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    I have some serious issues with feedback like this. You know, players who wont really gather or craft that come here to complain how the activty they dont really want to do is boring. C'mon, look at the crafting part, it seems to me you just hate crafting by default.

    Ever heard of Cutting Edge Weapons and Armor? That's me. I gathered and crafted enough coloured gear just in the last patch to outfit 2 entire Guilds. At the end I gave away free stuff because I had too much.

    I like to gather, craft and pvp. I just don't want to do any of those 3 things for hours nonstop. I have no trouble with grinding and gathering. And I really like to craft as long as it doesn't take up hours or is boring - which it is now.

  2. To your 2nd: Spirit banking is no option because in the future we won't be able to do it either. Using a box in the world to transfer my armor, wepons, food etc from one char to another... nope. If you want to take that risk when you are out alone in the wilderness, fine with me. But I'd also have to move both chars there. It's just silly. I'm not saying we don't have enough exports and imports. I'm saying I don't want to have to bring a friend or a toon (or use a box like you suggested) to transfer the contents of my inventory to my other char. Not to mention keeping track or what I have banked on which char. If you gather as many different things as I do, keeping track is a nightmare.

    3rd: you might have misunderstood me. I didn't say it's hard to get good stuff. I said it's boring because all you make will be more or less decent. As you said it's more reliable. Sadly, that doesn't make it fun at all.

    4th: I did it the old fashioned way and mapped 2 entire islands which took me a few hours. Trust me I'm not lazy when it comes to that. Then we got a new map. We have very short campaigns now so I sure as hell won't do it again until we get a longer campaign where we can be sure the map won't change again in 2 days.

  3. I'm rarely writing forum posts about things I don't like in game. But this patch there are so many that I feel I have to say a few of them.

    First of all, the levelling and talent trees. I enjoy playing different classes/roles in games and therefore like that we don't have the racial and class training any more which in theory gives us more freedom which classes we can play. But really it's just in theory because in reality, who has the time and patience to level them all up? Even worse, how can a beginner know which class/promo-class he should play with which discs? He has no way or trying out different things without having to put hours of work into levelling a vessel and then might end up not liking the class or not finding it sutable for his playstyle. Even with doing a proper research before and asking other players, it's nothing compared to personal experience. The game is already grindy enough in terms of crafting and harvesting. I don't really see why also to include levelling into this. And I know it's possible to level a basic vessel quite fast but still, I do not want to spend days with just levelling vessels until I find the right class/discipline combination. No matter which way you do it, it's very dull. And we should not forget, we also will have to buy/make the gear for the class we chose to try out. Not everyone had access to TEST long enough to try out everything they would like to and in the future new players will come into the game without ever having the chance to test.

    Once we make a better version of ourselves by crafting a vessel (or buying one), it's levelling all over again to just be able to play the thing. I liked it a lot more when levelling was a choice and not a must to be able to play the class. Starting with absolutely no skills is really dull and unneccesary, not to mention very repetitive. Crowfall was supposed to be not as dull as games where you level up by doing stupid quests like: "kill 20 spiders" or "help the farmer milk his cows" and other such crap. But seriously I'd take that a hundred times over the levelling we have now. In my opinion, gathering mats and then crafting a vessel should already be enough work. There is no need to also add a mandatory levelling process.

    If Crowfall really is going to stick to this talent levelling, I suggest to at least create a place (outside the campaigns) where we can pick up level 30 vessels with all skillpoints unspent so we can test to our hearts desire. So once we do go into the campaign, we know exactly what we want. Of course those vessels would have to remain to outside the campaigns in a designated EK or something. Call it training ground. Oh and bring the practice dummies back!

    Second grievance my characters all having a seperate inventory is an organisational nightmare. I need a toon or a friend I trust every time I want to move something from one char to another. Spirit bank is not an option with the amount of things most people gather. I do not like it at all and see no reason for it. Maybe someone does. If so, please enlighten me.

    Third grievance I have with 5.8 is the crafting. There was a lot people disliked about the crafting in previous patches and I think most irritating was for everyone the randomness. Even with a fully trained blacksmith on a  vessel as good as we could make them with jewellry and crafting gear on, it was possible to fail the rolls on a metal bar. I think everyone disliked the fact that no matter if your skills were higher than the difficulty, you could put in a bunch of coloured ressources and get total crap in the end. Especially frustrating for things like chestpieces and two hand weapons that cost a lot of mats. The crafting process per se wasn't bad. I think it just needed a bit of tweaking.  There was a lot of joy and disappointment and overall it was kind of exiting. As it is now it feels flat and dull with no spark to it.  The results are more or less all the same (if you reroll the final roll). Rolling one point after another is dull to watch (I think no one does that, they just click the next button). I miss having the thrill of seeing a good roll. Setting the risk... well I find it very.. meh. The crafting is just mindless clicking now with just a lot higher dust costs. I'd take the old system back over the new one anytime even if it means I will have to live with the frustration of failing common metal bars and other things occasionally. The worst of it all are still the crafts that need so many components that it could put me to sleep while doing it (chain and plate armor layers for chestpieces!) I also don't like the crafting discs. When at some point we are so skilled that we can have 2 crafts maxed and combat maxed too, I still can only play one on the same char or I'd have no combat discs at all.

    Fourth grievance are the maps. Making new maps is good and cool if you feel the old ones weren't what you wanted. But not giving us the ability to map the zones yet is really bad. There are many zones and no way of finding anything on the map itself like it used to be. For testing this is really terrible since we spend way too much time finding ressources or mapping them on our won (kind of pointless seeing how fast the campaigns end and we get new maps). Also the decision to lower the ranks of the nodes in the current campaign comes at the wrong time - one week too late. Now that we finally have a bit skills do do higher rank nodes, in the PoI's we can only find rank 4-6 and low rank mobs so also less gold to farm.

    All in all this doesn't encourage me to play as much in this test as I planned to. I feel like I'm workign my ass off for very little fun (crafting dull, levelling dull, gathering a pain because nodes hard to find etc). The actual combat is still fun but with all the other things to do plus capping outposts, I rarely get to fight.

  4. I have played Crowfall for about 8 hours... always hoping that I would reach a point when harvesting becomes less tedious. I broke many pickaxes and hammers while practising how to press the F key. that's about all I have done in this game. If it stays like this, it was a total waste of money to buy this early access bundle. But due to the lack of decent games I was desperate. I think even people that enjoy harvesting and crafting will be fed up with the slow pace of it. And people like me who prefer to mainly combat will probably not endure long enough to even make it to the point where combat becomes interesting. I'm very disappointed in the game. I was expecting something else than the usual crafting grind x 100

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