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  1. Any word on what’s going to be discussed this Q/A?
  2. I hope every Thursday at noon you can hear the sighs in the ACE offices...
  3. I want in game balance for races and classes. I’ve never advocated for healers (I’m a support player) to be stronger; I’ve advocated for more diverse healers and a reassessment of the high TTK in small scale and the short TTK in large scale. This is a good post by ace and I hope the repeat this style of successful posting.
  4. Ooooo I get it now. My bad. I have sfyriphobia and I’m just always on the look out.
  5. Pann doesn’t towel snap. She wields a MOAB shaped like a hammer that she drops from her hammer space ship that deploys from the USS Banhammer while in low orbit.
  6. Letting people bail defeats some of the effort of winning. There needs to be a middle ground. If I can join and leave what’s to prevent me from using it to inflate a servers pop, knowing me and mine will be leaving and using it to troll.
  7. I agree but it’s need a cool down and cost you something. Putting in the time and effort to win just to have everybody leave is going to suck. Being stuck in a CW you hate is going to suck. Having a CW. You. Can. Win. Is going to suck.
  8. I think we all talk a big game and all pretend to be hardcore no life rage nerds but we are in our 30s+ and a few CW of longer duration for dregs would be, personally, ideal. Do i think its great for the few loud mouth minority players chasing Shadowbane 2 (me). Yep. Are most the players going to want it? custard no. CF has some huge longevity issues, assuming they even fix the core problems it has. Being locked to a long CW you can’t win is going to suck. Being able to leave it and screw the winner isn’t a solution either. With different time zones, different continents, different languages, different CW types (gods reach, Dregs and factions) and different durations how many CWs can they possibly have running? That’s a lot of dev work to do post launch, plus adding all the stuff that’s going to be missing.
  9. Sure but if it’s only for the 5k people who liked Shadowbane and have the time to play like a no life neckbeard then why bother. They are a business and yes it’s a niche game but if it’s just the no life Shadowbane fans in their 30’s then they are going to lose money.
  10. That’s fun for us but not others. I still play sb , obviously I’m a moron. This isn’t 2003, the market is flooded with games and the moment cf isn’t fun the pop will hop to other games.
  11. I don’t want it to be short but I have feeing the pop won’t do long servers if it’s certain who’s going to win.
  12. I’m pretty sure that was never listed as a possibility. Building location has always been tied to preset POI’s.
  13. I’ll see your troll and raise you a Wednesday at soon.
  14. Yea but why waste the resources if people are going to be flooding test? It doesn’t add up to me. Launch a CW you know nobody is going to be invested in playing?
  15. We were told February And it’s clear to most that’s unlikely to happen but this idea that you can tell us nothing isn’t going to work forever. It’s been a bad few months for CF fans and any question seems to be shut down, hard. If you’re launching another CW then that prob means no patch this month. Everybody understands if you’re running behind or late but this keep us in the dark and feed us hogwash is how you alienate your community (even your biggest fans expect so little of you at this point). Please stop snarling and gnashing your teeth when we criticize the lack of community this community has. Community is about communication, something we have we don’t have. Crowfall doesn’t have to be laughed at like NW, AoC or CU but you seem determined to be disliked by your players.
  16. mandalore


    All of that sounds awesome. It doesn’t seem like that’s what ACE is going to do.
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