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  1. You're not going to be able to swap discs on vessels.. You're not supposed to be self sufficient. You're supposed to be a part of the loop and need other people to do what you can't do. You need a guild.
  2. I don't want last names. I want all of my chars to be named Mandalore. I hate to bring some lore into this to attack your idea but the bodies you inhabit and build, Frankenstein style, are not your original body. You are a crow, a spirit blessed with eternal life and the ability to posses vessels (bodies you've made whole). Your crow has an identity but the vessels are just meat for you to inhabit in your holy war for the gods favor. Why would a ghost change their name and identity based off the body they are possessing? @Valandril
  3. I'm a grave digger though... EKS DONT HAVE GRAVE NODES!
  4. The zone cap is a performance barrier, not an intended mechanic. As performance goes up they expect to raise the cap until, afaik, it is removed.
  5. Don't you bring your player agency theories into this conversation! How does EK buildings equal pay to win? I have 19 farmland parcels, I better win damn it...
  6. Or they wanna use social media as a medium for the community to advertise the game with the fights that we deem epic (epically good or epically bad)...
  7. April 1st release dates always makes me suspicious.
  8. @Endless has never been defeated. How did this turn into EvE hogwash the rest of us don’t understand.
  9. What’s fun to you is anecdotal. I personally prefer large grand fights that change the map. I’m not arguing which is better, my whole point is that the meta seems intentional with twice as many melee as there are ranged.
  10. That’s irrelevant to my point. There’s twice as many melee classes as their are ranged so more people are playing melee. If they add more ranged I’m sure that goes up. They took a class like ranger and gave it two melee builds and one ranged. That seems intentional.
  11. Siege Equipment in Shadowbane was tied to the guild (nation) defending and the guild (nation) attacking. Just for a point of reference of what JTC’s previous siege game had.
  12. My point is I think the blob is purposeful and designed that way. Why else would there be so many 8m range classes? Why else would so many keeps/forts/assets be designed with so many choke points?
  13. The blob melee meta is a reflection of the fact that it’s 20 melee vs 10 ranged specs. The game is flooded with melee. If 66% of the game has an 8m range or less than most of the game will be fought at 8m or less.
  14. All the KS backers above amber (250) have a ridiculous amount of EK assets already. The Ek’s have already been monetized.
  15. I think what’s he’s saying is those are top end legendary weapons with 85 embers worth of rerolls from crafters stacked in min/max crafted gear.
  16. I forgot to add they took ranger and made 2/3 of its promotion paths melee.
  17. I played rangerfall too. You could be a powerful archer back then, you can't anymore.
  18. My whole point is the melee ball seems intentional bc of the flooding of melee classes in the game and the dilution of ranged. The fact that one hard counter rune shuts down almost every range class tells me they intentionally want a melee heavy game. If 66% of the game has an 8m range or less then I expect most of the fighting will be done at 8m or less.
  19. That only helps my point though. 19 melee aren’t healers, 8 ranged aren’t healers (two of which are ranged dps/healer hybrids).
  20. There are twice as many melee as there are ranged. Mechanics aren't going to change that. Adding 3 ranged (if all of FW is ranged) will bring it 20/13, still a lot more melee than range. Nothing clever, aoe caps being removed, siege mechanics being changed, none of that is going to change that there a custard ton more melee classes than ranged. The melee ball seems intentional.
  21. How will blobs die when most the classes are still melee?
  22. Well then the problem, as I see it, is that I can't personally abuse it so it needs to be removed.
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