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  1. We had a wipe about 4 days ago.
  2. As a confessor, i can say 3 meter range for melee is really bad, posting this in case people haven't already made enough noise about it.
  3. That said, this patch is actually pretty good and we appreciate it. we're all super excited to get into this campaign.
  4. Thank you, your community appreciates it.
  5. Duelist inconceivable consumes pips but does not apply buffs if you dodge after using it. Impale(Often) doesn't go off when you press it but runs the animation and uses a global cool down. Pepper box shot(Often) does't go off when you press it but runs the animation and uses a global cool down. Redirect pain occasionally consumes pips and the full 40ish second cool down but does not give you the buff.
  6. I'm not sure what the thought was with this, Lore is not a good answer. there is no sense in rewarding someone who logs in once and gets a kill and logs out more than people who actually put in time and work to test and play the game, do sieges, and get tons of kills and assists. being punished for assists makes zero sense. atleast just remove assists from the equation if you want it to match lore.
  7. I think we've learned a valuable lesson about judging a book by its cover. That being said more evil LOOKING races would be a welcome addition.
  8. Unless the devs really want to push for having to charge your ulti up in each fight, everyone will always just go charge up there ulti on an animal/fort well or anywhere else. target dummies giving ulti charges would not change anything for the actual game, yet make theory crafting a whole lot easier.
  9. Very interesting surprised i didn't notice this while i was messing around on test the other day. Seems to me out of character for fae to be night but its not an unwelcome change in my book.
  10. You can easily get around the guards with all of the line of site provided to us by the devs.
  11. The new client controller update fixes most of the no regging stuff that takes your cooldowns. the biggest issue now will be broken animation and the fact that burrow now glitches you into walls and under floor panels you're not suppose to get into causing you to get stuck quite a bit. Happy to say that i hit a target dummy on test for like 5 minutes and didnt get bugged out ability not working as intended.
  12. this video is quality content. that sound effect at the end 👌
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