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  1. We could only be that lucky. O I’m a knife ear loyalist but we aren’t playing currently.
  2. I think we are talking about different fights. It’s against the tos to accuse others of trolling and I’m very sensitive soooo... Also, always good to see you and the 10th guys playing. I’ve almost missed you guys.
  3. So you weren’t tactically prepared, got complacent with defense and allowed them to defeat you? Sounds like you gave yourself a black eye and then threw shade at them for it.
  4. Somebody call an authority figure. This appears to be attempted murder of Yianni. Also, it’s always good to UDL/LoD playing.
  5. I feel like after years of hurt feelings and crushing hopes Winterblades should have a gofundme set up to provide therapy to the defeated masses. Just doing a lazy 5 min search I found a half dozen threads dedicated to people whinging about losing to Jah and the Winterblades (they are a 5 bass only cover band for Nickelodeon theme songs).
  6. Just set a kos action for guards in some sloppy gui and let it be click and drag for guild tabs. It’s almost like another game that JTodd made solved that problem 20 years ago...
  7. I’d hate to see alliances be able to heal each other and not worry about friendly fire. @SAM_BUKA
  8. Shadowbane was a 100% player run politics Open world PvP game and it happens to have been made by the same creative director as Crowfall.
  9. So instead of adapting and rising to the challenge you want the devs to limit guilds to be smaller Bc otherwise you can’t win...
  10. How would you enforce this 1 alliance? What’s to stop me from having 10 other guilds in my alliance?
  11. I’m not 100% on board with this logic Ape. In order to overcome numbers you need some serious advantages. You need a gear, composition and experience advantage that most people will never have. It’s an outlier. In addition to all of those advantages you need a commander and officers with a sound tactical basis, good nerves and clear coms. All of that combined means you can overcome slight numerical differences and while it’s possible it’s not going to be applicable to all players and guild. It’s important that players know that at most they may win some fights but they aren't going to win the campaigns without a serious investment in the game, group decisions and some luck.
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