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  1. They are using a service with paid testers who log every bug. As a fellow privileged tester I doubt the pre alpha gang is big on giving detailed bug reports for every issue in an easily traceable and useful format. This is probably the best decision they have made for themselves, it’s just bad for you and me Bc we are bored.
  2. Lol people are dying but hey you’re bored.
  3. @Pannso the only one left is high elf?
  4. That greedy WHO out to stomp those public events out for their own gain...almost fell for it. -cough- -sneeze- -Wonders why all these elderly people around me are dying-
  5. Most of those medical masks are only rated for very short term use: 30 minutes or less. The moister from breathing in a close proximity to the mask break downs it’s effectiveness very very quickly.
  6. A 1% morbidity rate isn’t something to joke about or blow off. That’s a lot of people. The WHO declared it a pandemic which is significant. Your sitting in a pretty privileged protected well suited country to be saying it’s over blown. It’s serious enough our POTUS is blocking air travel from foreign countries and is considering blocking domestic travel. If anybody wants it to be over blown fake news it would be Trump but if the grand Cheeto is worried for public safety then that should alarm everybody else. Is panic at the grocery stores helpful? Nah. Is every moron with a fever stressing the strained medical system helping? Nope. You know what is helping? Healthy vectors displaying no symptoms staying away from high risk people who smoke, have diabetes, heart related health issues, elderly and people with compromised immune systems (which is almost every American in at least one category). When health professionals we entrust tell us we are at risk you should listen, just like when you do your job minus the stress of the possible death of millions if you’re wrong.
  7. @thomasblair is this why jackal isn’t invited to any of the parties?
  8. They added Dergly to the filter...
  9. Your tone is so disrespectful as to make any point you tried make moot. I’m a troll, I’m an unpleasant person: I’d never be so disrespected as to make this post. Do I agree with her every time? Nope. Do I question the team? Yep. Does she have a poorly made dergsty job attempting to appease grown ass men on the internet? Yep! Next time you deal with a LEO please take this time and let me know how it goes...
  10. This post is the bridge to our memes.
  11. All of that is correct but that doesn’t change the fact that amazon knowingly marketed to a hardcore pvp crowd and then changed their mind with no community communication. That’s shady and ultimately probably better for their investment since PvE players are more abundant but nonetheless shady.
  12. Healers have vastly different healing styles in CF and their ultimates all function very very different.
  13. Isn’t that more than melee?
  14. Isn’t there a ranged tank confessor?
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