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  1. This speaks to me from my ancestors where do I sign up?
  2. Maybe those in NA dreggs will understand
  3. Winter Op I like how we keep at least a third of the points tho that really keeps the campaign alive.
  4. Nyurt


    just stand on your shire and pretend it's a hamlet parcel.
  5. nothing divine or glorious about smacking rocks.
  6. I can understand having a little bit of mysteriousness about the campaign cards it's really cool. But damn you'd think after 5 months I'd know where to find sands of time. I'm guessing because one of the only things I havn't done is mine ore motherlodes being a solo player most the time, that it's hidden behind that solo player barrier. I understand with two accounts I could do this solo but my computer can't handle running crowfall twice. So I'm stuck having to ask people where I can find this. The only imaginable way for me to do this is find a guy afk next to a motherlode and mine it while
  7. YOoo imagine the Banks are only open like maybe during the day or for like 15 minutes of each hour. This would create some cool situations
  8. Anybody who can use invisibility shouldn't need mobile banking..... so take that away first off.
  9. I've reached out to support yes. I told them I would be the best tester they would ever have and that I would do it for free. They failed to accept now I'm just another bob saying things like Game broke not my job. but for real log in to test tiggs see for yourself it's the only version of crowfall so far that has me using the word unplayable. Try going to your ek and see that people can kill you in your ek even when pvp is off and steal all your stuff. See how the campaign cards ask for underhill artifacts and there are no underhill camps. YALL NEED TO HIRE A TESTER SOMEONE GOOD WHO LOGS IN A
  10. Maybe it's not the testers but we got a big problem with releasing life wasting content that is easily undermined by one person so often. I'll just start making every exploit public on forums.i dunno that's bug reporting right?
  11. Ya I dunno who tested old reverb or old aura emitter or needles, or mana barrier or master if chaos on Templar, or executioner for confessor of pit fighter. Or fort loot system. Or who actually read the descriptions was like ya I think this does what we say it does. Who is actually spell checking for ace? Who has spent thousands of hours testing inflexible seige timers? You have to give players freedom to bring their keeps seige windows to fit their time zone. Who tested making capture totals a thing when it actually represents nothing. I could have 7000 caps if I wanted it would mean nothing
  12. I think they made them invulnerable because I was respawning them with aggro minutes before seige opened. No event tab telling you I'm there and I'm standing on the fort as it opens. And if I have enough time to cap It I could have guards spawn seconds after cap. Or I could kill a guard every two minutes staggering them so they would make it hard for others to cap so I could maybe ambush at guard spawn timers that only I would know. Also something about the aggro was making them invulnerable while walking back and they could get stuck making the fort or outposts uncappable.
  13. I feel like most exploits are very easy to find if you understand the mechanics. Ace should really hire a good tester to show them exploit weaknesses before they implement things. Would sure save us all a lot of grief and time.
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