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  1. I believe an option to skip the first tutorial part and jump directly to the Infected's RvR could help. In the videos I've watched, it seems only a small portion of the players actually finish the tutorial, most of them simply stop playing after 30-45 minutes. I'm sure those players would have an higher chance to keep playing if they tried the PvP in Infected or Dregs (or HD soon). As for the levels, I think it wouldn't be beneficial to remove them entirely at this point since they're intertwined with the character progression, and reworking all of this would take resources that could go somewhere else. Also if I'm correct the last 5 levels will be used as an incentive to play the MMO when the Hunger Dome will release.
  2. The people who are going to pay for the Artisan Engine are likely small to medium MMO studios who want to save a couple of years of work and can pay the price for this leap forward. I don't know any equivalent technology to the Artisan Engine for Unity. How I've understood it is that most of the work they've done for Crowfall (character advancement systems, dynamic procedural map generation and edition, pathfinding and AI behaviors, etc.) can be reused by other studios by importing the tech solutions to their Unity project. They've over 4 million dollars worth of licensing contracts so maybe a portion of this sum represents Artisan Engine deals. edit: I forgot about Atavism, which shares some similarities with Artisan
  3. Yes, but let's say it improves the frame rate by 0.5 or 1fps overall, well maybe being able to see nodes from a distance is more important than this frame rate gain.
  4. The popping doesn't look too well imo with the nodes and other objects being rendered only when the player is at short distance. If the benefit (FPS wise) isn't that significant I would suggest to increase the draw distance so the popping is less noticeable. In some videos the harvesting nodes are not even rendered at maybe 50 meters (not sure about the distance) and I guess it impacts on gameplay (finding the nodes).
  5. Not sure it's a good idea. When I'm watching videos I like particularly a time of the day when the shadows are long and the lighting looks great imo. Example: So I thought maybe if we always had this time of the day (late afternoon / early morning), the HD could look better. Not sure if it's just me, and probably that enabling the day/night cycle would be more interesting gameplay wise.
  6. As the PvP in Crowfall is pretty much its most fun aspect, it's an interesting solution to let new players jump right into the fun with the Hunger Dome, and eventually if they want to go deeper in the Campaigns to experience the full MMO experience they can do that, rather than staying in HD forever. Before, to get into PvP, new players had to follow a tutorial for 2 hours, then find and join a guild, and seek for PvP hot spots in the Campaigns. Now it's just clicking a button to get into the matchmaking.
  7. I agree that visiting the Discord and the forums are good ways to learn to know the community better, rather than focusing on what a few players may have typed in the in-game chat. From what I've seen, many of the people on the forums and Discord are helpful and friendly.
  8. Can you point out a MMO where the Faction vs. Faction was correctly implemented and didn't end up as a ZvZ? What mechanics helped achieve that?
  9. Well 3-faction campaigns were always planned for Crowfall, and most of the time (always?) FvF means zergs.
  10. Here's a quote by J Todd from their latest interview : "With 6.400 out the door, what can players look forward to in the coming months?" "Coleman: Testing, Testing and more Testing! And of course more client optimization. We’ve made some huge strides in this area, but we’re a game that entices large groups of players to congregate, so this is an area that requires a tremendous amount of investment… and we’re not quite there yet."
  11. I see a big difference in the amount of discomfort between dying while fighting another player (PvP) and dying unprepared while gathering (PK) and losing all the resources harvested in the last hour or so. The former still feels negative but a lot less than the latter. ACE is probably trying to find a way to make PvP (and PKing) enjoyable without inflicting a miserable experience to the gatherers. A gathering protection does not entirely negate the fun of the PKer. The gathering protection does not remove the PvP aspect of the gathering afaik. Thanks for the info about the zones and reputation system!
  12. The basis is that getting PKed and looted is generally a negative experience, and we tend to stay away from what causes negative experiences. In Albion if I'm correct there's a reputation system that penalizes players that PK in yellow and red zones. I'm interested to know the proportion of gatherers who are active in the red zone vs. black zone.
  13. Well they had a FAQ article about this very subject, and from what I recall it said that Crowfall was very different than a MOBA, because it has worlds that last forever and other that last for weeks/months (MOBA : ~30 minutes), the worlds that are quite large compared to MOBA map, character progression that is retained rather than resetting every match, hundreds of player per map compared to ~10 for MOBA, etc. Also the races/classes vs. archetypes further distance CF from MOBAs. It's rather a full-fledged PvP MMORPG with some impermanence elements that are seen in RTS games.
  14. From a December 2016 article : "Our solution, which seems to be working really well so far, is to build "parcels" of land that are hand-crafted (think of them as terrain segments shaped like giant Tetris pieces), and then stitch those pieces together seamlessly to create an endless number of unique worlds." "The parcels are created by hand, so we can test each parcel to make sure there aren't clipping issue or bad slopes. We've had a few bugs pop up around the seams (where the parcels are stitched together), but most players can't tell where one parcel ends and the next one begins."
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