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  1. Thanks
    dundum got a reaction from JamesGoblin in "ALT" - How to create a second char?   
    Thanks Arkade, 
    I'll try to do it right now.

    I bought this game 1 year ago and I just started play now to learn something because of 5.8.

    Cheers and have a nice weekend,
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    dundum got a reaction from JamesGoblin in "ALT" - How to create a second char?   
    Hey Guys, 
    I would like to know if is possible to have an alt in Crowfall? I haven't find how to do that!
  3. Confused
    dundum got a reaction from RikForFun in Starting zone (not crying or nerd rage, just sugestions)   
    This is not just a "cry" or "nerd rage" post it's how I feel on my first campaign at all...
    I started farming things, I couldnt find mobs to leveling my guy and I have to craft items and sacrife like a farmer and I got ganked by a high lvl and late for 2 high lvls guys.
    "Ohh but you are just crying"

    Cmon, I was explaining about it on General chat, but I found a lot of "experts", maybe ACE is loosing some big talents there.
    The game is just on pre-alpha and some guys are not helpfull and toxic.
    You should take care with it.

    I just think maybe we could have a initial zone "around our Teleport/portal" with mobs and resources and coudnt get ganked until lvl 5, not before I could learn something about it, like skills, talents and etc...
    Thanks for the game but maybe I'll wait until beta or release, I lost my "excitement" to play in less than one hour because some guys on General chat, who has 100% conviction they are gods or experts.
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    dundum reacted to Fauno in 5.8 no LIVE HOJE 3ª feira   
    oi dundum
    lamento informar mas nesta fase de teste, não haverá servidor BR, para conseguimos unir o maior número de players possíveis.
    Boa sorte e divirtam-se
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    dundum got a reaction from Fauno in 5.8 no LIVE HOJE 3ª feira   
    Que horas subira o servidor BR?
    Teremos servidor BR dessa vez?

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    dundum got a reaction from Kaoz in The March to First Campaign - Official Discussion Thread   
    I'm feeling the same!
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    dundum reacted to BarriaKarl in Dúvidas sobre craft e Gathering   
    Ugh, Kra eu tenho quase certeza q só existe esse pó na qualidade básica e de q ele não afeta o resultado. O problema é q minha memória não é mto confiável e eu não consegui achar nenhum video ou texto q confirmasse isto. (E eu estou mto puto com isso, tá mto díficil achar informações corretas sobre crowfall.)
    No entanto mesmo q vc use um material de qualidade menor o resultado vai meio q fazer a média. Então mesmo com o pó de qualidade baixa vc deveria estar criando items verdes com certa regularidade.
    Quanto a segunda questão: Basicamente. No momento as receitas são desbloqueadas apartir do treino passivo (Há um certos rumores q isso vai dar uma mudada com crafting disciplines desbloqueando algumas receitas na proxima versão). Mas tem mais coisas q vc pode fazer para garantir melhores resultados quando vc tá craftando:
    Certas raças possuem bonus para certas profissões: Humanos tem +10 Blacksmithing e Leatherworking por exemplo.
    Obs: Pode favoritar o site do link anterior sem pensar duas vezes. Mto útil.
    Certos stats tbm afetam profissoes:

