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  1. What level are you? Did you choose a promotion class?
  2. What promotion class are you? It only naturally refills on Stormcaller. Archdruid and Earthkeeper need to use the Life tray to rebuild it. Alternatively, you might be hungry.
  3. Really good thread/feedback. Just a few quips: Doesn't Sanctifier have a gap closer/shield ability? There is more to Crowfall than just ZvZ. Not all classes need to be designed for it. You can fight back with stealth detection, AoE damage, or an AoE damage song. Further, by this logic, the entire stealth mechanic should be removed. The joke of the class at this point is how little damage it does after having Buckshot changed, and how constrained the talent choices are now. Dirge is very control focused. Impale is one of the lowest cooldown stuns in the gam
  4. How would they monetize active progression? It seems like any way this could be accomplished would create significantly more outcry. It will be RMTers who monetize active progression, as they do in every game where progression or the means to progression are not account-bound. I think the more likely explanation is that they saw many complaints on the forums and thought players wouldn't accept a catch up mechanic that was simpler than their time bank idea (which was pretty complicated). In my opinion, this was mistaken. I think anyone who is willing to support the game financially was en
  5. There also wasn't a catch up mechanic yet, which would have prevented much of the pain. Passive skill training had a lot of other benefits as well. Longer progression timeline. Progression has been massively accelerated with active skills, condensing a potentially multi-year timeline into only a few months for some players. Facilitated casual players. Allowed players to be effective and contribute even if they couldn't play a lot (presuming they started training at wipe or caught up). Specialization. Players were significantly more specialized, whereas now a single play
  6. I had a similar thing happen a few patches back. It was eventually somewhat resolved by banning the person who put the statue down and restarting the EK (by waiting for it time out).
  7. These are the best I've looted and primarily the result of: farming captains and higher a lot of time scouting for and fighting over weapon caches sifting through thousands of wartribe drops and vendoring most of it Weapon caches go brrr, but they are also relatively rare and heavily contested, especially on NA. One challenge I've run into is that I haven't found an epic weapon for any of my main classes. In one case I have a 90 damage rare and in the other case I haven't found a suitable weapon at all.
  8. Let's focus on other weapons for now as bows are definitely an outlier. I'll post some Wartribe weapons tonight.
  9. The problem with it "just taking time" is that for as long as it takes the casuals to catch up, they are playing at a significant disadvantage. If the disadvantage is too significant, it's not fun for either side, and the casuals will (mostly) quit. If the duration of that period is literally the first 3-6 months after launch, I'm afraid that will hurt population permanently. That is not an appropriate comparison. You need to compare a rare or epic item crafted by an epic crafter to an epic or legendary crafted by an end-game crafter. That's the power gap we need to be concerned about
  10. You have to attach them to a building socket. So put down a parcel then a building. If you click the ? mark in the chat box, it will provide you a list of commands for your EK. I think it's /ekinvite <playername> and /eknobleadd <playername> or /ekaddnoble <playername>. They will have access automatically when they are nobles.
  11. I think bows, specifically, might be problematic, based on some other examples posted on the forums. I don't think that carries over to other weapons.
  12. That question was directed at Duffy as he shared some data about how his crafting compares to Wartribe gear that looked quite different to the data shared by people calling for nerfs. But to respond to what you said: I'm not sure there will be much of a market for your offshoots unless you're one of the most skilled crafters in the game. Having a 100% player driven economy with crafting outcome based on crafter stats just funnels more resources to those already in the lead.
  13. It's really interesting to see additional data. Any idea why your experiences have been so different to those calling for nerfs to wartribe gear?
  14. So you want to nerf the only viable way for casuals to gear while knowing that guilds don't list epic+ on vendors. Do you see how this is a problem? I understand it feels bad to vendor a bunch of gear, but you have to take a step back. There must be a better solution than just telling all of the casual players to get lost. Depending on guilds to list gear they need themselves for their enemies to buy is just not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe after launch when there is market competition, maybe.
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