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  1. Skill Tree Talent Calculator

    Very true Frykka and thanks for the feedback ... I thought it was still early to ask but wasn't sure what work had been done up to this point in that area. Certainly with them continuing to refine we will ultimately have many more changes to come. Just trying to put the idea out there as to again... prepare.
  2. Will there be or is anyone aware of a Skill Tree Talent Calculator to simulate efficient node training and planning for specific character builds? I feel this would be extremely useful to new players that want to have an idea of how things will enhance their character and plan them out. Adding up time would also be a welcome addition. Knowing exactly how long it would take to node up to lets say Master Blacksmith could be quite useful. Just some thoughts! Hopefully someone with more talent then myself has come up with something like this and would like to share. Thanks, Mystwraith/Mistwraith
  3. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    I can not disclose that information at this present time @Zolaz Let's just say, I am what they will be talking about later!
  4. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    Anyone know what the Fae Racial Discipline will include?
  5. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    I believe the best build is my build... come fight me and I will gladly put it to the test!
  6. Duelist AP affect by Str or Int?

    I have decided on Assassin... although I have to admit... the Duelist is very good!
  7. @Barab Stealth Hater OBVIOUSLY! See ya on the field good buddy! Hopefully dead!
  8. Duelist AP affect by Str or Int?

    I am torn between the Duelist and Ranger... Maybe I will play assassin... Confused currently on where I would like to end up.
  9. Anyone from Radiant?

    I am from Radiant Server I was the Bounty Hunter Tombfyre. Combat Medic/Master Rifles.
  10. @Unfolded I believe the Assassin ability Cheap Shot ignores Resolve which may include the Frontal Stun Racial Immunity from Minotaur Discipline. I believe the Racial uses the Resolve check box when triggered. OH... that was a Kidney Shot.... hmmm yeah wonder if it is making a side check and not a frontal check.!