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  1. What insurmountable guild do you think can't be beaten?
  2. They want small guilds to form alliances to combat other guilds. They have stated this.
  3. It will be here next week according to the devs. They custarded up not launching with it.
  4. Go play factions if you’re guild isn’t able to compete in dregs. Factions is literally designed for guilds who lack the pop and infrastructure to compete in dregs. Why split a very small pop so you can get the rewards for dregs but none of the intended play style. Dregs is their intended large guilds to fight with little hand holding for those that want dominance. There’s no shame in being a small guild in factions but whinging to get the game changed to suit you when you don’t want to work for it is shameful.
  5. I still advocate for find an alliance and getting in the conquest. If nobody is trying to win the game who’s whole thing is “you can win” the. The game is fubar’d.
  6. I’m notoriously cranky about this game so don’t just not try Bc I said it will suck. Find allies. There’s plenty of people in the same boat. Start something. Don’t just not try Bc a grumpy guy said it was hard.
  7. I disagree with this. Knowing what is good at what and understanding their horrendous class balance is far more important than gear curve. If you can’t build a char right for what you’re wanting it to do the gear doesn’t matter and there’s plenty of videos of Snowye, zybak and Rufio just destroying people in poorly made dergs gear and or out numbered. It’s also appalling how few people in the smaller guilds refuse to heal or understand that healers were created unequal for every situation. Almost all armor is poorly made dergs and war tribe gear is competitive. Vessels are the only gear advantage that really matters and every player should be constantly upgrading theirs and if you’re not you’re ( hopefully don’t understand the game and we can fix that) or youre choosing to be a disadvantage Bc you can’t be bothered to play the game as intended.
  8. I don’t think the solution is ban people who bought multiple accounts. Fix the import system and make gear bound when imported/exported.
  9. Equipped is safe. If you roll up with small group and aren’t going to join an alliance you’re going to get smashed by the existing guilds.
  10. Dislikes: 1. With zone caps and performance being so wonky it’s confusing why alliance cap is 2500. Guild cap and alliance cap should be the same number. Let the cap be 500 for both. That allows 5 100 guilds to band together to fight a larger guild of 500 but still allows a guild to host all its alt accounts that beta testers bought with the old systems before you changed them and made them worthless. I have ten useless accounts. I personally prefer larger fights that matter for control of the map. I don’t think the smaller guilds can survive much longer just getting pounded and they won’t ally together Bc what’s the point? 2. Class balance is wonky. There’s a few specs that are just plain bad. There a few just absurdly strong specs and there’s everybody in the middle. 3. Group size being 6 still forces 2/6 group members to be healers for large fights Bc healers can’t heal themselves effectively when targeted. Give us larger group size so less people are forced to heal. 4. The chat system is an abomination. It should be put down. 5. Resources aren’t fought over. Consolidate r10 resources around keeps and castle to force us to fight over those. Make them desirable for more than just points. 6. The dev team stressed over and over that CF was a game we could win. The problem is most people don’t care about the rewards for winning so why put the effort in to winning? Give winners unique cosmetics, skins, transmogs, titles, mounts or other hogwash that’s simple for looks/flexing. Nothing that gives an in game advantage. Something people will want. 7. We need more information on patch notes. We have no idea why changes are made. Riot has this down. When you buff or or nerf something please tell us what your plan and thinking was. Context matters. Take for example nerfing ranger ults. It’s great for balancing wardens but we don’t understand why you did it to the 3.4 brigand players in the game. There’s some weird changes in the patch notes that look like changes for the sake of it. Give us context. 8. NPE is absolutely bad. Why are we even leveling basic vessels? Just start us at 30. Let people level vessels. Likes: 1. Tiggs. 2. See 1. 3. CF is a lot of fun when it’s fun but when it’s not I wonder what poor life decisions led me to this game…
  11. I have ten accounts from when I needed that many Bc of the old training system. Now they are just import bots. It’s def p2export.
  12. We've owned the castle from day 1 on east, never been seriously contested. sad.
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