    Isto é deste thread criado em junho, então pode estar desatualizado. Há outras imagens lá.
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    dundum reacted to Verse in New player experience   
    So I have heard around that this game plans to have a soft launch sometime in 2019! Well thats coming to us very fast! I am excited to get to testing 5.8 hopefully here in the next couple of days, and have heard it has had a lot of changes and additions. I would love for this game to become a major gaming title and as such would like to ask:
    When does the Project plan to incorporate a new player experience. I know that their are a lot of mechanics etc that need to be developed but as someone who uses agile product management to do software development I know that the experience new players get is a major key and with such a lack of an intuitive interface I feel this needs to be made a priority!
    I would like to use this thread to discuss what all we would like to see as an enhancement.
  9. Haha
    dundum reacted to Lamiosa in Which race will your cleric be?   
    I am going for a Centauress. I do not care about numbers, it is just about fun. I also plan to run away from enemies and run fast to allies to heal them. So it is rather what race and class I most like to play and not what is best combination.
  10. Thanks
    dundum reacted to Stumpstuff in 5.8 Known Issues   
    5.8 Known Issues List
    Showstoppers and Blockers:
    Reworking class powers. Class powers may not show flytext, fx, or display sfx when using them. Please report the issues you find, but know we are actively working on this. Season widget is showing incorrectly. However, the buffs/debuffs should still be applying properly.  Removing armor and health benefit stats while in the death shroud state may cause your character to lose all their health resulting in another death.  Disconnects are still currently being investigated. If you run into any connection issues please email support@crowfall.com with an attached client log.  General :
    Many of the tutorial tips in the new player experience area are still in flux. If there is confusion or errors, please report them. Cooking stations, skinning, and other interactions in the game may have localization errors. One handed focus orb is invisible when you equip it. Harvesting weak point on various skinning creatures may appear off.  Entering a Catapult while in stealth can cause vessels to become stuck. Harvesting may feel inconsistent, we are investigating this. Skill granted crafting recipes are not being granted properly, please us the crafting disciplines to gain these recipes.  Campaign :
    Some assets in the world are missing the fire FX. Running around at the bottom of the cliff edges may cause your client to crash. Try to avoid going down to the bottom of the world by the cliff edges. There are a few areas in the game that players can get stuck between rocks. Siege Scoreboard may not be indicating the correct number of captured keeps. Observers may not be able to see siege projectiles. Newly created characters may spawn at the top of the Cairn. Crafting:
    Some runic weapon components can be assembled in the advanced weapons recipes but cannot be used in creating advanced weapons.  Eternal Kingdom :
    The EK editor may not load correctly in some cases. Please close the EK editor and reopen it to resolve the issue. You cannot switch servers in the EK. You are locked to the one it automatically uses.  Toggling PvP while in your EK will turn other players invisible. Moving parcel around with your cairn on it may cause your cairn to disappear. Avoid moving parcels around while your cairn is out. Switching characters in the EK may cause issues if you have previously placed parcels in that EK but with a different character. User Interface :
    Entering and then leaving the lobby map may cause ui elements to disappear. Logging out and then back in will fix this error. Leaving character customization without any characters created will cause UI elements to stick to your screen. Log out and back in to fix this error. Closing the crafting tab while searching may cause the crafting window to appear empty. Log out and back in to fix this issue. Chat :
    Chat tab functionality will break when the chat window is minimized. Relogging will fix this issue. Logging out of a campaign with a group created will cause the chat tab not to disappear. Fully relogging out of the game will fix this issue. Some messages in chat may appear to be doubled Powers :
    Many powers are missing their fx, sfx, and flytext. We are currently working on improving and updating many of the class powers. Please report the issues, but know we are working diligently on getting them working properly. Druid Blight Orb timing is incorrect. It still functions correctly, but the visuals are out of sync.  HoTs and DoTs do not display flytext or show up in the combat log, but they are functioning.
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    dundum reacted to Fauno in Can I help!?   
    As traduções ingame, ainda tem muitas falhas, não se esqueça que é um jogo em desenvolvimento e muita coisa vai mudando. Quando for lançado a versão final terá que estar tudo a 100% não é mesmo?
    Mas sinta-se à vontade para opinar, e enviar sua opinião por mensagem aqui no forum ok?

    Abraço e se divirta
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    dundum got a reaction from Fauno in Can I help!?   
    Ainda nao testei em PT-BR, mas no 5.8 vou jogar para ver como está, caso ache algo eu te aviso sim!
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    dundum reacted to Fauno in Can I help!?   
    Bem vindo Dundum
    Espero que se divirta entre nós,
    Sim, nós temos uma equipa que faz as traduções para português brasileiro, mas se por acaso encontrar algum erro pode sempre falar comigo, e transmitirei a quem de direito.

    Em relação aos videos eles são feitos em inglês, e a tradução, as legendas, são feitas pela team de tradução, equipe à qual não pertenco.

