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  1. The advantages and disadvantages system will bring some of the SB character creation but disciplines/classes/races are not very diverse (or balanced but that’s going to happen eventually). I made a post last year asking why CF adds complexity for the sake complexity. Just because a system is complex doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good system. The crafting and harvesting system is needlessly complex imo. As far as AoC goes I wish I could get my money back. The PVE requirement to PvP and vice versa is simply too much for me. CU has a lot of great things going for it but being forced to RvRvR is my back up if CF dregs fails.
  2. Bard in Shadowbane was wonderfully built. It could buff out of combat, in combat, had an amazing group invuln, brought resistance buffs. You could build it multiple ways: mage, rogue, high def, high resistance. It was one of the best classes in terms of hitting all the right spots. SB had firehose healers but it also had multiple builds of different classes that could debuff and cripple a target. There was only one main healer in Sb though. The other healers never really worked as well (crusader being an exception Bc it could heal through a shadow mantle).
  3. Well what was proposed in KS and what we Have aren’t the same thing. They have made zero comments or updates to the faq but very obviously have pushed fire hose healers out. Even if the 3 healers are converted into buff chars they should still add another one as 3/33 is still poor class balance. Which do you think is more likely (and I mean this sincerely)? They haven’t updated the faq to address the fact that they have added firehose healers and it is very much intended or they plan to go back and scale every damage spell down, completely rework every healer (their trees very clearly are intended to heal since their entire end trees are devoted to it), all the armor/weapons/ring changed , every discipline associated with healing and then recreate all buffing/debugging classes? That’s not my being hyperbolic; which is more likely?
  4. No. Water is often related to healing magic in these games. If they are going to almost 100% copy wow’s per based frost mage then they can also use healing water based magic from shamans imo.
  5. I’d actually love to see FW have a healer spec. If it doesn’t then 3/33 available specs can heal and at least 20% (1 group member) of any serious fight is playing only 3 specs. That’s a problem to me.
  6. What do you define as a small guild? 10? 20? The dregs, if it’s like SB, will be exceedingly difficult for small guilds who want to play on their own. If you want to stay small then you better make multiple strong alliances and you better prepared to never win a campaign (and winning will matter). If CF dregs mirrors the ffa servers from Sb if you’re not willing to do anything to win you won win Bc somebody else always will be willing to cross any line and do anything to secure victory. That’s what I imagine most the backers think. For me, there’s better RvRvR games out there and dregs is my ideal system. I’m down to wait and let them fix whatever abomination gets pushed out but once they launch dregs they are giving them selves a count down where every month it’s not working right more people write CF off.
  7. My PhD thesis was on Blair Math and I happen to be one of the worlds experts in Blair Math (see my most recent book: Blair Math and understanding the secrets of the universe). I fundamentally disagree with you. Blair Math, if used correctly, can solve all equations. Also, 1500 does seem high.
  8. I agree with you. I’ve advocated for that. The dev boards where a last minute thing they added. Originally we were supposed to be able to submit questions for the q/a but instead they gave us a private boards. Most the time they don’t respond (although they do read it) and more often than not it’s the same 5 people talking about how we want CF to be more like SB (or Darkfall, wow, DoAC, insert random game here). Any idea posted there goes through the board warrior gauntlet. If you have something you want me to post there I’ll even post it for you (and others). Tldr; they should be read Only for non dev partners. None of that changes that our previous discussion.
  9. You’re purposely adding more work to avoid transparency and satiate your ego. I empathize with that. I get you. You matter.
  10. Emails subtract efficiency from the process. The reason they want us to use the boards is to have it all compiled in one place, visibility and transparency. Could you imagine the disaster if the entire community emailed them for every bug, exploit or issue? Vkromas would get no bugs fixed if she had to respond to 100 emails a day (from us) most of which are duplicates. The only bugs that should be reported in email are game breaking bugs like Srathors damage bug that allowed every attack to do thousands of damage more than it should have done. You shouldn't play the victim card and accuse another community member of discrediting you; you do yourself a disservice.
  11. What does a wipe give you? Do you think a wipe will impact the winning guilds on the same level as will impact others? A reset for the hyper organized guilds (chain of command, organized and preplanned harvesters with min max builds and maps of where to go, dedicated crafters who make the charts the rest of the community uses for gear combinations, with multilevel dedicated alt accounts for every guild need) is going to be impacted in the same way as a solo player, a small guild or some disorganized players? The answer is no. This isn’t the first wipe and organized guilds have a plan to get ahead ready to go (they’ve done it four or five times over the past years). A wipe adversary impacts those with less organization. Disorganized players rooting for a wipe are rooting for the game to be harder for them Bc it will mildly impact their enemy but it will absolutely impact you more severely. The devs proposed a skill wipe while letting the veterans keep all the gear their advanced skill allows. This would ensure veteran players stockpile resources (something they already do) and precraft best in slot gear that nobody (with a skill wipe) will be able to make. That sounds bad to me. A wipe won’t even the playing field. This is about organization, logistics and the drive to win. If people test this game differently than its intended to be played what is the value in that testing? Play to crush.
  12. For now, the cost of animations is why they are tied together.
  13. The other classes have been tested extensively; they aren’t balanced. There’s a few things that are obviously overtuned and then a sea of vastly undertuned majors, minors, classes and races. A wipe isn’t going to help them know that; it’s been brought up a hundred times on both these boards and the dev partner boards. Balance passes aren’t going to happen till after dregs have been released, tested, fixed, broken and fixed again. I complain about it probably more than any other person and the answer is wait till the balance pass. So wait we shall. Soon...
  14. Think how crappy it will be if they did dregs with maps too big. There needs to be a shortage of resources to ensure people are fighting (physically, politically, economically, etc.) over them. The maps should be small enough that not every 2 man guild can have a keep.
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