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  1. I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on this. How do you obtain higher ranking parcels (beyond rank 1)?
  2. Many of us understand the concept of PvPvE and PvE gameplay, while many others do not. With the many changes brought about with the recent wipe, it may be a viable consideration to develop and implement a mechanism that prevents players of the same faction from looting NPC corpses of which they do not own. Given how experience gain works at the moment, if you are not the first person to "tag" a mob, you do not yield experience from it. This mechanic alone indicates a form of ownership, so with that being noted... the same suit should follow for loot. The environment that it has begun to c
  3. As do I. ACE ranks among the best in my book - hence my question.
  4. Just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing any complications with reaching out to support. I have dropped a ticket or two yesterday and today, however have not received a response as usual. Not even an acknowledgement. Just trying to establish whether or not its me, or they are focused on more important tasks.
  5. This wiseguy lmao, funny stuff!
  6. Just curious as I cannot find it anywhere (maybe I am not looking hard enough), but when is the July Q&A going to be if any or if it has not already passed. Also, is there a Q&A schedule?
  7. I wanted to take a moment to throw an update out on this. I apologize for the delay as I was wrapped up in a major transition effort for the company I am employed by. Ill be focusing on this again now that things have settled down. Updates to come!
  8. I had read that information here. Last paragraph under the "Upgraded" header. Regarding additional chat commands - I am going to be adding these chat commands, I just have been overly swamped with work today and have not had a chance to break away ☹️. Writing a guide like this takes a bit of time and it doesn't help that I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to delivery *chuckle*. Regarding parcel placement and alignment - I am aware of the guidelines with placement and will be discussing them in the 5.0 section once I get there. Time is not my friend at the moment 😋 Rega
  9. I have added these under 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8. Thank you again for the contribution!
  10. Right on! I'm working toward completing this no later than tomorrow and will be sure to include this. The additional information is definitely appreciated!
  11. Enforcer


    I believe this was addressed in the last live-stream. I would have to check to be 100% sure, but I do know for a fact that anything and everything storage related is on their task list, it just may not be a priority at this point in time.
  12. I’m playing Crowfall so that I can have a totally organic super tree farm... they better not ever be free 😂
  13. As of patch 5.92.2, I don’t believe the region change solution would apply as I believe they disabled the option to do so temporarily. If anyone finds themselves experiencing this issue again, I believe support is going to be the only option ATM as much as I would hate to see them with a heavier workload.
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