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  1. I think that rubicon has been crossed. There’s no going back now. They can’t afford to redo those systems again
  2. If you think disorganized smaller guilds aren’t going to get smashed by no life neck beards (me) who will do anything to win then you’re mistaken. How many times can somebody just get smashed before they stop playing? New players, smaller guilds are just going to get absolutely pounded. How long is that going to be fun? Not only are they going to get smashed in the game but their opponents are going to get rewarded for smashing them for however many weeks the campaign is. Small guilds better get real comfortable with alliances or you’re going to get smashed too. If th
  3. Clearly the devs are pushing everybody into guilds. If a small guild can't protect its sovereignty what was the value in it standing on its own. This idea that I should be able to play any game however I want is a fallacy. It's a pvp game with guilds as intended feature. If your guild can't compete in the intended outlines of the game why wouldn't you play a game suited for what you want instead of forcing a game to change to what you want it to be? This is at least what it used to be but now... I don't think CF is going to succeed trying to appeal to many types of gamers at launch.
  4. Wartribes intended purpose was a stop gap as they fixed easier access to crafted gear. The intended vision was to have full time crafters (a horrible idea) creating gear for guilds. If this has shifted they could do themselves a favor and explain the direction change. If wartribe gear persists it's place needs to be clearly defined. If wartribe gear is intended to be powerful and easily farmable by smaller guilds then why wouldn't larger guilds also do it. Why would I have crafters and harvesters if the most efficient way to gear is to go farm wartribes. Why wouldn't I just ca
  5. They clearly have an intended guild size and Bc people are petulant and will not be allowed to be told how the game is intended to play they ignore it. In my mind this is like purposely playing a game of league with 2v5 and then complaining when you’re not winning. Sure you win fights with baddies you were going to win anyways but you’re never going to win hard matches if you keep trying to lose on purpose. As a guild if you can’t defend what you can claim then what’s the value in that sovereignty? @Atraeus
  6. That’s a community problem, not a dev problem.
  7. As @Sanna's "manager" I would ask all offers for employment go through me first.
  8. @KrakkenSmacken That Elken was once a human/Nethari. Humans/Netharti can't be druids. Humans/Nethari can be all the same as Elken. Why? The Elken is just a cursed Human/Nethari and can only be the same classes as it's previous race.
  9. Archetypes are literally what a moba char are. A highly specialized and themed locked char with preset play style and determined abilities. I've always tried to tilt CF towards more SB themed options. I've advocated for longer campaigns, more class balance, easier crafting, lots of power complaints, I'm anti off time banes, I've tried to call them out on thelack of tactical decisions and a whole lot of mocking people for complaining about perceived and real zergs. I don't know I've ever advocated for more q'd instanced PvP, less tactical decisions and prebuilt chars. Do you have me confus
  10. I don’t think the game can actually support a population. Hell at this point I have to ask: Who is the intended population.
  11. Releasing it as a moba comes off as a cash grab to me. It looks like it’s failing as an mmo so let’s launch it with moba stuff to try and salvage what it is. It’s hard to recognize what CF is as opposed to what it was. Honestly I don’t know if the devs can pull off an mmo that also has its own MOBA. If you want to do instanced PvP as a side gig shouldn’t you finish the main product first? Shouldn’t you focus on what we paid for before you go off the rails and add a bunch of side content? MMO or MOBA class/disc balance has always been a huge issue I worry the team will
  12. That seems petty. How dare them punish us for going outside the intended rules and in some instances even monetizing it.
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