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  1. Lol yea because asking the community who was winning was a fool proof system. SB servers weren’t winnable. They almost all died due to stagnation or CN zergs cleared them like a locust swarm. All of the original servers died to the beta guilds smashing all competition into nothing but empty servers. There will have to be a point system system to determine the winner and controlling assets seems the best way to ensure who is winning a throne war sim about asset control. Tldr; could always tell who was winning a sb server? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Cf will have to better than the chaos that was sb and better than the circle standing that determines who’s winning now.
  2. @Kianna_RuneMaker water is a cosmetic fluff that takes a lot of work for very little game effect. Let them do the major components of the game and then they can do some lame ass pirate water expansion later. Tldr; coolster is right.
  3. I don't like them either but I see no alternative within the confines of the game to determine whom the winner of the campaigns are. There is very clearly supposed to be one so they need a clear system to determine whom that is.
  4. The whole point of this sandbox is that it’s one you can win. How in the custard do want them to determine the winner if not by assets controlled in a throne war simulator?
  5. You want skirmishes and ganking to be as important or more important to the long term winner in a campaign than sieges and asset control? It's a throne war simulator not some noobie gank fest.
  6. All the wow bg's are instanced pvp with their very own specific win conditions and if you just recklessly pvp and ignore the objective of the map then you will lose.
  7. Such a helpful member of the community. @Andrallia archdruid is a complex “bomb” template. It’s basic premise is to throw down Druid healing orbs and then detonate them for a huge amount of damage. It requires a fairly significant (for CF) amount of preparation but when executed correctly is hard to avoid and can easily one shot people foolish enough to get caught. It works the same for PvE and PvP. It’s not much of a healer but it’s damage it’s substantial.
  8. I don’t think that’s possible with the sheer amount of hogwash presented in this thread. It’s exhausting just reading, I’m glad I’m mostly a by stander in this one. We have in one corner Jah, a man I’ve argued with for years and is often such a slave to the truth than any nuance is lost on him. In the other corner, and challenger, is the herald of Uncle Bob: a man (maybe, don’t wanna assume) who has a loose understanding of the truth and instead prefers anecdote and hyperbole over anything resembling legitimacy and habitually travels from game to game complaining about whatever guild/faction is winning and how it’s destroying the game.
  9. Lol if they take years more to launch they will run out of money and there will be no CF.
  10. First of all this is CF so we use Blair Math in these parts of the internet’s. Secondly, is this what you do? Go from game to game losing and crying about tyrant factions/guilds touching your no no spot? It’s exhausting reading your post. How do you maintain whinging across multiple forums for years? You’re outnumbered (even when you’re not), out classed and out played and you want desperately want a game where you’re not at the bottom of the server. It’s only going to get worse in the dregs. When we can come along and take everything you own and leave you with nothing. How many guilds will you join and watch die?
  11. He’s never dodged an ability in his life.
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