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  1. Did you do much end game organized sieges or is this from a solo/small group skirmish perspective? It’s very much an identity problem. What kind of game is CF trying to be? It can’t be all these things it’s pretending to be.
  2. I’m more than a little confused why previous investment in vessels doesn’t carry over or why we must start over if we wish a different tier of vessel. I should be able to upgrade a vessel as I’m using it, not start over 100% with a new vessel of the same race/class anytime I want to upgrade. @thomasblairwhy aren’t vessels upgraded over time instead of starting over as the system currently is?
  3. It sounds like we played vastly different games. There was very much an established series of metas in Shadowbane.
  4. Yea but it looks complex so who cares!
  5. So anybody else is banished? Eh... Shouldn’t they plan for their game to be able to run the larger number than plan on failure and a way to save face?
  6. So the entire basis of your idea is outliers fueling the economy?
  7. I don’t think you really understand. There is no reason for an established guild to sell its overflow items. There is no reason for me to help the enemy and if you’re not my direct ally then you’re 100% my enemy. Only one winner...
  8. No I don’t. As a guild effort we are completely self contained. I wouldn’t sell tools to enemy to make them harder for me to defeat. There will never be that kind open economy in Cf. Stockpiles will eventually form and some will be traded to allies but this mass wow auction house idea won’t work in Cf.
  9. Why would I sell viable and strategic resources to my enemy?
  10. They don’t play the game. They are making it, they test some stuff, they design it all but they don’t play it as it’s intended. Crafting doesn’t have to be a complicated grind simply for the sake of it being a complicated grind but it is and it’s been a persistent problem.
  11. @thomasblair crafting feels like a chore Bc it’s designed to feel like one. It’s not fun, it’s not engaging but it is complicated, time consuming and required for competitive play. Why?
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