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  1. Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Inability to remove disciplines in EKs.
  2. I was referring to the disparity between Skullknight and Xarrayne. Presumably they got into the same number of fights due to the matching kills + assists.
  3. This is not even close to true. No healer in Crowfall can sustain itself against a group of opponents as there are very few self-heals. That's why two healers are required, no matter the group size. Crusaders are already meta and more than fine as-is. If they are significantly buffed they will eclipse all other healers. Crusaders currently heal about as much as Inquisitor does when both are played by skilled players and with decent builds. They also get a block, group resource generation, and other utilities, all of which are extremely valuable. It's possible that you're utilizing a poor build or that you just need practice. During ECS, here's the winning team: Here was one of your teams: That's a pretty significant disparity. Earthkeepers and Icecallers are the healers that need buffs.
  4. Man, you must be fun at parties. I'm just going to ignore the blatantly incorrect points based on the limited attention span and address the part that doesn't pass the sniff test. You're a cloud software architect. You spend more than one hundred full days per year playing games. You don't consider yourself a "beta" or pleb. But you're super concerned with paying $40 to test a video game. Okay bud. ✌️
  5. Here's a list I made for another post. You've got the first four included. Badges/belt/back are from participating in testing, events, and campaigns, mostly. The keep/castle and shrine buffs are temporary and thus out of scope. Gear (durability loss, semi-accessible to new players) Jewelry (durability loss, semi-accessible to new players) Vessels (no loss, semi-accessible to new players) Discipline upgrades (no loss, semi-accessible to new players) Badge/belt/back accessories (no loss, inaccessible to new players) Keep/castle buffs (time-based loss, inaccessible to new players/small guilds) Shrine buffs (time-based loss, accessible to new players)
  6. Hold your darn horses. Since vessels and disciplines are intended to be persistent, maybe just those could remain through the wipe? This would at least fit the lore.
  7. Albion is an interesting case study for a number reasons. It was previously b2p and only exploded in population after it went f2p (and added more localizations) Sells mount skins for ~$15 and skin bundles for ~$30 Some rare skins continue to appreciate and sell for the equivalent of about $3,000+ (via players only) Has a subscription for $9-12 per month that includes a significant xp boost, crafting focus for using less materials to craft, increased harvesting/farming yield, reduced market tax, and a monthly challenge that generally provides a mount and other rewards Subscription can be purchased with in-game currency (most veterans do not pay real money, so this operates as a silver sink) Can buy in-game currency from the cash shop, which can then be converted directly into power through XP, gear, or battle mounts Battle mounts are used regularly that are very powerful and can change the tide of ZvZs, some are worth upwards of $150 and can be looted just like any other item The game is full loot, but a portion of that loot is destroyed on death, creating another sink It would be really interesting to know the breakdown in income for SBI, but this wasn't released with the financials during the recent acquisition. In a lot of ways the Albion monetization is literally pay to win, but people seem okay with it, probably because winning also requires skill, winning against a gear crutcher is very possible, and when the whale loses at PvP the winner is rewarded. Personally, I usually really dislike p2w games, but it doesn't feel so bad in Albion due to the above reasons. I look at max XP as baseline, and whales/gear crutchers as an opportunity to profit.
  8. Presumably because they have fulfilled their reporting requirements under Regulation CF. Their last raise using this was November 15, 2016 and I believe only requires one to three annual filings. There are several other possible explanations as well, including repurchasing the Regulation CF shares.
  9. For most/all harvesting professions int and dex are very important for Critical Harvest Chance and Critical Harvest Amount. This is what makes Guineas so strong. The primary stat for gathering impacts damage, which you can generally get via other means. The racial bonuses are also for this stat, which is why it's less important in the late game.
  10. Oh I see, you think it's not good because of the guide. Those are just the racial bonuses. In the long-term they become less valuable. If you plan to play Campaigns, I would suggest playing either a Guinea or whatever you're most comfortable PvPing on, because it's important to keep what you harvest. By the way, there's some information about crafting in Alty's Gathering guide, linked above.
  11. "Gerbil" is one of the best gatherers and crafters. Good int/dex, an extra ring slot, and for gathering, stealth.
  12. Currently. I think it includes: 25% reduced decay on Tools and Mounts 50% longer duration for food The ability to set your EK public Free respecs It might eventually include additional character slots as well. I think they're still finalizing what is included.
  13. I don't know, sorry. You might be able to buy milk from the vendor as well. I also don't know much about crafting Intermediate gear. It doesn't really have a place in the game, War Tribe gear has replaced it's purpose. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  14. Aurochs drop milk. You might be crafting Intermediate gear. Quality of materials makes a difference and the components you make will have different stats based on the type of material (spruce, oak, etc).
  15. Yeah, vendors only make sense if you have VIP for a public EK. The crafting buff comes from a statue you place in the EK. Vault is definitely not enough storage space in the long-term.
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