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  1. Emulated Sb exists...
  2. The motto for CF is “play to crush”. It’s a siege game with Trees of life, bane stones, mostly the same races, disciplines. The lore is also very similar in a lot of places. Don’t bring that weak hogwash here. They have very clearly attempted to make a similar game. Any moron that thought there would be a direct SB 2 is not listening to the devs but it’s perfectly reasonly to think they would be similar. The problem is the disconnect for what they have made and what they have talked about; they aren’t the same yet. Don’t bring that troll attitude here and expect for it to be allowed to run amok.
  3. How dare me have the patience to let them finish and the disposable income to not notice the money I spent.
  4. It would take people months to finish chars in the first year+ of SB. I suspect the op didn’t set realistic expectations and is just angry and venting for the sake of validation. This isn’t a finished game, you’re bitching about finished game problems.
  5. I suspect hes more of an emulated CF player...
  6. @Pann @ACE_Jackal can we get 5-10 minutes of extra time added to that schedule? I can 100% say it’s not time set aside for last Jedi discussion...
  7. I still don’t understand why the OP cares.
  8. I wasn’t aware CF was bad?
  9. Reported for accuracy!
  10. Yea, those peasants need to know their place!
  11. Been a long time coming...

    They’ve been upfront with crafting being a huge part of the game. Koster and Blair are known for being crafters. Da soft-shelled turtle do you expect?
  12. game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    Except that’s not the game they are building and they’ve been extremely upfront that it’s not the game they are building. They are building a game were conquest isn’t just pvp but can be political, subversive, economic and or through pvp. This idea that it’s just a pvp game is a lie you’ve told yourself. Stop making me white knight for the damn dev team. The absurdity you spew forces me, a god damn troll, to defend the team.
  13. Been a long time coming...

    The class can skirmish well but I don’t see rangers defending or over taking capture points. We’ve made similar issues of balance in the dev boards but you need to calm down and realize it’s not the game yet, it’s testing and they are more than aware of the imbalances of some of the classes.
  14. Been a long time coming...

    You obviously hate CF. You don’t seem to play it. You don’t seem to want to play it. You kickstarted it and didn’t bother to realize it’s not SB2; that’s on you. I do enjoy the zealotry, it’s entertaining to watch somebody hate something so entirely and still post on its boards.
  15. Been a long time coming...

    Could that possibly be because HoA wasn’t a darkfall guild?