for game mechanics to replace that.
  4. I disagree about the degree of realism being important. To me, mmos are so far removed from the present that they can only be described in superlatives. I can't see why a bit of difference in view angle would be where you draw the realism line. You can't watch yourself from above in real life in the first place, but a bit bigger view is too much? I do see what you mean about the gameplay aspects and it could certainly affect small scale scouting engagements or stealth ganks if that turns out to be viable. That will depend on how stealth turns out to work. If it is like in SB and you are truly invisible, it wouldn't make a difference unless you already have the counter to stealth anyway. For large scale scouting of troop movements and the like for sieges and battles, I would hope it would not be so drastic as to be able to see a whole battlefield without needing a scout, but rather just enough to be comfortable. I like having a pretty high 3rd person view point or I start to feel claustrophobic, personally.
  5. Not to be too negative here, but the rampant cheating and duping from day 1 in SB should probably not be preserved. The world would have looked a lot different without fields of duped bulwarks as far as the eye could see on a bane, full r7 cities without ever farming a mob, and spec groups with duped fc gear.
  6. I hate pve, dungeons, epic loot, etc. I hope that there is only enough of that to facilitate pvp. And none of this stuff where one guy has a sword that is 10 better than anyone else because he spent all day wanking off in a dungeon. SB has just the right amount of pve. You can farm with a bot, so you can stay ready to fight when someone comes to roll you because the mobs are so easy. But you also have to stay out there and be a target if you want to farm. Works great for the farmers and also for the roll groups.
  7. methos


    Stack fights are just a little ridiculous. Not that it doesn't require a lot of skill, and I am not the type of person who says it needs to be "realistic". But I think they are just silly. Blocking people with your body is something that should be a viable tactic anyway. Don't like it? Kill em, now they aren't blocking any longer. Also stacking gives advantage to the greater number, which is unnecessary since greater numbers are already an advantage.
  8. 3rd person best person but please let there be an option to increase the field of view.
  9. If there is stealth then you pretty much have to play a stealth character unless you are rolling deep, sb pretty much proves that. I would like stealth that just gets rid of the name over your head, so you could try and sneak around through the terrain without being seen from 10 miles away because of a giant red mark. So you are not invisible but if you are clever enough to sneak up on someone then good for you.
  10. Spells should be just like Shadowbane. Melee combat should be just like the crpg mod from Mount and Blade: Warband. But most games get that type of combat wrong. It has to be very precise or it would be better to have a different system.
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