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  1. I got caught up at work and couldn't make it back in time to unload my character for the end of the campaign. Therefore I lost everything I was wearing. including my epic mount which is boring to harvest for. I have lost motivation to grind that out all over again, and probably will not play again until 5.9. It isn't challenging, fun, or immersive to press 'b' and move all of your equipment to your spirit bank before the campaign ends. Is this an intended feature? If so, why? I really feel that equipped items should be safe, like when you die. That is my rant.
  2. I think it would be really helpful if the visual tray switch (Healing/Damage, Melee/Ranged) was more snappy. I used to wait to see the new tray to appear before I started using my other abilities, when in fact they were available immediately to me. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. It doesn't seem to be just a visual bug. I have always had to stand right in the center of the bombs to make them explode. I don't even look where i'm aiming when I use blight.
  4. Ranger loosing bow equipment slot after Equipping, and then unequipping the arcane archer discipline. Re Logging fixed the problem.
  5. If you are a stealth class and you are planning on taking on a pack of 4 people, you should know you can take all 4 of them before being able to get back into stealth before you choose to engage. Or you should have your ult available that can re stealth you. That is the choice an assassin makes. To engage or not, not to engage, then just disengage at will.
  6. OP: Thank you for your well thought out view. I completely agree. I feel like i almost have to warn new players when I am grouping, not to use my orbs for healing, because they do so little healing, and you need a lot around to make the bombing effective. It is a very challenging set up because not only do you need to guess where enemies will be, but your team mates need to understand the mechanics in order to let it work out. With this much set up it required, the pay off needs to feel worth it. I think the damage is nice when it goes off right, but perhaps removing a bit of the obstacles to setting it up would make it feel better. Increasing explosion radius would really help that. Also snaring with blight would help. Also, the healing from the orbs should be increased because I am sacrificing my other useful function if another player uses them. I want to feel useful either way. That's why I chose Archdruid. Otherwise I am loving this game =]
  7. I don't quite understand the decision that druid orbs would not heal members of your faction that are not in your group. The only bennifit that I could think of would be that it is easier to set up an orb explosion trap when random people cant pop your orbs. But overall it just feels bad that your most consistent form of healing is disabled with most players. If you see someone of your faction getting attacked, the instinct is to go save them. Just my thought
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