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  1. Shadowbane Players Where ya at?

    O sure that name is allowed...
  2. A contemplation for all SB veterans

    For the sake of context can you clarify when was the last time you won a bane war?
  3. Can I get a dev response to my question about Rangers having access to stealth? In the video Blair did on Tuesday he said one class has four trays, just wondering if that mean rangers will not have access to stealth. @thomasblair @Tyrant @jtoddcoleman
  4. Selenia of QFT sayz hello!

    How can I like one QFT guy but think all the other belong in death camps?
  5. Heed the Call:

  6. @thomasblair In the video you said that only Assy will have four trays (surv, stealth, melee and ranged with rune) does this mean Ranger will not have access to stealth? When the stalker and ranger were combined it was implied it would be a class with stealth available. The ranger already has three trays, stealth would be their fourth. I know you were just thinking off the top of your head in the video but now that you can sit down and definitely answer some clarity on the issue would be appreciated. I'm all for penalties to people out of combat but shouldn't the system automatically assume your in combat if you're being attacked? Like the first attack gets full bonus but after that shouldn't it put you in a set default state of being in combat?
  7. [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

    I forgive you.
  8. Heed the Call:

    Can I join?
  9. Heed the Call:

    O hi. Will always be Rixie and Mollywhopped to me.
  10. I never could tell the lore difference in prelate and saders, just too similar to be two distinct classes. Saders weren't the best nuking but had good utility and prelates were just nukers with limited utility. I don't think a healing discipline will make a knight a good healer or even remotely viable but I'm sure somebody will try it. With the current 5 man groups its going to force 40% of them to be able to heal to remain competitive and I worry if it will shift it even more with two clerics and a staff druid bouncing between dps and heals.
  11. I think scale is mail in that pic. From left to right its plate/scale/leather/cloth.
  12. Didn't Gaea curse them? She rewarded the first one but men who wander to far are cursed by her woods Would be ironic for a cursed person to have the favor of the same god.
  13. Might be some diversity at the start but with group comps being only 5 (should be more) it basically forces you to run two healers per group to be competitive which means 40% of your player base will have to play clerics and druids. You need two healers so one healer can always be covering while the other is running or taking care of themselves so this small group comp will always favor two healers. I'd like to see that expanded so there is more chances for people to play other things than just 40% of your player base being force into two classes to maintain the meta.
  14. Extra passive, extra button on your bar, racial passive to take less dmg, item slot nobody else has, activated ability that makes all ur abilites do more for more cost and some of every stat. What race has better stats that that? I