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  1. More importantly, will Guineceans be able to ride on the back of a Centaur friend? Will mounted players be able to fire ranged weapons? Could we one day see a drive-by shooting by a Guinecean on the back of a Centaur?
  2. Well since you're done with them, would you be willing to contract out your cutting grit gatherers? Can offer much polishing paste.
  3. There are people who have invested this time and still voted yes, as I would in their shoes. I suspect it has to do with valuing the end state of the game more than "winning" in pre-alpha. Literally no one has tested the current state of the game after a full-wipe, because the last one was many months ago before numerous additions (for example, God's Reach and Wartribes). Because it's a major aspect of launch that hasn't been tested yet, and it's the most worthwhile testing we can do on Live over the next five months.
  4. None of us have anything to lose because we're discussing pixels that will definitely be wiped regardless. We do, however, have a lot to gain by testing this cycle thoroughly. Are you sure there has been a wipe since war tribes were added? What else has changed in the many months since then? I just started playing again casually a few weeks ago, and the game is in a much better state than when I left. However, I already had training accrued to some extent, and some help from people that are fully trained and geared out. I'm very interested in what the experience will be
  5. The interesting thing is that not a single new player has asked for a wipe for primarily balance purposes in this thread. On the contrary, I was the only one to bring it up, and as an ancillary point (which I've now removed, so as to not distract from the conversation). However more than half of the posts by veterans are projecting that. There hasn't been a full wipe since war tribes were added and several other features were fleshed out. Testing the launch experience even in the existing pre-Dregs state of the game could yield insight to help to improve launch, which is what we should a
  6. I agree with Ginko, testing several more full wipes is integral to a solid launch. The value of testing early game flow is more important than anything else because that is the game state Crowfall will be judged on, and it will likely have a significant impact on post-launch population and media coverage.
  7. Toxins restocked at the Arkadium, 400g each.
  8. Updated Kitten's Shop inventory, there was a restock of runetools on the North Parcel and prices were lowered. The bounties in Srathor's Lawn have picked up: Tark (terms negotiable) Mistwraith (1500g) DocHollidaze (1000g) Emranth (1000g) Rhana (1000g) Kaoz (500g) Landrew (500g) Athea (100g) Dravos (7g)
  9. There are now at least four public market kingdoms, so wanted to share some research. Each kingdom has niches: Kitten's Shop has three vendors, two to the SW of Temple and one North. It has leather (crafted products and materials), the finest bows, products and materials of various kinds of corpses, and the least expensive rune tools available. It also offers all crafting tables and leadership crafting buff free to all. Srathor's Lawn has a bustling trade centre consisting of six vendors and a bounty hunter. Here you'll find the best and least expensive weapons available, as wel
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