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  1. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    LFG Guild criteria: Region: US, West coast Atmosphere: Fun, Competitive, PVP oriented Casual/Hardcore?: More to the hardcore side Size: Not too big, not too small Play-Style: Love the PVP, but ill also craft and harvest too. Havent narrowed down my scope yet Commitment: Daily. This will be the only game I play. Work schedule is flexible, so hours will vary Miscellaneous: Just upgraded to gold pledge package, will be joining test server soon. Experience: Been playing MMOs since the mid 90s, actually started out on MUDs UO, EQ, Lineage, SWG, WOW, Shadowbane, Mortal Online, Mount & Blade, DAoC, Rift, GW, AA Others I forgot about Voice-Chat services: Whatever is necessary for PVP Thanks!