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  1. And to you too Devonic
  2. Keeping with the mythology, should crows be enemies? I guess crows are spirits of the Einherjar and vessels their 'physical' embodiments temporarily at war. Is a crowfall campaign just the daily battles fought between the Einherjar as practice for Ragnarok. And the EKs are therefore multiple little Valhalla, where everyone can go and brag about their deeds and get drunk.
  3. I reached the conclusion a couple of weeks ago that i'll stick around to see the development journey and see how things turn out, but my current view is I don't think i'll be playing in the longer term. The things that really kill it for me are: the travelling the crafting - hate it the mindless slog the RSI the all encompassing dependency on some other player(s) or some other process to achieve anything of value It just feels too much like work, and not enough like fun. My funnest (new word) part has been analysing the stats on the skill trees.
  4. If and when the maps get a lot bigger, then the whole harvester/gank dynamic will change. My guess is you will be able to solo/pair harvest with relatively low risk/low gain so long as you're a long way away from an enemy base. This absolutely can happen with larger maps. It will be a very brave (and probably very dead) wolf pack that's harvester ganking miles from home... So rather than combat players having to guard harvesters, they can provide happy harvest grounds by developing a solid front line or by area domination. I suspect the only players going deep behind enemy lines will
  5. Oh yes - class. Half elf assassin, guinecean duelist. Half giant - something h-h combat based.
  6. Collecting wood - go for half elf or guinecean. Very high dexterity Ore/stone - half-giant. Very high strength
  7. I found it in my head. It was hiding behind some cogs and straw.
  8. Slightly off topic, but I guess that adding dust to all recipes will allow completely new players to be able to gather and sell something that will always be in demand. This in turn will make it feel there is something useful to do other than making up the numbers and thus encourage more play.
  9. yes, I see the discrepancy, but they are so easy to get without being massively skilled as a gatherer, it's not really a big deal.
  10. You get dust in a campaign in the same way you get dust in an EK. The premium resources makes it easier, not harder. I'm super, super unconcerned about having sufficient dust in a campaign irrespective of recipe needs.
  11. Just because I'm numerically fixated, this is how base class and race attributes interact. Race base values (from the website - races and classes section) human minot centaur guine half elf nethari fae wood elf high elf half g stone elken dex 3 3 2 5 4 3 5 4 4 1 1 4 str
  12. what's the big deal with dust? it's the one thing you can easily and reliably gather in your EK with a crappy basic tool (and apples of course, i'm buried in apples)
  13. Just for example, 1 point of Intelligence gives 0.05 experimentation, 1 point of the relevant attribute (as shown in Tinnis' table) gives 0.0135 experimentation points, 1 point of the relevant attribute gives 0.025 harvesting points. (I think).
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