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  1. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.300 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Theorycrafting new builds More space in the world bank (more space is always a good thing) Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.200 on LIVE (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Performance in fight with 25+ people (Most of our guild members experiencing a slide show in these fights) Removal of the passiv training system without a system that does not involve h
  2. I did not know Mogres was also writing a feedback post and in most parts our post will probably share a lot of content, but since I already wrote it, I will post it here: Although me and my guild understand why you got rid of the passive training system. Almost all of us are unhappy about there being no proper replacement for it right now. A lot of us played and tested the game for more than two years without taking break a longer than a week or two. Buying CF it appealed to us that our crafters could take a two weeks vacation and we would not be behind the gear curve when they return bec
  3. There seems to be something broken with the Berserk mechanic for Conquerors. Using Berserk I do not heal immidiately if I do damage to an enemy, but instead getting healed after about 4 sec for the amount of damage I did until then. After that I do not receive any healing for the rest of the new extended berserk duration. On the bright sight you are able to heal more than your health starting value, which I think is what the quoted note says.
  4. Myrmidon Talent Pitiless in the Conqueror Promotion states "Slashing Damage +10%" but it does not seem to grant it:
  5. Guild members are still friendly in an EK after switching to PvP enabled. It seems to work correctly if the EK is brought up for the first time though.
  6. Stealthed players (tested with assassins, duellist and confessor ultimate) are visible to enemy players in an EK.
  7. Stay in the Fight Passive: Tested with a myrmidon. After hitting the threshold where basic attacks should be free (< 5% resource), I get the message "NOT ENOUGH" (instead of "NOT ENOUGH FURY") on screen when trying to do more basic attacks. I can only leave this state, when I do a non-basic attack. Otherwise it will show the message everytime I do a basic attack even if I regained enough fury.
  8. "Members of your guild are now friendly in PvP enabled EKs." It would be great if you could reverse this change. I never heard anyone complaining about not being friendly with guild members in an EK. It is now much more difficult to test builds in real combat situation with your guild mates only. Even staged fights in The Infected are difficult because of the other players running around.
  9. Dear live-server-player, dear crowfall-curious and dear test-server-comrades-in-arms, Nordic Marauders sends you a postcard from the first EU Dregs Campaign: With the idea in mind to test the new citybuilding-options, we finished a successful first EU Dregs Campaign. We tested lots of new features such as caravans, victory cards and the new Frostweaver-class and also experienced countless pvp-battles. Are you a german-speaking player who would like to experience the same? Join us and accompany us in the next episode of Crowfall!
  10. Liebe Live-Server-Spieler, liebe Crowfall-Aus-Der-Ferne-Beobachter und liebe Test-Server-Mitstreiter, die Nordic Marauders senden euch eine Postkarte aus der ersten EU-Dregs-Kampagne: Mit der Idee im Hinterkopf die neuen City-Building-Optionen zu testen, haben wir eine erfolgreiche erste EU-Kampagne des neuen Kampagnentyps "DREGS" spielen können. Viele neue Features, wie Karawanen, Victory Cards und die neue Frostweaver-Klasse konnten wir ausgiebig testen und vor allem jede Menge PvP erleben. Du willst das auch? Dann schließe dich uns an und starte
  11. Hallo Raicoon. Willkommen bei Crowfall! Die beiden God's Reach Maps Joveth und Infected werden derzeitig nur mit Standort USA bereitgestellt. Für das dort stattfindende PvE ist die Performance in der Regel mehr als ausreichend. Gut möglich, dass für die Beta auch GR Server für Europa hinzukommen, aber bisher ist dazu nichts angekündigt. In der Kampagne, der du mit Stufe 20 beitreten kannst, hast du die Wahl zwischen US und EU Servern.
  12. After the balance faction lead by the Nordic Marauders won the Jolmander Campaign, we wrote together a short review: Jolmander-Campaign - Review We would also like to welcome our new recruits @Snibril, @CoicA and @FearMe. We are still looking for active, german-speaking player, who want to join us in preparation for the upcoming update (guilds-vs-guilds).
  13. Nachdem die Balance-Fraktion unter Führung der Nordic Marauders den Sieg in der vergangenen Jolmander-Kampagne davongetragen hat, haben wir dies zum Anlass genommen ein kleines Review zu schreiben: Jolmander-Kampagne - Rückblick Willkommen auch an unsere neuen Rekruten @Snibril, @CoicA und @FearMe. Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach aktiven, deutschsprachigen Spielern, die sich uns, in Vorbereitung auf das kommende Update (Gilden-vs-Gilden), anschließen wollen.
  14. This tuesday was the ending day of the JOLMANDAR CAMPAIGN for the brave warriors doing themselves the honor of fighting on the european server. After many eventful battles the BALANCE faction led by the NORDIC MARAUDERS chalked up the victory. Until the last siege day the outcome of the battle for campaign victory was undecided and the CHAOS faction, composed of a large and better and better organized group of russian warriors, fought hard against their imminent defeat. The ORDER faction led by VANGUARD did not care much for the a victory by points, but chased every fight they could get and co
  15. Schau einfach mal auf unserem Discord vorbei und schreib mich an @Alandor69 . Ich hab noch diverse Brillen für den Necro rumliegen.
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