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  1. You guys changed the website on me! Returning guildie here coming back for some Crow after too long a leave
  2. hehe well its nice to have that hometown pride!
  3. No one is saying that the website determines how good the guild is....
  4. I'd like to make a list of these since actually IMPRESSIVE sites seem to be harder and harder to come by! Which is weird because, technology. If you know of a guild with an awesome site, LINK IT BELOW!!!
  5. OP has all great items on this list, far and above the most important one to me would be the skill threshold that will separate skilled players from the rest. By far. If there is a poor execution on This I think this game won't stand a chance for very long. Let players play it, learn it, master it and reap benefit and enjoyment from that long process.
  6. I want a buy and subscribe based game with a cash shop. Free games bring more harm than good. Each their own.
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