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  1. Make sure you are not in combat mode, press Z to toggle this. I must admit my first night on I spent ten minutes staring at a tree impotently pressing F until I changed out of combat mode and finally got the prompt.
  2. Hi folks, Is anyone able to shed further light on this comment? You may not have to train all the Pips to progress I've found that to learn the beeswax gathering skill I only needed 3 pips in its prior skill. I have three pips in the skill to gather Heartwood though and that isn't enough to progress to the next one. Is there a simple way to work out how many Pips are required in the 5.2 live world before you can train the next skill in a tree?
  3. Hi Crows, another EU player here. Looking forward to finally scratching that itch I've had every since I stopped playing UO. Seems like Crowfall will more than manage to do that. Hopefully when you seen me in game I'll have figured out how to build a catapult.
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