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  1. 5.8?

    Exactly... but when you try to start the game you can see in your left top corner alpha 5.8
  2. 5.8?

    Dunno... inside the client say 5.8 Waiting for news!
  3. We should have more mobs in-game, sometimes I just walk around the world and couldnt find any mob. I was looking for some to leveling up and get some skins but it was so hard to find it.
  4. Racials?

    I didnt know that!!! M A G I C !!! Thank you @Silverback
  5. Racials?

    Do we have a list of all the racials?
  6. Scroll bar is under the EK preview and just works when the mouse pointer is out of this preview!
  7. We should have an option to select our class first and after that we can see which race is available. Today we can select the race and after that the class. Also in character creation we should see pros to class and race, like racial and usability of the class (tank; heal; melee/ranged dps).
  8. Getting logged out of Forums

    I had this issue 2 days ago and happened right now
  9. Sometimes I had a lot of lag spikes. Cleric without spell animation for throwing hammer. Also Also "Buff" missing icon:
  10. Can I help!?

    Ainda nao testei em PT-BR, mas no 5.8 vou jogar para ver como está, caso ache algo eu te aviso sim! Obrigado
  11. Can I help!?

    I'm trying to help because I lived in Ireland for a while and worked in a big company specialized in Localization. Also I'm unemployed and I would like to help Crowfall to get bigger with the brazilian community. Anyway @BarriaKarl and @Fauno if there is something I can help, let me know!
  12. Hey guys! I would like to know if I can help the team in some way. I worked as LQA - Brazilian Portuguese for a long time and actually I'm unemployed and I can help to localize Crowfall to portuguese. Thanks
  13. Inventory - Sort Button

    We should have a button to organize/sort our itens when open bag, spirit bank or chest.
  14. I tried to join an offline EK and my the background color of the game changed.