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  1. The only thing I would change is to swap Naiad for Exorcist major discipline and id be in love with it
  2. The cap for PDM says 50 But I don't believe it
  3. Penetrating PDM is nearly impossible, too easy too apply and keep up, too strong, needs to cost heavy resource. I can take 10% slashing penetration but why.... Pdm will block out anything i penetrate anyways. I probably misunderstand the Combat formulas but it feels that PDM is the only resistance that matters when all others are easily penetrated, removed, decreased.
  4. Subjectively Speaking I'd have to say my experience has been the greatest of all that have ever played this game. I've had all kinds of adventures with many different people but mostly on my own. The parts that hooked me the most was the pvp customizability, conquest scoring, mechanics, Team comp theory crafting, and the personal vendettas we create to fuel our battles in dreggs. Some times the PVP balance is good from my perspective and other times it's absolute trash lol. Still mostly enjoyable even so, It would be really nice to see some faster responses on nerfing things that I've seen lin
  5. Pls change the high elf racial discipline from being Commander. Anything else but commander pls.
  6. PLS address the modifiers on promotions that either increase CC or Reduce it. Which ones function as intended and when will they be all functioning? Will these modifiers stack with resolve? how does it stack additionally or mulitplicatively? is there a cap?
  7. Make NAGU GREAT! Nagu needs to be a cool spot for a lot of people to go and trade and duel. Add DUELS IN NAGU. Add Player building in Nagu with not just a vendor but a fort lodge with your whole marketplace. Reward players who trade in nagu by somehow giving them away to get more exports. Instead of punishing people who want to do business in Nagu by limitiing them to such a small amount of transactions per limit by exports.
  8. Make it so we can use the Temple free town route to travel across dreggs again to different temples. Going through 3 maps to get where you want to be is 1 map too many.
  9. Pls allow us to sacrifice pigs at altars for rewards, most of the time the pigs just sit there. They need an extra purpose.
  10. Can you please consider returning infected pvp to its former availability. Unless you have really cool plans for content in that long stretch of boredom on the way to skypoint it needs to go.
  11. [Question] What are your plans to give more advantages to big zergy type guilds?
  12. Im stuck choosing which zerg to help rather than have any chance of winning......
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