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  1. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    I disagree with that assertion almost entirely. Skill, discipline, tolerance, stubbornness are all nice words but we are here because of entitlement and money spent. We are some of the most fickle bias people in any community I have ever been apart of.
  2. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Just wait till there are some large sieges and people lose months of work or if somebody dominates a spring phase of a CW so hard everybody quits because it's not worth the time. I'm a glutton for punishment but your average consumer is not.
  3. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    3 times a charm for 5.7 patch notes
  4. Assassin Greatsword?

    @Jah this your alt?

    @Pann are there any US events like this on the calendar for 2018?
  6. Fort fight with Order

  7. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    Tag a dev JTC and ask a good solid question. He typically responds. He’s also good about responding on Twitter.
  8. @vkromas Is critical hit defense supposed to make it so heals cannot crit?
  9. game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    What are you hoping for?
  10. Big news for ArtCraft !

    Is this a meme like Oprah handing out individual zones?
  11. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    We aren't going to be in those trees for the first months of launch so it wouldn't even matter to me if we don't see them for a while. Take some time, build them right imo.