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  1. So cap blight damage or amount of orbs popped.
  2. The LMB’s do no damage and then blight one shots you. It’s a craven combo from people clutching to a mechanic that they enjoy but is overwhelmingly bad for the community at large. I’ve never died to it and doubt I will as the ranger in the back. It doesn’t impact me. It impacts others and is a poorly made socks mechanic.
  3. If I cut my finger off I don’t need to be a doctor to know it’s bad. If any class could LMB 15 times and then execute any player it would be a problem. Don’t let your bias and need to win blind you to the problem.
  4. Any argument from a position of authority lacks the merit to stand on its own. What does playing a Druid or how complicated it is have to do with the fact that no class should have one shot mechanics. If ranger could LMB you 15 times then gauatenee execute you and all others around you, assuming they hit, I’d still be arguing against it. @blair your response on last nights stream was inadequate. You stated the reason it does so much right now is people lack the resistances but that means that when we have the resistance to survive it all the other Druid damage will also be impacted, severely.
  5. So your argument for why it's okay is you haven't seen enough people do it to think its a problem. No class should be able to one shot, unsuspecting or poorly prepared, people.
  6. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    Half elf for me but without fae i think its too slow; the movement speed while stealthed will be such a large quality of life. I'd like to see what the elf can do too but its not done. My reason for half elf over human and nelth is the base dex and ooc movement speed.
  7. Since druid orbs can be placed, and are invisible, and then blown up to one shot groups of people will other classes be getting one shot abilities too? @Tyrant 1. Clerics could one shot with a heal that targets bad guys. 2. Let assys just one shot for being in stealth near people. 3. Remove rats from the game. 4. Champions should get an aoe one shot so druids aren't the only one. It's funny watching druid players defend this option and all the other non druid players condemn it. I'm not sure the devs are aware of the blight that is druid orbs (see what I did there). I know this conversation is happening in the whale boards but not everything should be behind closed doors.
  8. What? That's a horrible design choice... The only two healers shouldn't have a wide disparity in the value of their "Ults". Make them different but make them both valuable.
  9. Having played neither can somebody explain the difference in the two C's? @Tinnis
  10. Stealth movement speed feels a little too slow, like holy custard this is so slow its painful slow. I blame destrin.
  11. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    Melee dagger mastery with agent prov
  12. VIP time bank

    I will kill scree in honor of this.
  13. VIP time bank

    @Tyrant @thomasblair Test has the expanded VIP time bank and it’s a godsend for testers like me who haven’t been able to login everyday to update my training. Is there any word on putting this to live so that it doesn’t feel like a chore to have to login to train even though I don’t have time to play that day? I’d be willing to sacrifice Scree if it would help get an answer.