    Obrigado pela sua oferta. Ficaremos atentos a se precisarmos de algo ok?
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    dundum got a reaction from Fauno in Can I help!?   
    I'm trying to help because I lived in Ireland for a while and worked in a big company specialized in Localization.
    Also I'm unemployed and I would like to help Crowfall to get bigger with the brazilian community.
    Anyway @BarriaKarl and @Fauno if there is something I can help, let me know! 
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    dundum reacted to BarriaKarl in Can I help!?   
    @Fauno should know more.
    Honestly from what i saw in portuguese they have some trouble with PT-BR. I just decided to double check if we are really getting CF localized into actual PT-BR (the unified 'portuguese' forums gets me confused all the time) and found some really fun wording in the official annoucement.
    This part has made me laugh non-stop for the last 5 minutes:
    BTW Fauno still hasnt confirmed if we have anyone from brazil in the translation team.
    If you are really up for it you might be better off making videos commenting the current translation. I remember Fauno said you could email him if you find anything but that is kinda troublesome. This way you could save time making segmented videos (a video checking the diisciples, a video about the talent tree, skill tree, lobby and UI stuff, etc.), would be able to do it more naturally (while playing and not having to go super formal about it), and could also make for good content. I do remember CF was seriously lacking in videos in Pt-Br.
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    dundum got a reaction from Fauno in Can I help!?   
    Hey guys!
    I would like to know if I can help the team in some way.
    I worked as LQA - Brazilian Portuguese for a long time and actually I'm unemployed and I can help to localize Crowfall to portuguese.
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    dundum reacted to Jubenei in Inventory - Sort Button   
    Auto stack would be great.
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    dundum reacted to Arkade in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/1-12/2   
    Use the direct address link.
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    dundum reacted to Ceollach in Crowfall Holiday Raffle with Aorus   
    Are you ready to go on an exciting adventure with us this month to win some loot & goodies? Then please leave a comment under the Facebook post linked in the rules below why you should win and you have the chance to win a Crowfall Patron starter pack, plus a hoodie, t-shirt and towel from our friends at #Aorus!
    • Leave a comment why you should win under the Facebook post you can find here, and you join a raffle for the following items: Crowfall Patron starter pack, plus an Aorus hoodie, Aorus t-shirt, and Aorus towel
    • There will be only one winner, who receives all the items listed above
    • Only comments posted before the 5th of December, 12 pm CET join the raffle.
    • The raffle is open for all Crowfall fans residing in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
    • Unfortunately, Spanish and Italian residents can’t take part due to local gambling laws.
    • We will announce the winner in a comment under the Facebook announcement
    • The competition has no connection to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook.
  20. Haha
    dundum reacted to Fauno in Esperando o 5.8?   
    olhem que eu testei o test e nem vos digo nem vos conto... está demais para já... e ainda falta tanta coisa....
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    dundum got a reaction from Kraahk in "ALT" - How to create a second char?   
    Thanks Arkade, 
    I'll try to do it right now.

    I bought this game 1 year ago and I just started play now to learn something because of 5.8.

    Cheers and have a nice weekend,
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    dundum got a reaction from Fauno in O que acontece se eu consumir esse gift?   
    Mais uma vez muito obrigado.

    Perguntei no forum em ingles tambem, vai que alguem sabe o que sao esses Betas ai!

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    dundum got a reaction from Fauno in Classe preferida   
    Como nao joguei muito, nao decidi ainda.
    Tem algo proximo a bardo? (algo que nao existem nos mmos, só vi no RIFT até o momendo)
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    dundum got a reaction from asteiro in "ALT" - How to create a second char?   
    Thanks Arkade, 
    I'll try to do it right now.

    I bought this game 1 year ago and I just started play now to learn something because of 5.8.

    Cheers and have a nice weekend,
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    dundum got a reaction from asteiro in "ALT" - How to create a second char?   
    Hey Guys, 
    I would like to know if is possible to have an alt in Crowfall? I haven't find how to do that!
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