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  1. He isn’t real, just a Bronze Age Human myth told to control the masses with guilt and intolerance.
  2. If the only way to keep players is too reward everybody then you will bleed people.
  3. Not everybody cares about cosmetics and getting ass pounded for a 90 day trial just for a fancy feather headdress won’t be worth it to everybody.
  4. I don’t have a clue as to what it will be.
  5. It’s what happened in SB. Tourist season was every server up, people would lose a few banes or not try as hard as the organized guilds and subsequently quit. I have no reason to suspect human nature has changed and the devs have implemented no reason to stay in a campaign once you start to lose. It’s what happens every server up in emulated Sb. Sbemu somehow has more players than CF btw.
  6. Lots of people have lost, blames a plethora of issues and quit.
  7. I doubt they will do something with that qol for launch. That def sounds like something the game should have but def ain’t gona have it for the first year.
  8. So every vendor on every ek would link to an “auction house”? You’re just removing the entire social aspect of the EK’s then.
  9. They have already monetized it, some backers have thousands of dollars in Ek purchases. I gifted a mountain citadel and the required capital parcel to my guild (those aren't cheap). Depending if they follow through with original relics ideas then larger EK's will be able to house more people thus giving more players access to relics there (those buffs won't be huge but they will add up over time and giving it to a lot of people is an advantage backers will have over new guilds). I care nothing for EK's personally but I do believe they will be the door wars to the economy in the game and established guilds will quickly establish a stranglehold on major economies. The can monetize through weapon skins, ek skins, mount skins, titles, banners, pennants and VIP and never alter the out come of a single fight.
  10. Player A has a mountain citadel, the capital parcel, a half dozen other parcels and buildings for all of them. I got that from my kickstarter purchase and will be ready to slot vendors and factory thralls the day I get them. Player A could potentially slot dozens of NPC's. I'll be able to populate my vendors with any excess gear and I'll have a team of guildies ready to help run the business that will be my trader city EK on day 1 or as soon as we have excess to sell. Player B is a new player in a new guild. They will need to spends weeks/months farming raw materials to be able to even get their EK's going, as they are starting from nothing, and thats just to get basic EK land and buildings. Player B starts with zero capability to slot NPC's. Which is more likely to gain that initial grip over the economy and hold it? Which has the advantage not available to the other one?
  11. I don’t think you understand the depth of what EK’s were supposed to be. They can be mercantile hubs with vendors, the larger ones having more vendors available. Those vendors have player made assets in them that then turn the owner a profit. When thralls are put in it will be even more lucrative for the large EK owners. Theres a few EK’s out there that have filled guilds coffers.
  12. Monetized EK’s means a instant capitalist baron status for those who can shell out rl money. That sounds like pay to win to anybody not in the esoteric backer circles.
  13. The same alliance on NA has won every campaign or trial for the past year and half (it’s like 12 or 13 consecutive wins). Some of them close, some of them snowballs. You’re arguing that with every win we should have gotten more of an advantage over the players we already beat Bc since we won we deserve a prize? There should be no in game advantage for winning. A cosmetic reward: titles, weapon skins, mounts, badges, armor dyes, banners, eq stuff are all appropriate for winning but an advantage that helps the team that just won continue to win is the very definition of Uncle Bob and is bad.
  14. There has been no comment but it’s clear the winning team doesn’t need an in game advantage from winning, especially if that advantage will push them towards winning again.
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