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  1. Don’t you dare mention the word Druid or all of -W- will appear to white knight against you. As somebody not as invested as others I already think Druid is by far the most advanced and diverse class. It seems to be the only class capable of vastly different roles or hybrid roles if needed. Why does it need an escape mechanic that powerful?
  2. My close friend Eddie has a a joke about that...
  4. Personal attacks are rude! Ban him! I'm patching for this test, I expect praise and adoration.
  5. Our wedding cake is the only cake I will buy...
  6. I feel like a toxic doomsayer but I have the same question for almost every scenario. Can Unity handle this?
  7. As a troll I get a bonus to bridge crafting, right?
  8. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Isn't that also the clinical word for an unnatural love of a tinnis?
  9. Eh I didn't even think of the different environments. SB had it pretty easy with one island was always ice (well big ice and little ice), one was always desert, one was chaos, then undead but if its all random they would still have to have some oversight or there might be some shenanigans. Is there going to be water? I'd love to see people drown like in SB. Actually unrelated to world building, but suddenly on my mind, a world chat that announced when somebody died and to whom was a great thing. Seeing people die to water was always hilarious.
  10. We need lizard men, its just a fact. Not as a playable race, just in the game and also as a playable race.
  11. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Tinnis truly is an asset to the community.
  12. Soft Launch

    You done virtue signalling? Can we discuss the op's point yet?
  13. Soft Launch

    I know Krak, brah, you seem upset. The man calls himself Tyrant, obviously he can take a joke (and he does look like hooligan cheney). I've dealt with him on a plethora of issues and he is exceedingly responsive and helpful but he is a shrewd business man. When they do right I praise them, when they do wrong I call them on their hogwash. You done white knighting them? Can you resume the topic of the thread without further derailing and forcing them to close the discussion? Are you done being a lickspittle? Have you sufficiently bent the knee in praise of the all father? Stop being so obsequious. The OP voiced concerns and I agree with some of his statements. It would be nice to get some dev love on the thread but I'd honestly rather them work instead of humoring us right now. Also, RIP the stoneborn hype...
  14. Soft Launch

    Please don't launch CF like you did SB.