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  1. If you’re doomies focused more on dots than the unique debuffs available to doomsayer then they did you a great disservice. Mino doom was never going to have enough int to effectively drain mana from any competent healer; their min damage was higher than their max. The skill % debuffs, the con buff strip and debuff, VOP on a critical player at the right time; far more effective doomy than a mino doing minimum dot damage to health and mana when it could be dispelled by any priest worth a poorly made dergs. I do agree that the buff chars in SB quickly became bots and macros.
  2. I was a debuffer for almost of Shadowbane. Shadowbane had dozens of ways to built vital debuff chars for different formats and a few niche ones to counter specific forces and that’s not counting elemental debuff casters for damage. It also had chars entirely devoted to OOC buffing (but that was abused easily and by almost all of the community). CF missing out on Doomsayer makes me sad. It was a dot drained based class with several unique debuffs to help shape the battle. It was the perfect way to find key characters on the field and drain/debuff them so that being infamous was a liability
  3. @Ussiah@Spawl I got you fam, just gotta know who to ask.
  4. Which raises my question. Is cleric soul power intended to only be built by doing damage (as a melee range healer now) or is this something that needs to be addressed? @thomasblair @Tiggs can you raise this for us? It seems like something we all agree is either left our or needs to be addressed
  5. We still get noble purpose right? Mana shouldn’t be an issue. As for ults, if I’m healing I should be able to built my ult up by healing but the game doesn’t work like that. Anybody know if that’s over sight or intentional?
  6. If the talents aren’t easily changed then they can’t exactly go back and change them and expect all of the Crusader cleric vessels to be rerolled Bc they fixed a single node. Do we need better choices? Sure. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter though as we will all and up funneled into the “best” build. I’m starting to think In CF your class build isn’t how you build differently; it’s the race, minors and majors that make your character different.
  7. As players we will always take the best “build” and mathematically speaking there will always be one. They absolutely could add a few more choices but most of them still won’t be taken, just whatever the best is. All talents in all the game are just illusions of Choice.
  8. Never played one, never been afraid of them enough to even notice them. Is this the biggest change
  9. Did anything actually change?? I’ve only every casually looked at duelist and these all seem the same as they are now.
  10. So if the only domain I can take is just the one and the only discs I can take are just from that one category that is going to suck.
  11. There’s a problem with that. We are designed to take two majors. If the only one way I qualify for majors is with domains then it really limits what majors are available, which ultimately limits customization.
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