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  1. I would like to know if I can try to sell my "2017 Backer Bundle" through forum, I tried to use the Trusted Trader but the rates are too low.
  2. This is not just a "cry" or "nerd rage" post it's how I feel on my first campaign at all... I started farming things, I couldnt find mobs to leveling my guy and I have to craft items and sacrife like a farmer and I got ganked by a high lvl and late for 2 high lvls guys. "Ohh but you are just crying" Cmon, I was explaining about it on General chat, but I found a lot of "experts", maybe ACE is loosing some big talents there. The game is just on pre-alpha and some guys are not helpfull and toxic. You should take care with it. I just think maybe we could have a initial zone
  3. Pelo jeito teve um atraso ne? Servidor US ainda está down!
  4. Que horas subira o servidor BR? Teremos servidor BR dessa vez? Abraco!!!
  5. Estou aguardando o 5.8 Infelizmente criei uma hype de sair no "LIVE" e como nao saiu fiquei um pouco frustrado, fora que no "TEST" está no servidor americano e com powerlevel liberado, nao vejo como um test real, gostaria de fazer o level na mao com crafts e tudo mais, tendo que farmar. Acredito que o teste seria mais completo.
  6. Because of that I'm waiting for 5.8 LIVE!!!
  7. Sad but true! https://massivelyop.com/2018/12/12/crowfall-is-preparing-to-test-its-first-real-campaign/ "This isn’t the live environment build, but we’re inching closer; that’s on the way once the testing is further along. Expect 5.8 in the next month. It’s all good news for anybody worried over the soft launch delays the game has suffered." Next month? Seriously?
  8. dundum


    Exactly... but when you try to start the game you can see in your left top corner alpha 5.8
  9. dundum


    Dunno... inside the client say 5.8 Waiting for news!
  10. We should have more mobs in-game, sometimes I just walk around the world and couldnt find any mob. I was looking for some to leveling up and get some skins but it was so hard to find it.
  11. I didnt know that!!! M A G I C !!! Thank you @Silverback
  12. Do we have a list of all the racials?
  13. We should have an option to select our class first and after that we can see which race is available. Today we can select the race and after that the class. Also in character creation we should see pros to class and race, like racial and usability of the class (tank; heal; melee/ranged dps).
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