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  1. Hey soulein, we had some fights the other day and you wrote me a message ingame :-) What timezone/server are you going to join with Avari come release of CF ?
  2. Contacted the support now. Thanks for all the replies ! edit : damn, guys i have to say this support is godlike and effin fast too ! problem solved !
  3. I already downloaded the test-client. I can't log in 'cause of entitlement :-) edit: i just "consumed" the Gold Level Rewards, don't know if that's a thing i had to do ^^
  4. Ok thx, do you know how long it takes usually ?
  5. Ok, i just bought the Gold Pledge. It says i have no entitlement to the test-server... does it take some time ?
  6. Ok, so if i buy the 100 buck version i can get on test-server too ? Cause it says "alpha 3" ? Thanks a lot Gummiel !
  7. Quick questions. 1.) If i buy the 70 bucks version of the game, can i play the game like right now ? It's a little bit irritating to me :-/ 2.) Can i upgrade to a higher backer level if i want to afterwards ? thx in advance
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