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  1. Nah, they need skills in their tree to achieve this, if anyone can be a tank trought disciplines this makes no sense for archetypes. Its the poor choice of appropriate skills in their tree that sould define them. Devs need to take the stance of a PvP tank instead of a PvE tank, two seconds, and ask themselves "Why must I attack the tank in PvP" to successfully design the class. Which they didn't so far. They must create a class able to give a pressure to the other team, instead, they just gave a class more HP/mitigation, creating some sort of segregation: "Oh ok, he's tanky, we'll save him for last when all its partners are dead and he's no threat". Wrong! Other team must be constantly conflicting between 2 choices: 1."Ok, we should attack the tank now" or 2."No we can't attack the tank now". And this PvP pressure is created by giving tanks unique mechanics/abilities, not HP/Regen stats stacking. Tanks are not as self-reliant as people think they should be, especially in this game which is team focused, they take part in helping their team and must be viewed as support character first and create pressure on other team somehow in order to force players to attack them. You wanted a MMO?! THINK as a MMO dev should. A lot of games created this artificially through the "taunt" technique, which is considered a CC but which mechanic is incredibly broken, in every game, unless its against AI/PvE, or it get some very specific PvP interpretation, like Warhammer online. Instead of being resilient, tanks should give HP, mitigation bonus to their group (not stacking per tanks) a bit like weapon power/support power, damage reduction bonus to the whole group (like that 15% damage reduction bard song), being able to give support power to healers without being a healer himself. Get placement CCs, throws and such, directed knockdowns/knockback to help is team strategically. Devs gotta be creative in order to create a class that build pressure while no being singularly overestimated when it comes to its survival. A focused/ganked tank falls as quick as anyone else, so its important to give him value in a team (at least 2) to encourage them to play in team, and not go solo camping.
  2. I second Enforcer here, live servers are unplayable this morning. I started mining for a while and had my character stuck bashing the node for 33 seconds straight, after releasing my F... that's how bad it is.
  3. Top duelist issues in current testing environment

    I actually like them with Bards and other supports discipline, and find them to make both very good kiters/scouts/runner from the natural resistance to CC from their skill tree. But they also have great bursts as assassins available considering the exposed status, there's also a few disciplines that can add punishment to the Exposed status, such as Mole Hunter. Like you said, the pistol mastery is buggy. Pistols shots do not play sounds and are incredibly delayed in click response but other than that discipline, there's no big flaw observed from me. Just sucks for us gun users. I wouldn't see other class being able to play this archetype since its mechanic are essentially based on its digging ability, unique to rodents in general. (Would you really see a tauren try to dig bare handed?)
  4. Am I missing something?

    I only wanted to answer this tread's question, if you guys think that you arguing on my definition of specialization is making of me a troll, so be it, like I said, I've answered all questions on a partial basis and I wasn't the one sending insults or using passive/agressive stuff mate! Peace
  5. Am I missing something?

    That song again. Skills are not even 20% named. Make observations based out of what you got, not what's promised.
  6. Am I missing something?

    In the end, if with time everyone's skill tree fills up, where's your choice? Only in which order you put them. Get real.
  7. Am I missing something?

    I think pretty much by now judging by the snowflakes I've offended, specialization appears to be relative, so yeah, screw this...
  8. Am I missing something?

    When did I say the game chose for you? Chill bro. A specialist can't do everything, that's no rocket science... Unless you chose to define a specialist a guy who filled is skill-tree, fine then.
  9. Am I missing something?

    First choices are aesthetical choices so far, as attributes are not defined. Later on will it be changed? Do devs will do as they say they will? No one can tell, so I won't assume. Some players think its gonna be only flavor attribute, with no real impacts on gameplay. Skills are my major focus as a new player because they're so far the more stable/reliable source of stats improvement with a direct impact on gameplay. I can't craft advanced gear yet, everytime they just break and understand I gotta invest in appropriate skills but I believe they also play a big role as well in stats. Its about knowing what will make you a better tank, CCer, healer and optimize it, of course there's plenty of way to improve it it so far but I would call it specialization, just progression. My point about specialization is that you voluntarily chose to close avenues to get new ones. A concrete example would be to access a skill tree, let's say Champion, and remove a pip on a defensive skill node, to have it added to another skill of another attack skill node. So that defensive node would now have 4 pips available only instead of 5, but that other attack skill (let's say it's specifically increase % crit) would have 6 pips instead , allowing to reach 1.2% crit instead of a normally 1%, while sacrificing your armor bonus +10 to +8. That would further specialize you into a offensive meleer. A specialization depends on player's choice, the skill system actually depends on time, that's where I see a big difference on the fundamentals.
  10. Am I missing something?

    My point Grummiel being that there's no exclusive skills reserved for those chosing a prerequisite path. "Not having everything" is not the same as "being specialized".
  11. Just sharing my observation. This is obvious that I want to dissuade players with expectations such as mine, with the O of MMO out of the equation to spare themselves the trouble. I tought as a tester that hopefully, some devs would just read, hopefully there's enough troll bumping this so it will make it's way. I keep reading people that tries to make me pass this stat-based game as a Super smash bros. of some sort, I just don't get it. There's a skill-tree, yet everybody looks in denial in front of it. Cognitive dissonance at its finest. I'm mind-blown right now.
  12. Tell me when you come back of work then, we'll have a duel, you'll also be the first player I see today.
  13. I'm looking for premium stones, those aren't named "Premium stones".
  14. If you wish to make an game played in the longterm, its logic to say you must add content, not make its content "used-over--longer-period-of-time". This force a "cap of activity per day", so if let's say, you have a day off, wanna grind the poorly made socks out of it, you can't. Players get penalized, bad decision. Constructive option is to implement content.