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  1. Change it back. This is the most idiotic thing you have ever done.
  2. Any opportunity for fill ins to sign up in case someone has a team member not show up?
  3. Those three slackers in the background also don't have apples.
  4. I like this, there are a lot of small utility items they could put in there to incentivize pvp at the smaller outposts.
  5. When / if will we see either campaign rewards or more benefits from capturing these outposts / forts. Right now it seems like the only benefit to these outposts / forts is to move a slider on top of your screen through victory points. But without campaign rewards or some benefit to capturing other than a toast message to try and invite PVP, these victory points seem pointless.
  6. Give us a warlock that can summon undead minions, and re-animate the corpses of our fallen comrades. drop the fesser and call it a day.
  7. I agree with you the damage is done in the passive training tree, specifically if you train in the exploration section, that is where you will see the most improvement. The stats that affect harvesting, as it stands the increase you see from these stats is minimal at best. Let me get this straight, your opinion is that the balancing in the harvesting / crafting area is unbalanced because con and spirit play no role and the areas of expertise should be more evenly distributed among all stats so that no matter what race you play you should have an advantage. And your purposed solution to th
  8. Tank your settings, disable any advanced settings you may have enables and try reducing your resolution size. Not much else you can do without further optimization, I don't have the newest or baddest machine but I find that tanking your settings can get you an extra 5-10 fps.
  9. Best suggestion in this thread, more of this please ACE.
  10. Please give us something, an estimated release date? Your hopes and dreams even! we are all chomping at the bit for 5.7
  11. Joined House Avari a few weeks ago after teaming up with one of their harvesters to do motherloads, very active core of veterans that are extremely knowledgeable about the game. Very helpful guild that provided me with armor, weapons, and advice immediately upon joining. We participate in every aspect of the game and it is always a fun experience, especially in PvP. Would Recommend 10/10
  12. But more so if they are starving.
  13. Not sure what VIP or the lack there of has to do with this discussion. Your high Str combat character will only receive benefits in a certain area of harvesting, same with Dex and Int. I wouldn't underestimate spirit either it increases stamina, if you focus on single nodes this can be quite useful. At higher rank single nodes you can be 1 swing from destroying a node and be completely out of stamina, now the high Str, Dex, and Int vessels will have to wait for their stamina bar to recharge before swinging again to destroy the node, not sure how long the stamina bar takes to recharge but let's
  14. I'm afraid you are still missing my point, your crow is your main, not the flesh suit you occupy while waging war for your god. This game is all about specialization, you specialize a vessel for healing, for damage, for tanking, for crafting and for harvesting. If you are bringing your high spirit vessel to harvest you are doing it wrong. Let me put this in other terms, if you were moving you wouldn't use your Lamborghini to haul all your furniture to your new home. You would use a truck, why? Because it is the right tool for the job. You have to specialize if you want to be good at
  15. But how are farmers supposed to make a living.
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