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  1. The concept art for the wood elf male druid was bad ass. He was buff, savage, and looked like he lived his whole life roughing it in the forest. Then we finally get to make male wood elves and they are just high elves with different faces. They look far too frail and bookish. This makes me sad. Please give us savage bad ass wood elf males! The females look cool and like they belong in the woods. The males look like they belong in the library, or a hipster coffee shop.
  2. If you are a stealth class and you are planning on taking on a pack of 4 people, you should know you can take all 4 of them before being able to get back into stealth before you choose to engage. Or you should have your ult available that can re stealth you. That is the choice an assassin makes. To engage or not, not to engage, then just disengage at will.
  3. I don't quite understand the decision that druid orbs would not heal members of your faction that are not in your group. The only bennifit that I could think of would be that it is easier to set up an orb explosion trap when random people cant pop your orbs. But overall it just feels bad that your most consistent form of healing is disabled with most players. If you see someone of your faction getting attacked, the instinct is to go save them. Just my thought
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