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  1. I learned about Crowfall in Oct 2017 and then bought in Nov 17th 2017 and have been testing ever since. Im a husband and a father and work 12hrs a day for 14days then go off for 7days. All of my free time (when I have any) is spent testing Crowfall. You guys have come such a long way. And I am thankful for your communication with the playerbase and keeping us informed. Just being able to test at this stage is good enough for me. Yes some things arent where they should be yet, and that's to be expected in a Pre-Alpha. But I enjoy the game everytime I logg in, hell even customer support is the quickest and most helpful Ive ever had to deal with since I started playing MMOs in 2000 Keep up the hard work! And thanks for making Crowfall! Xalon
  2. Goodluck tonight with the Stress Test! Sadly I must work so I cannot attend.Hope everything works out. Play to Crush! (servers) ?
  3. Everyone starts with access to campaigns. every beachead has general crafting stations
  4. Once you train 5 pip into Stonemasonry in the General crafting tree it will unlock Stonemasonry for you to begin training into. Then once you select to train into Stonemasonry you can unlock the Stonemasonry table that you can craft from the General Crafting stations (If u mouse over the skills in the stonemasonry skill training menu it will tell u what each node unlocks)
  5. I'm probably a little bit of everything . But Houma Choctaw-Native American, Is what the Government recognizes me as. But that post was more in response to Silverbacks comment that I read wrong. I should of been asleep instead of posting . And yea I'm a lot more laid back nowadays, too much hate and conflict in the world lately. I jus come to pass a good time sha!
  6. I dont like the sparkles and feel they arent needed. But i wasnt implying or saying the textures needed a change either. I was only admitting I made the same mistake when I started playing last year. I apologize for any confusion and aggrevation I caused.
  7. Those darn tree's have fooled me before aswell sir. You aren't the only one lol
  8. I'm sorry you thought that was an argument. I gave an opinion and tried to show you how the game isnt as hard as you seem to beleive. But nothing that anyone says will make you beleive otherwise. And as far as my "tantrum" as you say. If you wanna see a "tantrum" jus look back at all your posts sir. I wasnt attacking you just merely trying to help you. Goodluck I won't bother with you again.
  9. Hey look you are entitled to your opinion, but we all know how opinions are . Either way Now that I know I'm irrelevant as you say. I will be glad to let you drown in your own misery.
  10. how does that concept not apply here? most mmos that you start dont give u anything. you walk to a quest giver and read through dialogue and either gather items or talk to another quest npc to receive basic wep then it progresses. the amount of time it would take to knock down 3 trees and make an axe is less than a minute. less than 5mins to make a basic weapon. Look nobody will force you to like this idea but you cannot force anyone not too. how can you say nobody will play when server stability is biggest aggrevation atm not what your saying it is. Maybe you do not fully understand the game yet or maybe you never played long enough. take a break come back in a couple months. but no need to come here with a closed mind and argue for no reason. hopefully things work out for you and if you would like some help starting out and are on Order side on Live East hit me up. Most are willing to show new folks the ropes or help out. Goodluck!
  11. Confess! And be reborn through the Flame.

  12. I am not here to troll or flame. With that said I am sorry your 1st experience with Crowfall has been this bad and I mean that. And I am sure that you are aware the Game isn't even in Alpha stage yet. But I test everyday and I do not have the problems to the severity to which you are having. But as Miraluna has mentioned, if you E-mail support they usually respond very quickly from personal experience they are top notch. Best of luck to you though and hopefully see you in game ?
  13. Good Job! I think it came out pretty damn well
  14. Ty for replying with your opinion on the class! I was hoping this would wake up our class forum a little . I guess I should have added I've only been testing Fessors since 5.2 so not much time really spent in groups bigger than 3. I didnt mean to come off as hating the class, but jus not what i'm used to it being. That being said, I know this isn't Shadowbane so things are different. I guess I should've just asked for which direction the class was heading towards more CC & less Dmg, as current. Or Less CC & more Dmg. If it is the latter I could live with that. You guys tell me your views likes/dislikes of the class currently Thanks
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