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  1. It was never implemented. I paid $800 for one and it was never made.
  2. Black guards launched nearly worthless and then a balance pass was done after a month and now y’all complaining they are broken. There were posts about them being op but eh they pushed it through with next to no testing.
  3. I was referencing a scene from mad max fury road but that works too
  4. Most people craft in EK’s and import it in.
  5. Powers in those games were built with that aoe strat from the ground up. I don’t have faith that this dev team could reverse engineer combat to accomplish that. If they just flipped the switch tomorrow and went through every ability and just made the cap 100 I don’t think it would work. Their entire power set is based off stacking. They would have to redo and in some cases entirely rethink powers and class themes. I don’t trust ace to accomplish that with a reduced team in a timely manner and be able to afford it. Do you?
  6. Handshake with who? 3 months of static zerging, serverperformance as shaky as a Marty Mcfly autograph and little communication with the devs has soured remaining pop. They allowed an arms race with 500 man alliances that were just bad for the game. Server performs is eh and crashes during major sieges still. A stale meta has produced stake sieges when they do work. The harvesting and crafting system are horribly unfriendly to new players. The giant empty maps don’t do them any good. CF had some good ideas but how do you undo so many poor decisions and restore community faith? Like with what money are they going to fix it?
  7. Shame on both parties then. Please report bugs so they can be fixed. Don't just whie on the boards bc you didn't ask for something they didn't do; they aren't mind readers.
  8. What does this have to do with the topic of the thread?
  9. Did those guilds send multiple tickets? Had I known LoD got theirs fixed but others hadn't I be big mad at ace too.
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