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  1. Can’t we all agree that any of these long periods of silence equally suck and are bad for the community?
  2. That’s my thing, get your own.
  3. Of course guards and walls count when looking at it from a tactic or perspective. Composition, gear, numbers are all larger contributing factors. It should be easy to defend an asset than it is to take one. So congrats on defending, I guess? Personally, its good to see order run their mouths and try to get their mojo back. Let’s not confuse winning a few defensive fights with being the dominate force that has crushed almost all of the NA trials and campaigns (one of these isn’t like the others). tldr; If you’re not willing to do anything to win then games might not be the right past time for you. There will always be somebody willing to win at all costs.
  4. They aren’t a problem. You merely forgot to count them as YOUR allies in the fights so we put the * on it for you.
  5. Is anybody okay with this marketing trend??
  6. I tend to disagree with @Durenthal but he’s right. @Pann @jtoddcoleman @Tyrant please read his post.
  7. If we don’t get a new rock to bash in one the upcoming diaries I’m going to be disappointed.
  8. If you’re that desperate for work I’m sure we can get you some prosthetic elf ears and call you an intern. Never mind, that position has been filled. Staffs third cousin on his mother’s side has a friend with a better resume.
  9. We here at HoA value the community and feel as your benevolent Elvish Overlords we aren’t doing right by you. We forgot how fragile humans can be and we apologize for the soul crushing defeats we have been dishing out. Our community outreach program will begin starting 20200214 0000 hrs. Any humans that feel they have been overly abused may contact our highly trained human liaison elf’s at 1800QQNOMRE and file a claim for aid from the empire. Remember you’re not just dirty human slaves that dance and die for our amusement but community members too.
  10. I like how you know my name but I don’t know who you are. You shouldn’t get so upset bromego. You came to an HoA video and starting running your mouth but got real defensive when then guild called you out. We get it: you don’t like your Elvish Overlords. We at HoA appreciate all the donations your guild has made to ours and look forward to dancing to your lamentations. If you need an elvish tutor in the arts of war one can be arranged for you. Just let us know and we will arrange for Ble to come over and tutor you.
  11. @soulein you need to be careful. I heard there’s a flash flood warning Bc of all these tears. Also, love the video @Ble.
  12. If we could get a dev to read this at the next q/a I think my life would be complete.
  13. Lol every argument all the people on these boards have made against population control are talking about dregs...
  14. It’s good to see the CF tourism department is alive and well. You do understand all of you’re arguments are fine for factions but not wanted in dregs. You do understand there is a difference right? In factions there should 100% be a mechanic to balance populations. Factions is supposed to be easier, fairer and safer. Dregs on the other hand is supposed to be more brutal and have a higher risk/reward ratio. Population control is fine for factions but keep that dev interference hand holding “fair” crap you want out of dregs. Dregs is about doing what it takes to win or losing. tldr; Dregs: play to crush. Factions: play to fair fights, GG and all that other faux good sportsmanship you want.
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