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  1. Voice Over Contest

    Mooooooo gripe, get out the way
  2. Vaguely being the key word in that statement.
  3. Why can't Templars use 2H hammers? Holy Avenger doesn't apply to the holy melee warrior class?
  4. That is a really good question. @Tyrant can I buy Screes account?
  5. Voice Over Contest

    They are both eunuchs, so imitate Lord Varus/Destrin.
  6. Teleportation?

    Most of us want no quick travel, no teleports, no summons and no recalls. Get running homie.
  7. Knight pull broken

    Are you playing on test or live?
  8. Voice Over Contest

    Can you be more specific?
  9. Srathor told me he reported the inv bug to Gordon already.
  10. There were also a few that played under Wehrmacht. I don't remember their names, it was early Magicbane but there were 3 or 4 goons that ended up in the 50 man version of WM.
  11. Hungercast Episode 3 Question

    My biggest concern with guilds is something that specifically plauged Shadowbane. I worry about 2 or 3 man guilds owning trees and closing the map then complaining when they can't compete. IMO guilds that are so small as to not even be able to complete in the smallest of skirmishes have no right to a tree/poi/fort/stronghold.
  12. What We Want

    I got it what it meant but that's simply not in the game. Stasis isn't in CF but invulnerable is. My statement still stands: CC lockdowns are the province of the bad. I'm all down for CC but when you can CC the majority of a fight it's simply unskilled trash tactics and I would prefer it avoid trash mechanics (JTC seems to want to avoid them too). Your posts are the written equivalent of a car crash between a car of midgets and a car full of clowns. Also, stop introducing yourself: we can see your name as the poster. It's hard to take your asmongold introduction style serious and it's obvious you desperately want to be taken serious. I do my best not to troll these boards but this trash style of posting deserves condemnation.
  13. Hungercast Episode 3 Question

    Who is the guest this week?
  14. 5.3 PvP - The Mysteries of Chaos

    -grumble grumble grumble- role playing -grumble grumble grumble-